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  1. Actually something I forgot to add in my first post, but can you provide us some insight on how you plan to improve your work environment so that this doesn't happen? If you admit that this was a problem and apologize for it then the next step should be taking actions to prevent it. Otherwise, we're bound to be here again for the same reasons in a few months.
  2. There's hardly any toxicity at the moment. It's good to see the posts over and over again because it shows how many people share the same frustrations and how much we want change. Honestly I don't even understand why threads get locked. If there are certain posts that lead to the decision of locking a thread then can we just address those specific posts instead of shutting down all further discussion? If we don't get the opportunity to voice our thoughts and feelings then how will we ever be heard?
  3. Agreed. If Demona is incapable of doing her job because of real life problems then there should be at least one person that can step in to give us a post like this, but much much sooner. Her not being available is not an excuse to stop updating us about what's happening.
  4. Thank so much for the transparency we've been wanting. This is a great step and I hope to see it more. Please just keep us posted on these things. I don't think it needs to be specifics, but at least a post from a dev saying they need to take some time off for real life problems would be a fantastic step towards improving transparency. As customers we really want to know how much the game that we pay for is being worked on, and as a bonus how it's being worked on. Could you talk about at least one of these? I'm not sure the behind the scenes strategy is a beneficial approach for any of us. Sure it's cool I guess to be "surprised" when it's all done and dusted, but the journey is what we've been complaining about and under a behind the scenes system we're just going to be in the dark the entire time and then complain when it releases cause it seems to have lacked simple testing and there are bugs causing terrain to change elevation randomly causing huge harm to everyone. Feels to me like the "behind the scenes" approach is one of the problems in transparency between us. [ESPECIALLY with a big update causing a LOT of problems. That is the BIGGEST time for transparency like this.] Thank you again for everything that you do for the game and I hope we can all work together civilly to improve the space that everyone seems to have been complaining about for a long time. Additional pluses - More responses to Bug reports such as "Added to our TODO list", "Could you please provide more information about how to replicate this bug?", "We are currently looking into this.", etc. - More responses to Feedback such as challenging the idea, asking for more thought in certain areas, explain what concerns the team has for some ideas, mention how it will be added to a TODO list, mention that it's currently being worked on, etc. - Polling the community more often for something like the direction of development "Hey guys based on your feedback we're thinking about making the next update one of these 5 ideas. Which would you like to see?"
  5. @Pandalet Thank you for this. This to me is the kind of transparency we all want. Updates about what our developers are up to, so we at least know they aren't just dead. If something isn't going to be done because of something in RL then so be it. It's your choice how much you work on this game, but it feels unfair for us subscribers to not get to not know how much that is.
  6. Are any of the walls of your pen a cave wall instead of a fence or building wall? Our Mag Priest found that after making all our troll pens not include cave walls they no longer teleported onto the surface.
  7. Even for PvP it would only benefit infighting. It wouldn't work across factions since they're different kingdoms. At least that's what I'd assume. I also added the discussion from the previous thread I made about this in the OP
  8. I would love to give public access to some of the buildings on my deed, but I've learned that branded trolls are considered apart of the kingdom and can also walk in. This has turned this permission into a hazard. I'm unfamiliar with any advantages that it can bring, so I would like for them to not be included in Kingdom permissions. Edit: Some discussion about this already
  9. Alright confirmed it's Kingdom perms. Lame.
  10. Will be testing that when our Mag priest is free. I hope that's not the case cause then we can't give public access without also allowing trolls to walk in and murder people.
  11. I've been informed that we have tested an unbranded troll and it still went through the mine door. I'm trying to test different perms in combination with it being branded on a house door, but it's stubborn and won't go through.
  12. This is contradictory? Players can but can't? Mine doors are pre-locked, and the house door that it went through was also locked.
  13. We have not, but I'm pretty sure as for the mine door it's because perms don't effect those on the inside. Pretty sure players can leave a mine door if they don't have perms to it.