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  1. Short of cheating them in, how do you obtain those runes in Unlimited?
  2. Right, THIS (from the above linked thread) is what I need. I can see how breeding horses without a lot of traits at a high level of AH makes it likely to get one or two bad traits.
  3. Right, I had wondered about the grandparents thing. I certainly don't feel I'm seeing roughly 50% good horses, but I suppose it's possible I've been unlucky.
  4. Traits varies as I'm breeding several pairs, but generally not a lot. My skill is 52, but with Epic settings, so I guess 77? And no, not siblings, but offspring of wild horses. Don't know if that matters. Well, this is Unlimited. I'm playing single player, so I could just edit out the bad traits, but I try not to do stuff like that.
  5. I understand that when breeding wild horses most of the offspring will have several bad traits, but now I'm breeding second generation (ie, named) horses with only good traits and yet what feels like 9/10 foals still have one bad trait. Rarely more than one, and usually somewhat less bad ones like Unusually Strong Willed, but is that really normal? I have a good tile to creature ratio in my village (17).
  6. WU - GM Functions Discussion

    Trying to use #newmission doesn't work for me. It's single player, so my GM character has the highest power, but I get the message "Failed to locate deity named Fo" when using "#newmission Fo". Anyone who have an idea what I might be doing wrong?
  7. Change to the selection outlines

    Hm.. I feel a bit stupid for not realising that the neutral outline would, of course, affect objects too and not just creatures. But how do you change the opacity of the outlines? I can only find opacity of windows ("GUI Opacity"). E: I see, if clicking the big "custom color" button when selecting a colour. Sorry for putting my functional blindness on display like that.
  8. Change to the selection outlines

    I find the bright, blue outlines extremely intrusive when moving around in my home with lots of objects, especially at night. My request is a change to the outline making it, at least, dimmer or, better, show only the actual outline. An example of the latter would be highlighting a wall with a window only showing the outline of the wall and not every little detail of the window, or a staircase (one of the most visually intrusive objects to highlight) only showing the outer edge of the staircase, not the spaces between the steps and banister.
  9. There's a ton of treasure chests, high quality items in random places and wilderness buildings on Heavenord.
  10. Wait, so you can't hand over items while in combat? Yeah that makes it sound rather impossible in single player.. I ended up cheating and changing the avatar's kingdom. I don't want to spam the forum with threads, so another god missions question: I have a quest to slay the "venerable wolf traitor". There's like 400 black wolves on my map, how on earth do you find the right one?
  11. I worship Fo, but after completing the last quest for him (it?), his avatar appeared in MR and demanded some item. I belong to JK and the avatar attacked me. I don't think I had the Give option, either. What are you supposed to do in this situation?
  12. I've seen that a lot, that you should just kill the parents, but the Wurmpedia states that the game still keeps track of the lineage even though they're dead. Now I don't know what to believe.. Also, this Seems odd to me, surely parent-offspring breeding would be considered inbreeding?
  13. I'm looking to starting up a map in Epic mode with a group of friends, but we've all played Heavenord a fair amount in single player and would love to start a new map together. We would want there to be Kingdoms and villages already in place, and a map with secret stuff like Heavenord has would be a great plus.
  14. Okay, another (hopefully less stupid) question: How distantly related do animals have to be before it's no longer considered inbreeding? Can grandparents breed with grandchildren? Cousin with cousin?
  15. Duuurh.. yeah, I had double checked the weights, but completely failed to check the decay. I'm an idiot and thanks for helping me out.