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  1. I personally feel like a reworking of rifts shouldn't be dependent on the 100 rift journal entry. Although if this were to decrease your chances to get to 100 a future post asking for it to be tweaked I think would be reasonable. I do think this discourages lower skilled players, however the point of this change is to benefit those who put in the work to level their skill. You wouldn't expect a level 1 Blacksmith to get the same benefits as a level 90 Blacksmith. Fighting to me is a lackluster skillset that only truly benefits you at Private Slayings, and I believe this change would create a lot more meaning to it.
  2. Current Problem Rift Participation Points should be awarded based on effort put in. Currently the system doesn't care about your skill or however much effort you put into fighting. The BEST way for someone to gain participation points is to go around spam targeting mobs in melee range in order to get a "tag". Then when the mob dies with your tag on it you get points. Imagine being an elite fighter around 90 fighting skill killing mob by mob and getting less points than someone who just started the game and isn't actually helping take on the rift. It's even worse for those that thought defensive fighting would be useful. Proposed Point System Points would instead be based upon the combination of Damage Dealt, Damage Healed, and Damage Mitigated. This benefits all forms of fighters and encourages more participation towards actually closing the rift and becoming a better fighter. All fighters who put work in will walk out with more reward and feel more achieved. Also, with damage mitigated providing points it would encourage tanks use their skills like taunting which would now have a major benefit. Additional thoughts These are some other things that might benefit from having points, but are not the main focus of this thread. Sacrificing hearts (I've heard it's currently 1), Butchering, and Burying. These would encourage ending waves quicker, and cleaning up the field. Potentially something good for those not too skilled in fighting.
  3. How so? You aren't allowed to modify the game files if that was your plan. Which is why I thought this idea was a good one. This is another con, but I think doesn't cover all sounds. For example, you can check for only when YOU put on armor and have your own armor sound attached to it.
  4. Sound Rework Thought up an idea the other night that I thought I'd share with everyone and maybe get some discussion going. Idea: With the power of Wurm Assistant and chat logs we could use Wurm Assistant triggers to basically reimagine all of the sounds in Wurm and add in missing ones. I'm picturing a place for people to upload sounds to and then a place for people to upload their soundpacks that they've created whether it be hyper realistic or really memey. Example: "You sit on the [name]" Is outputted in the Event Log when you sit on something. We could have a trigger for that message and then play a sound byte for that activity. Pros: This would provide us the ability to add sounds to areas that are usually silent and also the ability to replace old sounds with new ones. Concerns: Since Wurm Assistant triggers are based off a start message and not an end message I don't know how to create looping sound bytes that end when the activity is done. So, we could do a sound byte for hitting something because it's an instantaneous action, but something like mining has a varied amount of time needed. I'm unsure where the sounds and soundpacks would be hosted. I thought Google Drive might be a good idea, but I wanted to hear what you all thought. IDK if I'd want to host this on my drive and I imagine it would need more than the free space provided. Things I think are needed to make this work: Artistic people who are interested in making/finding sounds and creating soundpacks Discussion about the concerns especially the one about how to host the files needed for this to work
  5. Main points: -My takeaway from this post is ALTS SHOULDNT EXIST BECAUSE THEY ARE KILLING THE GAME which might be me misinterpreting, but I do believe Alts are fine and people should be allowed to use them as they are a lifestyle choice. -What I find is the problem that needs addressing is that in some cases alts aren't a choice they are a requirement. Those cases are the ones that need looking at.-I believe this requirement is built upon a combination of restrictive mechanics and the population of the game. I do believe that if we make changes that will grow the game alts will naturally become less and less relevant. Any that do remain will be strictly done via choice and that is totally fine. There are also some mechanics that benefit a number of players rather than an effort put forth to gain those rewards which I do think should be changed as well. Priest Restrictions: -The loss here is actually all meaning to priests and any other distinctive paths for players to take. It's a slippery slope to just saying why even have restrictions for priests if people are just going to circumvent them. Ultimately leading to everyone just being expected to be a priest and the only restriction is that there are 4 religions to choose from and you'd be dumb to just be a follower. However, there is also a potential world where religion is reworked to have no restrictions with the expectation that everyone becomes a priest of some god like they would follow a path in meditation. Circumventing priest restrictions is a choice and still requires work by a player. -Separate to the alt conversation I like the sound of some of the priest change suggestions. I would love to see priests be able to participate more in the core sandbox elements such as digging and mining. I also think that allowing priests to improve the items they get benefits for as a follower makes a lot of sense. Leatherworking for Lib, Cloth for Fo, Pottery/Carpentry, and Blacksmithing for Mag. While some skills are more beneficial than others I think already some priests are more beneficial than others and this might give them a bit more presence. Such as Blacksmithing for Mag since Mag priests aren't common. It's pretty weird that as you become more devout to your god your abilities gained as a follower become useless. -The gain-loss juggling example with chopping trees and planting trees sounds pretty cool so that at least priests can somewhat participate in core sandbox elements if we didn't just let them have it fully. However, I'm unsure what the other 3 gods would look like. Unique Loot: More effort = More loot As the system currently is no matter how much effort you put into the fight everyone walks out with the same rewards. THIS is what I think is a big problem and why alts LOOK like they're the problem even though they aren't. I feel that Uniques and even Rifts should be based a point system that involves effort spent instead of idly standing around doing nothing. Based on the amount of damage dealt, recieced, and healed you would be rewarded with more or less rewards from both uniques and rifts. This would remove the whole AFKing alts at uniques and instead those alts would have to participate which would make it totally acceptable because the person is putting in the effort to actually get more rewards. This also makes specialized fighters for meaningful and have a better sense of purpose between community and trade. Currently there really isn't much difference between a level 1 fighter and a level 99 fighter versus being able to participate in private dragon slayings. At rifts you literally just run around and target everything and you'll get the most amount of points. You don't even need to attack a single thing. And at Uniques you just need to be in local. Both of these are AWFUL ways of rewarding players for participation. If this system or something like it were to implemented it would be preferable to have it be implemented for Rifts first and then later Uniques when it's deemed balanced because Rifts are currently in a much worse spot than Uniques. Idea for Unique spawning rework The egg idea sounded pretty cool. Unsure how to really comment on it, but I myself had some ideas for Uniques, so I thought I'd share them too. This idea can be complementary to the current system, replace it, whatever, but I thought it'd be pretty cool to have Uniques be a rare item that drops from hunting that you can then use to spawn a Unique. This would remove the need to go scouring the land looking for them and ultimately wasting time if someone else finds it before you. For example, getting a MOI when killing a troll could result in a Troll King scroll or something. I feel like this would also remove any complaints about private slayings because if someone were to get a dragon scroll as a part of a rare drop from hunting I can't imagine anybody would feel like they have the right to be apart that persons slaying if they decided to make it private. Just some food for more thought. Bridge Surveying: Small cooperation requirements = More of a nuisance While I love that the dev who made bridges probably thought it'd be cool to add a cooperative mechanic unfortunately I think that with the mechanic being soooooo miniscule of a task that it actually is more of nuisance than it is teamwork. Having to find someone in a small populated game who happens to be around to come over and hold a pole for 2 minutes and then leave isn't the best. So, honestly I would love to see the ability to plant the range pole and use the dioptra yourself to build a bridge. However, if the task involved more effort on both players parts and lasted at least like an hour, and we have a reasonable population in the game it might be acceptable at that point a cool feature. This is also very valid. The game is heavily AFK and because of that you have a lot more ability to make Alts to make it less AFK and do more. THIS MIGHT BE OKAY THOUGH. A solution to this would be to shorten timers but IDK if that's the right call as that's kind of a big selling point of the game. Activities might just need more involvement either by the player or animations or whatever. For instance, if a rock wall had progressive damage to it as you mined it I know that I for sure would find mining less tiresome. Mining atm for me is just staring at walls with nothing cool to look at it and spamming my action hotkeys Wowee. In terms of shortening timers though if we do change that I think keeping the endgame timers the same and just adjusting the starting timers to be shorter and the time gained from leveling to be shorter would be good. So, instead of starting off with 20second timers at 1skill and 1second timers at 99skill it's instead 10second timers at 1skill and 1second timers at 99skill. TLDR: I think the problem that makes Alts look like the problem is we just need to find ways to improve the New Player Experience so that people aren't just quitting in the first 2 hours. More players would bring the potential for more community and more community would probably result in less desire to have alts. Also, changing mechanics that aren't based upon effort like rifts/uniques should be reworked to do so. Also, this was a lot to read and respond to so I probably failed to convey some thoughts, so sorry about that but hopefully I brought an interesting POV to the discussion.
  6. Would definitely love to see the non-premium rideable animal be able to be hitched to a small cart, so non-premiums can have a much better transportation/storage experience. Could have it be really slow for balance reasons, but allow them to live a life that isn't just dragging a cart. The current transition from non-prem to prem with transportation/storage is a huge jump and I think this would turn it into a much more comfortable transition.
  7. With newly acquired land that provides access to the bay! (Left of the pottery beam)
  8. With newly acquired land that provides access to the bay! (Left of the pottery beam)
  9. On another note. Wurm Battle Royale?! I'm pausing. I'm champing.
  10. The ######? Nervous, but intrigued?
  11. Here's the EXACT wording that you can find by clicking the "Reveal hidden contents" Under the My Cameras are technically a rule break of the unique character clause, but for what they are/do my deed has never considered it a problem. I just invite them to the deed to easily /suicide and respawn them there.
  12. You're correct. Alts can be useful, but we've decided that we want to live life without them. I won't judge you or anyone else for using alts, but the 30 people who live on my deed love that it has no alts, so it will be staying that way. My "Camera Alts" are literally just cameras used for my stream. I don't personally consider them alts and they don't break my deed rules. If anyone else on my deed wanted camera alts they are totally welcome to making some. In fact, anyone on my deed is welcome to making alts in general they are just not allowed on the deed. The specific ruling of the No Alts rule is "No interacting with your alts or any alts of the Alliance."
  13. Apologies I don't check the post too frequently if you're still interested we'd love to have you! If you have Discord I highly recommend joining at http://bit.ly/Zuelatak and moving the conversation there. I'll check back later though in case you wanna stick here.