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  1. IDK how you would fix this without making a thread for each proposed change, but it's kinda hard to discuss likes/dislikes when there's 80 things to look at >.< Otherwise, I def agree with some of these ideas so I hope these get looked at and you get credited ❤️
  2. I always drag my weapons onto the character and that automatically puts it in the right slot, but I'm all for changes the make the game more clear! It is silly for the game to say that a weapon won't fit in your hand.
  3. My point was that the wiki is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. In this particular case it is, but it isn't always. Not every question can just be answered by the wiki. Also, that last bit sounds way more demeaning than anything I feel I've done. I created the suggestion after talking with CA members that expressed how tiring it is for them to answer this question. If you think asking questions about your position is combative then I guess I'll stop and I apologize for making you so uncomfortable. I only wish to understand why you're against this change, and why you think making people look through a resource outside the game is better and healthier. Also, I don't know what you mean by taking constructive criticism and listening to feedback. I haven't been given any criticism or feedback in this topic. You opposed to the idea, but didn't provide a why or your own proposed change to the idea. So, I don't know what feedback you'd like me to look at but I gladly will. Teaching people how to solve a problem is certainly great, but my point is you shouldn't even need to fish. If the devs make this change thereby removing the problem then you'll be fed for life without having to worry about how to get fish. Regardless of any player's background they will not be able to answer this question by themselves. They will all (majority at least) need to either look at the wiki, or ask someone else who figured it out (which is basically still the wiki). And if all (majority at least) players have to do this then it isn't a good question to begin with. It should just be removed. Again I apologize that you misunderstand my intentions and assume that I am being demeaning or combative. I only use increased font size, bold, underline, and other font features to emphasize my points. There's so much text on the screen and I want to make sure that certain points are seen. The questions I proposed to you at the end were the most important thing, so I wanted to make sure they could easily be seen and would stand out amongst the rest of the post. Plus if you consider new people to the topic they need to read so much to catch up with the current topic, and so I emphasize important things for them too. Thanks for taking the time for expressing your refusal to this change event though I feel you didn't provide enough of a why. I wish you the best in life, and hope you'll engage in discussion in the future ❤️
  4. Who's going to teach them? 🤔 Even if you consider it a "minimal" amount of research it could still be zero research needed. It is an unneeded common question. There's not really any coding being changed. It's just text. They literally go to a line that says "decent" and change it to "decent (30+ QL)" and this suggestion is done. A MASSIVELY smaller amount of time to fix than the collective of time wasted for all the people who have to ask this question and find an answer. Unless you have no faith in the devs this change should have 0 room for new bugs or problems. You're thinking too small picture. 10 seconds of time that is accumulated across all the players in this game. I assume we can agree at least 1,000 players have passed through this game, and probably asked the question. That's 10,000 seconds or ~2.7hrs of wasted time that could be prevented within a 10 second change to the ingame text. Not to mention that again most people ask CA Help which is now also wasting other player's times to help those who are wasting their time asking the question. I can maybe understand disagreeing with a change because it would take the devs several hours to fix and wanting that energy to be guided elsewhere, but we're talking a 10 second change. @Soluna What is the reason you want players to have to search for the answer through a 3rd party wiki made by players that isn't even 100% accurate rather than just removing the need to find the answer? What is gained? What do you feel is lost by this change? 🤔
  5. Lol I didn't even know that. I was told it had to do with the Valrei minigame for PvP and meant nothing for PvE.
  6. I can't understand what you're trying to say here, so I don't know how to respond. One question, and one answer that should not be needed period. Literally every question is one question, and one answer. . . You personally may ask the question once, and hear the answer once. But CA has to deal with the same question and provide the same answer for every single player that asks it in CA Help. That is boring, tedious, and going to cause burnout for those that wish to help other players learn the game. The problem is that it's an unnecessary question along with several others in this game that all add up together to making this game unnecessarily confusing. If you don't care if it's changed or not then why are you even participating in the discussion? Another problem of it's own. Mission Progress should be default on honestly, but that's a topic for another thread as well.
  7. IDK where kids came into this, but if a small portion of the community gets a small amount of enjoyment from randomly sacrificing different qualities of goods until they figure out what "decent" means compared to a large amount of the community getting a large amount of annoyance that just spam CA Help with the question over and over Then I'd say we should cater to the large community in this situation. The gain massively outweighs the loss of those few players who strongly cared about solving the mystery. Not to mention that the people who would be upset about it being spoiled are probably those who already solved the mystery. If people join the game and the mystery is already solved then it wasn't a mystery and no new player will ever know to even complain about the change.
  8. You left out the 2nd half of my response >.< I think this is something that should absolutely be spoiled.
  9. I agree with this. However, this is a videogame and not everything should be immersive / realistic. Especially something apart of your UI (User Interface) that is absolutely not immersive to any degree. Understandable! This is a game of discovery after all. However, not all mystery is good and when a majority of players just ask CA Help about it I no longer think it's worth being a mystery. At that point now it's just a hinderance for the many and a small enjoyment for the few. I'm totally okay with that too. As long as "30+ QL" is mentioned somewhere then I'm happy. Sounds like a great idea! But, lets make a new thread topic if we're gonna do that. I'd like to keep the main discussion about this specific change. Also something that I would prefer be a different thread rather than being discussed here.