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  1. Even though we may not have seen eye to eye I hope that your future is bright and you find success in your journey. Excited to see what you bring to Wurm Demona. Welcome!
  2. Would love to hear what concerns devs may have with this change. Crazy how this forum has gone 3 years with silence. This mechanic can technically already be done with enough money. If it's balancing issues I think a small fee and a cooldown should be plenty fine.
  3. While this is true I don't this is a reason as to why the option shouldn't be available. I genuinely like the idea and as it is now it doesn't feel like people value taming too much and I think this could add some more depth to the skill. For instance, the ability to have a high level tamer on your deed who can tame hell horses and then pass them over to other deedmates so that they can all ride together quickly to a destination or perhaps give everyone bears so that they can go on a joint hunting quest. Just as other skills are able to share their spoils I think tamers should be able to do the same.
  4. Personal suggestion because I was a little confused by the title, but perhaps change it to "Allow players to refund rift rewards." Otherwise, love the idea! Along with Trash's idea.
  5. From my understanding with rifts ranging from 15-170 players. The reason the times are going down are because people have better skill, gear, and understanding of the mechanics. The fight should scale properly to the # of participants and it should be encouraged for their to be more. Varying participants haven't shown much effect except for maybe potentially helping with lag though that's maybe possibly been disproven. I'd love to see this be changed too because you don't actually need to hit. You just need to attempt a hit and you'll get a tag.
  6. I was so excited to try out catapults at a rift and I had 3 setup, but for the first half I got nothing but this message when trying to move up and participate. I assumed this feature meant there were too many players nearby, but I had a clear shot really wish random nearby objects didn't prevent me from shooting.
  7. I'd say at least 50% of the negative reviews are genuine problems with the game. GM's potentially handling situations poorly, a poor tutorial, a lack of info without the help of a community wiki, and people thinking the game is free to play and not free to try are issues that if addressed might bring the steam review well above mixed resulting in a better face value appearance.
  8. MY EYES. If you want a temporary fix check out a browser called Opera GX. It has a forced black mode and many other features designed for gamers. Made my wiki experience so much better. #NotSponsored
  9. I love the idea of more ways to encourage players to move off their deed, but I would personally like to see more non-combat motivations. We've got quite a lot of combat related things already and I would love to see some focus on something like blacksmithing as a quick thought. Where a player needs to leave their deed and improve some ancient anvil out in the world that when doing so provides them with a rare anvil or it completes a mission for a god and you get some karma and sleep bonus. It'd probably involve a lot more, but that was just a quick rough idea. However, I do like the idea of frequent camps that can be raided for loot just wish there was more to leaving your deed than combat. EDIT: Treasure maps is another idea!
  10. I don't know what to say here besides it sounds like the devs need to communicate more about what is intended and what isn't. Just because it's written the way it is in the code does not mean all problems were thought of and the decision was still made. And if ever something is truly intended it would be wonderful for you guys to explain to us your intention and why it is the way it is.
  11. This alone has already made combat more engaging and I love it. Especially if I hotkeyed everything I needed for combat. Would love to know if players are now penalized for not blocking in the correct directions or if combat is just easier if you do. Having the shake and blood splatter vary with the amount of damage taken would be nice. A little speck causing a hysterical amount of visual damage is off-putting and numbs you out, so you don't notice the big hits. Would love a way to move this UI element around like everything else. Couldn't find a way to do so. I would love to see the defense stance take on the same form as the attack stance http://prntscr.com/zt5trc . As it is now it kinda feels like it's a buff or the enemy is in "defensive stance". It's only when the shield rotated to the side where I was attacking did I realize it was just the direction it was defending from. I think moving this up to the left of the sword and giving it a border and background would clear up any confusion. If the enemy is not blocking in any direction just put a red line across it. I second this. I feel like it needs more of a hit and then bounce off sound. Like the shield. I believe this is a typo for Pierce. I think I'm cool with the variable cooldowns that special moves have, but I don't think they should all share that cooldown. At the very least if I use a 50sec cooldown I should be able to use a 20sec cooldown move in 20 seconds and not have to wait the full 50 seconds. I think this would create a lot more engagement with special moves. EDIT: Used, Tattoo twice, a 30 second cooldown, but had to wait 40 seconds. Seemed pretty random to me, but I'd love to see mobs actively attacking away from the direction I'm defending just as I am to them, so that I'm having to engage more on my defense. This also applies to players. We have no way of knowing if the debuff is applied to us until it wears off and we get "regains concentration". The attacker knows only when it applies, and the defender knows only when it ends. -Have special move dialogue in the same place. Pierce: "caused X to start bleeding." in event log. Slash: "X loses concentration." in combat log. Crush: "X is stunned." in combat log. -All specials apply guaranteed effects. There is no way to defend against them and stun is the only one that gives you a resistance buff. Seems broken and unintentional. ESPECIALLY for PvP. As for their damage. Crush: Goes through all forms of damage negation (Blocking, Evading, Parrying, and Glancing) Pierce: Gets negated. Slash: Gets negated, but due to multi-attack moves you aren't likely to negate all of the hits which is probably fine. -Having the focus button and special move buttons only enable once you've been in combat long enough along with all their other checks would be great. Hate just spam clicking focus until it suddenly works. -Auto fight seemed to work fine. For those that aren't super invested in combat and being engaged with it I think will find it enjoyable. Could perhaps also make it work better, but at the cost of less exp. -I will say when autofight is enabled I think it'd be nice for the combat menu to still display my distance and height with the opponent so I can still adjust that. -I'd love to see the bleed debuff stack. Would be a good tool to counter armored enemies. As it is now it's just a bit of extra damage and can only be used in 1v1's. Stuns stack and it seems like the CR debuff stack. -Crush appears to apply 2 damage rolls from any of its specials even though it's only one attack. http://prntscr.com/ztk4m2
  12. How much? -1 Also I think I'm opposed to this. Having this done in RP is already good enough. Beyond that you're just incentivizing players to marry eachother for bonuses which will lead to grinders marrying as many things as they can for big bonuses and also those who are against the concept of marriage miss out on bonuses.
  13. Can't say I'm down to start over, but if it's a big community you're looking for I'm trying to make a rather large one that's focused on social interaction and slight elements of an RPG.
  14. I agree that confirmation windows SUCK, but if it's just right clicking an item and selecting "favorite" and then it being unable to be sold I think that's fine. Those that don't want to use the system don't have to deal with it and those that want to take advantage of it can. Terraria has a pretty good model for this. -1 to any confirmation windows. There should almost always be a way to get the effect you want without confirmation windows. I do appreciate you trying to minimize it though.
  15. +1 The idea is interesting and I think more options could be beneficial for different types of playstyles like was mentioned here. However, I do also agree this mechanic would probably require quite a substantial amount of balancing and testing that I find it unlikely to be added. At least now with how big the team is and how many get paid.