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  1. I never understood why you are unable to plant pavillions. I have this darn sexy pavillion I bought from Yldrania long time ago, and I have never been able to plant it. This means it has to stay inside a permission controlled house, or else someone will come and just pick it up. Imagine if you could decorate deeds with pavillions and not have to lock everyone away from pick up permissions? How beautiful the world would be! Why are we not able to secure them? They are not containers (can't put anything in them) you can't sleep on them or tie creatures to it, or respawn at them. They are completely decorative, and yet you can't use them as decorations. Why?
  2. Independence Went Ka-Boom

    We dont remember the amount we had, but off the top of my head we should have more veggies. It doesn't matter. Its just veggies and is not like we'll die without them or we sell them or something. Its not a big deal. I was just wondering what happened and if the server had in fact been rolled. Thanks for responding, Keenan!
  3. Independence Went Ka-Boom

    [14:50:58] <Ilromov> [11:50:52] You managed to get a yield of 6 garlic. Illromov has 96 farming. We're getting 6 per shot. we're loosing half our harvest. We have raked these fields for every day a week with a rare, runed rake and we usually get 8-10 garlic per field. Its like we never raked them before. Not only did we get rolled back but the tiles got reset?
  4. Independence Went Ka-Boom

  5. Independence Went Ka-Boom

    @Keenandid the server get rolled back? We harvested the whole field last night and today we came back to it to plant it and noticed it is half harvested. What gives?
  6. Post here things you'll never hear someone say in Wurm. I'll get it started! "Wtf man! Where's my rock shards? Who the hell made all these bricks!?"
  7. Independence Went Ka-Boom

    After 4 hours, real time footage of the Independence server is available.
  8. Independence Went Ka-Boom

    There goes 2 hours! Rip.
  9. Independence Went Ka-Boom

    So I step out for an hour and @Gumbokills the game. Typical!
  10. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    I think I'll press this random teleport here on Xanadu.
  11. Goblin leader slaying

    Hope to be there, mate. I'll bring my trusty butchering knife just in case
  12. So I went to get an almanac from my bud to complete a goal, and noticed he was being very aggresive with his crops while raking them. It does kinda explain why the yield is not the best, but I still thought I should report it here. Server: Independence. Shortly after taking the epic portal back to Freedom. Fixed on relog.
  13. Very Aggressive Farming (Animations Bug) We went partying after working on the crops.
  14. Were the sails on boats lowered?

    I remember a while ago where the sails of boats were raised because it was asinine when sailing. You couldn't see straight forward because most sails were on the way. Has there been a change and this has come back? Or is it my imagination? I am having problems seeing forward when sailing because the sail is in the way.
  15. Is it legal?

    I don't know what you're talking about. I will deny anything claimed I said above forever.
  16. Is it legal?

    Although I agree we should pay attention to the game, its rather sadistic to design gameplay around forcing someone do a repetitive, meaningless and unsatisfying actions for a long period of time. Its like getting a job licking envelopes, but without the pay. If I wanted to spend 5 hours a day doing nothing but pressing the same button on my keyboard, I'd go to the Ritz Carlton and become an elevator operator and get paid. If the concern here is that you have to be constantly staring at the screen, we are going down the wrong path. I have a 2nd computer with a second keyboard and mouse and I stretch my arm to click the bind key every couple minutes. Hearing I can be banned because if it is absurd.
  17. During my time in Wurm I have seen all kinds of sillyness surounding uniques. People lay their claims, fight over them, argue with each other and even throw tantrums when they don't get their way. I am sure this causes division between players unecesarily, and surely headaches to staff. So here's my suggestion how to fix it. In regards to hatched uniques from eggs, nothing here applies and they work as normal. Make unique spawns similar to Rifts Unique spawns should create an area of influence at their spawn location which prevents terraforming and deed dropping in the affected area. Any off deed buildings present are not able to be repaired during the duration, and no fencing or new construction can be started until the event ends. This would effectively prevent the "penning" of uniques. Furthermore, make it so players have to be inside the area of influence to be able to attack, so archery from complete safety will not be a thing. Participation would be required. Tether uniques to the spawn area of influence Uniques would not be able to be kited outside this area or to a deed. Besides preventing uniques from being penned by skirting the system, this would prevent uniques from wandering and exiting the area of influence, or coming across player deeds where they could cause damage. Allow an unlimited amount of players to attack the unique and increase its total health (but not their health regen) This allows for more participation and time to show up before the unique is killed. It will also make small numbers of players trying to fight it have to stay there a longer time, without requiring an increase to the minimun of players present to kill it. It would also allow for more people to participate, without the unique "melting" to a barrage of damage from a large number of players, yet not increasing the difficulty or danger posed by them. Add a bar to the Mission Progress viewable to the server, similar to rifts The bar should reflect the unique's health. This allows everyone to know an unique has spawned in the server, if its being fought, and how much longer they have to get there. Make rewards automatically go to fighter's inventory Unique rewards such as bone, hats, and tomes should be randomly distributed to those present who participated significantly in the fight similar to how rifts reward players. Bloods, leather and scale should be rewarded to everyone who succesfully dealt damage to the unique. Amounts rewarded from these global rewards should be proportionate to how much damage the player does to the unique or how much healing was done. Larger participation should reward bigger amounts of scale/drake. Skull, meat and animal parts should be obtained from butchering as normal. Add a general location to the Mission Progress bar Similar to the location of avatars, there should be a general location of where the unique is. Given players won't be rewarded for finding and penning uniques any longer, it should be made clearer where they are so they can be found. --- The idea with this suggestion is to make uniques more available to more people and eliminate the arguments surrounding them. Giving everyone a chance at them and their rewards instead of a selected few of players would help accomplish this. Discuss!
  18. Were the sails on boats lowered?

    Your immersion? Its really hard on my visibility! I can't see where I'm going!
  19. Were the sails on boats lowered?

    Biggest issue for me has been the Sailboat and the Caravel. Its pretty bad with those two.
  20. Most priest passives (screenshots)

    Nahjo: @RoccandilAdd it to the list! Anyone else got the missing ones?
  21. Is it legal?

    The world must be ending. I am finding myself agreeing with Roccandil.
  22. wta Supreme toolbelt 80ql

  23. Devblog: Movement & Desync

    Some neckbeard that likes to skid down mountains on his face.
  24. Animal Taming

    My point had nothing to do with pvp. But even bears and wolves can make a big difference during pve combat, especially if you use them correctly. The game will become pets online with everyone hunting with a pet at their side. My -1 is in its current state. I am not against taming, I just would like to see a better system than what we currently have. Naturally this will also require an overall mob overhaul. Its a snowball effect.