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  1. i have many stills ready to sell. 7 at 85ql for 1.5s a piece or 2 for 2.5 i also have one at 85ql with a iron fo rune on it for burn time for 2s
  2. Had a horrible hunting incident and need to retrieve my corpse. need to buy 3 K in karma..
  3. [03:53:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour. thanks.. ill try to rework this post.. is my first and there have been problems
  4. thats one post from my email.. one from imgur.com and one from photobucket...
  5. did that re-post work? i can see all the images on my screen lol
  6. rare adamantine lump ill sell for 1.5s
  7. I have lots of rift loot here to sell.. please PM with offers bracelets for 1s 0-29ql runes for 50c 30-40ql runes 1s 40ql+ runes 2s pads for 75c damaged shoulder pad for 20c Mag/Lead 10% less ql lost when repaired Mag/Bronze 5% higher gather ql / 5% less enchant decay (universal rune)
  8. Also... lost a horse around freedom harbor last night named Ragealex... if anybody finds it and gets me to it or it to me ill reward them with 50 copper lol
  9. Setting up camp just to the west of the rift zone. good uphill area up here. I believe we are at the north east corner of P17 of the in game map
  10. Rift 11/8

    The road to the rift camp has been cleared coming in from the south... tons of trees out here.. Making coal piles... Free coal to all rift riders