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  1. Had a great time today with helping plan and oversee the Easter Egg Hunt. Thank you to everyone who came, the hidden work you didn't see to be able for you all to have access to everything and it still be safe so no one could do any damage was over a week for Valiance. Big cheer to him for planning these events and making it such a enjoyable place to play and CM/GM.
  2. +1 would be a great addition
  3. I agree this would be a fantastic little mod
  4. Just wanna say this server so far has been great to play on and interact with everyone. Good to see people exploring and making roads and expanding outwards from the starting deed. Hope to play on this server for many years and hope to see more people come and actually stick it out in a 1x 1x server thats no gimme at the start.
  5. Darwinia RP Server

    Hey I play on this server currently and everyone on here is great, the community is growing and I hope to see more and more people come here and join a town or even make one . 100% would recommend this server I just LOVE IT!!!!!