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  1. The point is they need to fix the in game voice coms and put them back in. If that was a part of Wurm Unlimited I can guarantee people will host servers that moderate the voice coms and remove people who abuse them. Anyone here who has played a lot of games where people create roleplaying servers would know that you usually have to go through a whitelisting process where you talk about your character and such, people can report you if you don't follow the rules, etc, etc. There are lots of easy measures that can be put in place to make a really cool roleplaying community in a game. However, it starts with voice coms. Unless someone wants to create a mod like "Task Force Radio" for Arma 3/TS3 so that people can talk in game, using outside programs like Discord/TS3/Vent would be useless. You'd always hear everyone on the server no matter where they are. That doesn't make for good roleplay.
  2. I feel that the only REAL thing that Wurm needs is the ability to use your mic ingame and chat with people in your local area. Anyone else who has some good ideas for Wurm to make a it a better RP game please do reply with your idea.