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  1. Grand Conjunction of 1063 Raven III Wrath

    That this is even a thing in a videogame amazes me. One more reason to love Wurm.
  2. Shield training

    I am no expert, but have you tried with a low quality shield? Or does that affect block chance? Not sure how the mechanic works.
  3. Wtb Rare Hatchet

    Still looking.
  4. +1 Sailboat. Best boats in Cele!
  5. WTB: Xanadu Coastal Deed

    If all you need is a starter building, I can help you start one. Its not hard to do. Seems like that's what you're after. All you need is to drop the deed.
  6. WTB Knarr

    Heading your way to drop the Knarr off
  7. Rifts Continue To Trash The Servers

    Well, that's the whole point people in this thread are trying to make. It has gotten out of hand, depending who's perspective you look at it from. I think the point they are trying to make is that the rift effects on the environment are unnecessary, but if they are removed, then it will stop being a rift and will become just another timed event. I am of the opinion of leaving things the way they are. Fixing up rift locations is content in and of itself.
  8. Rifts Continue To Trash The Servers

    Rifts provides content for those who participate in them. Content. That thing that makes people play a game. Some people like the monotony, static nature of building their own piece of the land, others like the fun of fighting the forces of chaos that give them a reason to get that 95ql gear they paid all that money for. Both types of content are equally valid. The issue here is the fact that, static players want to see the rifts move away to a place where their creations don't get touched, while the people who participate enjoy the ability of visiting different locations during these events and participating in them. I see no difference between a rift destroying an area, and a player coming into a forest and leveling it down to skill up, and then dropping a gaudy-ass deed there that makes anyone nearby cry. If you invest time in an area, deed it or loose it. I don't see why content should be changed because some people want an area to not be touched but they don't want to really get invested in it.
  9. We might have boats in stock not listed. Please contact me if you are looking for something specific!
  10. WTS Account

  11. please close

    Upset over Internet pixels. What has this world come to?
  12. Najho convertion

    Nahjo is the best imo since you can use both chopped veggies or whole garlic if I understand correctly. Just order a pile of garlic and you are set.
  13. WTB Entry Level PVP Account

    Still looking.
  14. WTB Entry Level PVP Account

    Looking for an entry level Chaos PVP Account. Priest account or some crafting skills would be a nice but looking at anything. PM me any offers.
  15. Wtb Rare Hatchet

    Still looking.
  16. What a bad game!!!!

    Well personally I think the Epic servers are dying off. I think that's what lolabelle refers to. But even if we get every single Epic server into Freedom, that's what? 35 people login counts? It's not that much, and certainly is not going to tip the scales. Removing servers is also not an option. Personally I love being able to explore, and the more space there is, the more is there to do. Fixing things like the tutorial would help. I was told a tutorial sign to pick up a sword from a chest, but I couldn't. I was told to attack a mannequin, but it would not allow me. This is super confusing to a new player. Hell, it was to me. Fixing things like this would improve player retention, if they teach a new player to do the very basics to survive their first hour in the game. A tutorial must show you by doing. If it doesn't work, people give up. The game is hard enough without a confusing tutorial. It won't fix problems, but it's a start.
  17. What a bad game!!!!

    Last night I made a brand new Nahjo follower to priest at a later date. I spawned on Deli so Cecci could convert me. I walked outside of town, whacked a tree with my sword and then I found a wolf. It was a battle to the death. I won but it left me with 40% health. And that's someone who have been around 2 months or so. I kinda knew what was what. I can't imagine in can be any easier for a new player. Cecci came and healed me. But if I was a new player I would have fallen over to the next mob I found 10m later. If this was a heavily populated game, yeah that's np. Ask for help. But many of us here forget our first time in Wurm. On my first day I spent like 5 minutes trying to talk to a wizard I saw on my starter town, only to find out 3 days later it was an npc merchant. And the first player I met? He looked very similar to the npc guard. He had to chase me around only so he could catch my attention and heal me. I think we forget how hard it was for us. Or maybe we had a bigger community when some of you started, but we must understand the first hour of a real new player is harrowing here. If it wasn't for my friend who went to get me at Indy start town on day two of Wurm, I would had never made it out. In fact, I quit less than an hour into the game, until he bugged me to try again. This game has a steep learning curve for new players. We take it for granted because we understand it now and forget a new player does not when they start.
  18. PC Vyn Priest with good Farming and HFC skill

    175-250 I'd say.
  19. Najho convertion

    My heart skipped a little when I read this thread. I have a Vyn priest I would kill for to make Nahjo. I made her with little understanding of the game, and ignored all rexxomendations from my friends. Now I am eating my channeling skill ups with opulence... Wtb GM bribe to be made Nahjo on my Vyn priest.
  20. A sense of community

    I heard Wikid was living it up in the JK TS yesterday. I'm so jelly. Seems there's a lot of people to chat it up with there but I can't join up yet.
  21. WTS Account

    Like he said not much use for an epic character nowdays but I'll start an offer with 15e due to the freedom side skills.
  22. WTB Entry Level PVP Account

    Still looking.
  23. Free delivery to coastal areas on all orders over 1s and all boats.
  24. Today I am thank for

    Large Crates and the ability to put dirt in them.