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  1. Want to sell 10s for $10USD please send forum pm or in game as Dominus right now. First reply I see in either of those forms takes the silvers. Expect paypal.
  2. Hello, Just a character with a little over 29 days premium time, fresh out of golden valley, on Xanadu. Has 2 hours sleep bonus and Locksmithing Affinity. No Referral, No Silver, No Sleep Powder, and some of the Starter Tools come with the accounts. Another Character has roughly 2 weeks of premium time left, has 40something (low 40s) mining skill and the accompanying body skill that comes from tapping a node about 4000 times. He has Mauls affinity I think he has like 2 hours of sleep bonus. Please let me know what they are worth/if you want to buy it! Thanks, Wyrbin/James
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a prime deed for shipping to locations around xanadu and other servers (*must be coastal -- that is, on the Sea (if on a lake, that lake must have canal/channel to the Sea available)). Buildings are a plus, but I'm not trying to buy something with the ultra-mega-super-castle or something, I just need an outhouse and a roof. Established mine is a plus, opening/availability to create a mine if not. As in, must have 1 hill. lol. Or something. Preferably a bit of flat area. Bulks present are a plus. Please message me if interested/if you have something that remotely resembles this. Thanks, and make it a great day. -Wyrbin/Alterak
  4. 91QL Long to Kawdzo 6s: [22:06:19] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Soft Cap, Cotton (Santa Hat) to Saintdouglas sent as well same timeish. 15 mins on the box
  5. 15 Minutes::: [10:29:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  6. Prices dropped! (Again)!
  7. bump I dropped price 1s or more on every large item, 50c reduction on all gauntlets/gloves, lowered price of studded suit by 1.5s to 6s!
  8. Prices *are* negotiable, see something you like? Send me a forum private message!! James/Wyrbin
  9. Hello there and welcome! I've gathered up a bunch of weapons and other gears and would like to try to sell them. Please make offers! 84.68QL Rare Longsword, Iron (Nimble91 LifeTransfer76 CoC81) 5s 91.01QL Rare Longsword, Iron (Nimble94 CoC93) 6s 82.95QL Rare Two Handed Sword, Iron (HD Nimble97 Frostbrand 98 CoC93 M99) 13s 95.29QL Rare Two Handed Sword, Steel (SHD LifeTransfer96 BoTD95) 17s 75.95QL Rare Large Shield, Iron (CoC70) 4.25s 23.65QL Rare Plate Gauntlet, Steel 1.5s 11.05QL Rare Plate Gauntlet, Steel 1.5s 45.52QL Rare Plate Gauntlet, Steel 1.5s (or all 3 for 4s) 71.08QL Rare Plate Leggings, Steel offer (idk what they are worth or what i paid for them) 54.89QL Rare Chain Gauntlet, Iron 1s Soft Cap, Cotton .75s 1s = 1e if you want to do paypal directly please contact me via private message. Selling silver! Please Message Me!! If you want to discuss the price of an item, or make an offer on one of the 'offer' items, please do so in private message form. The only posts attached to this trade post that will be acknowledged are A.) Those that ask me to check my Private Messages and B.) Those that want a specific item CoD to them immediately. Please note that C.) Anything Else ... will be ignored, cast into the pit, if you will, the deep dark pit of sadness where misled posts go to actually die but don't because they leave some kind of carbon footprint on the inside of the internet. Unless it's funny. But really, let's keep it on topic. Happy Hunting! Thank you, James/Wyrbin STUDDED SET... ONLY 5s!!! Excellent Casts!! PST!!!! 2 boots 82/93aosp 2 gloves both MS/1 92Aosp 1 99AoSP 2 sleeves 88/92aosp 1 jacket MS AoSP 99 1 pants 78Aosp and cap 96aosp (Studded leather all 80+QL)
  10. Pair of rare gaunts cod Wyrbin please
  11. Hello all, in game name is now Wyrbin.. Used to be Alterak... Pst on forum or in game if interested!!