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  1. @Retrograde , I watched some of that stream, enjoyed it, and learned more about the game. Unfortunately, the PvP aspect is a must because it means you have to be careful of what you do and say. This is a major part of what would make the game fun. Thanks for the link, I'll probably follow them and watch more. @Akaedis , thanks for confirming that there are RP servers out there and that they do at least have a player base, small though it may be. Also, what you described sounds fairly close to what my friend and I want. It's nice to know you can play it safe and probably not get attacked or scam/ruin people to roll the dice.
  2. A friend and I have been considering buying this game especially since it is on sale for Steam. We're willing to try it out but only if there is a good RP server. Let me specify what we're looking for. We of course want to be part of community that really wants to RP. We would like to not be too restricted by rules. Making the entire server open PvP would be great as long as there is something to balance the more aggressive actions of others, whether it be a rule or a mechanic. The thrill of possibly dying at any second combined with the fun of interacting with others at the same time is amazing and the main point of playing. Ex: Being killed on sight wouldn't be fun but being robbed by bandits would be. Having someone just pull out a sword, yell "lol kek" and kill you at a Tavern wouldn't be fun. A Noble calling you a "vile beggar" which leads to a bar fight and then you die in it would be fun. Having your base destroyed for no reason wouldn't be fun but getting into a land dispute that starts a war or feud between families/cities would be. Is there any server like this? I've seen some other posts around RP as I combed the threads but they were about a year old. It made me lose hope.