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  1. Xan Waterfront Deed for sale

    You're not going to get anyone to just sail to you to see if the deed is worth their time. Add pictures, details, what comes with the deed, etc etc
  2. WO Account Escrow

    I can think of another game who profits from character transfers. They transfer the character to the new buyer's account for a nominal $20 fee. This is the only way within the rules to allow a character transfer. This of course makes it difficult for us given characters in WO are the actual accounts, but I presume a system can be thought of for it. This also brings the issue of charge backs. Given charge backs are a thing, I don't think Code Club should entertain account sales where real money change hands with this system. Real money can be charged back, silver cannot. Anyone wanting to purchase an account can get the silver from another player, and if it's not enough, they can get it from Code Club itself.
  3. Mclovin is secretly my role model. When I grow up I want to be just like you. <3
  4. Reducing PVP FUD

    Well in PvP you get kicked started with a boot to the face. ...Does that count?
  5. Reducing PVP FUD

    Lol. If you don't know what part was offensive there, then I guess there is nothing more to say.
  6. Lost Beloved Family Horse!

    I am pleased to announce that Rageed has been found safe and sound. He was lovingly lead back to the deed and is back again with its owner. On another note, we found Ayuna's corpse as well with all her belongings. We also found that the skid line from the top of the mountain she created on the way down with her face had been covered by the snows. It is, in the end, a happy ending. Thanks to those that helped!
  7. Reducing PVP FUD

    Interesting you come at me this way, when in fact, my comments are not about merging Epic with Freedom, but merging Chaos with Epic. I think its a horrible idea to merge the player base by moving servers between clusters, and I think I have made a point of explaining it, by saying it will do nothing but cause people to leave by exactly the same reasons you mentioned. You proved that point with your explanation. Not cool that you decided to go personal though, that's not particularly nice, even less coming from a staffer. The fact that I decided to purchase an account (A low level one at that, mind you) should have absolutely no bearing on this discussion, and you shouldn't have used it as a tool to attack me with. I don't recall going after you at any point. I was giving my opinion on a matter and I believe that just like you, I should be allowed to have one. Regardless of your opinion about buying accounts, is a mechanic that is clearly endorsed by Code Club, and not something I should be ashamed of. Regardless, my point is the fact that we should not be considering merging to fix the pvp problems, it will cost us all as a community.
  8. Why was this moved to merchant ads? This is not a merchant.
  9. Please Close

  10. The Official Name and Fame thread.

    A shout-out to Yldrania for giving back so much to the community. Her selfless work for others shows the spirit of kindness is not gone from our world. Goldfever - For going above and beyond what your responsibility as a seller should be. I have not forgotten your kindness. Vernex - For saving my ass when that shark nearly tore my head off. You swam into the water and healed me at 3% health. I should have died then and there. Wargasm - Even before you knew me you gave me more than I could expect from a stranger. Your friendship has been a corner Stone in my EVE career. Thank you for your wisdom. Icerns - For letting me learn to fight with you and showing me that even enemies can have honor. See you on the battlefield. Stik - for putting up with me and being a formidable mentor. And last but not least, GM Astarte, for being there when I have needed you and providing such excellent customer support. You have gone above and beyond what your position requires. Thank you for the good times and your devotion to the game.
  11. Please Close

  12. Lost Beloved Family Horse!

    Should be able to. She says she can. It's a bit weird because she left the village when she formed her own but she continued to care for it. She says she can zero in. We suspect it's at the peak of a mountain but we are going to go around it and see. Ayuna has already died at least twice trying to find Rageed. She felt down the cliff this last time so I decided to make a humor post about it because it's made my day. People like Ayuna put a smile on our faces. Her persistence is incredible
  13. Reducing PVP FUD

    My bought account has skills in both Epic and Freedom. It's freedom skills are lower than it's epic skills, and those are the skills I use so I have no idea where this comment comes from. I would love an explanation of the skill system, however, that would be very helpful yes.
  14. Lost Beloved Family Horse!

    I think her climbing gear was of fantastic quality because she climbed -down- in seconds. It was very efficient climbing.
  15. Reducing PVP FUD

    I would be Keen to a merge both clusters if epic characters had their skills adjusted according to effort placed taking into consideration hours invested. Niarja has a formula to value skills in comparison to how much effort it takes to raise them, so I know it's possible. However Epic players would balk at this since they would consider the nerfing of their skills unfair and disadvantageous to them. Bringing a pvp character to Epic would have a similar effect, as taking the PvP out of freedom completely would devastate the value of any pvp account as there would be absolutely no use to things like Path of Insanity, level 90 fight skills, lock picking, archery, catapults, traps, high quality locks and other PvP oriented skills. The effective value of a PvP character would plummet overnight, as anyone in Epic would be able to reach the skill level if a medium tier account in a short amount of time. This would add to the amount of people who would quit the game when account value drops from a grand to ~450e and everyone else can reach your skill level at a fraction of the time it took them to reach theirs. There are a lot of things to consider when merging two clusters or moving the Chaos server as suggested in here. Such a change will cost the community members no matter how it's done. Players don't like their gameplay messed with. I believe the solution is in attracting new players to both clusters, not rearranging and moving the existing ones.
  16. Ok fine, I'll take those two forges off you. I'll go pick them up in a bit.
  17. [JK-Chaos] Memesalot

    Friendly bump for a fellow JKer. If you are looking for nonstop PvP action, join Memesalot, home of the most active PvPers in JK. This is a War deed like no other.
  18. The Kingdom of Jenn Kellon - Chaos

    Great group, great deeds. Freedom to choose your own playstyle. Come give Chaos a try! Join JK today.
  19. Reducing PVP FUD

    Yes, but it will double their efforts for the same result. For example, currently I can work on Chainsmithing on my home in Crossroads (Chaos), and make suits of armor and products to use/sell on Freedom while there is a PvP low (no PvP going on). Or I can use my Chaos player to make tools and items for my freedom ones. Skill gained on Chaos is also Freedom skills so I can work on my character no matter where I go. Getting my character ported to Epic (Theoretically, since I already have an epic version) would mean I have to choose where I want to play that character. I would need to level skills on both Freedom AND Epic and if I choose epic I would not be able to use my gains on Freedom. Regardless, I would be forced to make that choice. There is a reason Freedom pvpers are not on Epic. Anyone can simply cross a portal right now, and with the skill boost getting your PvP skills to 70 shouldn't be too hard. Forcing these players to play on Epic when they have already made a conscious decision not to might simply drive them away. I for one would not make the jump because I would need to leave everything behind.
  20. Reducing PVP FUD

    Most of Chaos players ARE freedom players as well. Pulling Chaos from the Freedom cluster would kill the game for many of those players, as being a "weekend warrior" has a certain allure for them. I for one do not care to be honest, it would benefit me as my PVP char has better skills in Epic than Freedom, but regardless of my wishes I think it would be detrimental for the community as a whole. Chaos would loose many of it's playerbase to both Freedom and quitting the game when you force them to commit to one or the other, so it would be marginal player gains to the epic cluster while decreasing the overall Wurm population. How would something like this be turned into a smooth transition? Ideas?
  21. Reducing PVP FUD

    Just because you don't like an aspect of the game it doesn't mean is not important. I pay a subscription just as you do and I rather have pvp available to me. PvP is player generated content in a scale that non pvpers will never understand. Killing PvP in a game such as this will eventually kill PvE as well as the player base will have even less things to do, less options for them. I don't understand you. You always want to eliminate content in Wurm. First the rifts and now PvP? Is your vision of Wurm a farming simulator?
  22. Blessed lamps, and theft.

    I don't think blessing a lamp makes it so valuable that people would steal them. The effort to bash them is greater than the value of the lamp, let alone the cast. Bless is a low level spell that every priest there has. Anyone can bless. If you can't find a priest to bless your lamps for free or a pittance, then you should go out there and make some friends. Hell, bring me garlic or chopped veggies and I'll bless all lamps for free! As per the issue of lamps being stolen, that's a risk we take when we put them outside if deed. Yes, is wrong for people to steal lamps off roads and bridges and beautified areas, but that is a completely different matter. If someone does it just to be a stiff, then they should be set KOS and the community should be made aware. I don't think the issue is the lamp being blessed, but it being a quality lamp. 10 50ql lamps can net someone about 2 silver, blessed or not. I don't think your issue is the blessing, but the lamps themselves.
  23. Rift lumps and more

    Send to Jacqueline, she's not JK.
  24. Rift lumps and more

    Still waiting on that shield