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  1. No problem. I think you should still have the discussion! Just not here >.< Thank you for the apology
  2. Love the conversation about cluster merging, but if you plan to talk this any further I'd request making a new forum since it isn't much relevant to the OP. Please focus on whether or not you think the suggested solution is a bad solution, and WHY.
  3. Thank you so much for using the polling system and getting player feedback before jumping the gun and making a decision yourselves. Huge props, and I hope to see more of that!
  4. Again, I don't have any relation to SFI so I can't speak for it. I've already discussed how this would benefit SFI in the same way that it benefits NFI. AND how it shouldn't matter how it benefits SFI if it doesn't hurt it either which there's no reason it should. Therefore, in my mind SFI is completely irrelevant to this discussion. It either benefits it or doesn't, but it doesn't harm it. I don't know who runs the private slayings on SFI, so I can't get their word that they'd also host public slayings. Why does this suddenly have to do with me? I haven't played the game like at all in the past 6 months. I'm just advocating for a change that I believe will make an easy massive impact on the way slayings work without disrupting anyone. Great, but you don't speak for everyone. I'm so positive that there are plenty of people who wish there was more blood and that it was cheaper. Well guess what? Saying no to this change isn't gonna change that. They already control the hide/scale, so why can't you be happy with a positive step like this that provides blood. These sound contradictory to me, but maybe I'm misunderstanding things? You aren't advocating for people to give up their work, but if they want the issue to be solved your solution is for them to give up their work? The demand is that those that do the work need to give up the reward. I want it changed so that no party loses anything and that there is only gains. By doing so it should be easy to get both parties to agree on said change. Otherwise, we're just going to be fighting back and forth like the past million threads. THEY ALREADY HAVE ALL THE HIDE/SCALE AND BLOOD. REMOVING THE BLOOD FROM THE EQUATION SHOULD BE A GOOD THING. It isn't a player made problem though. We already both agreed that the game encourages private slayings. Mechanically and by the word of the devs. Your solution should be undesired by most of the private teams, because it means giving up their work and losing all their reward. What is lost? Nothing. What is gained? More blood in the game.
  5. Yeah of ###### course I'd be fighting for this. This will "allow for more bloods to be on the market". And it isn't "providing that private groups even make them public" THEY WILL. I've already said that it's guaranteed the #1 slaying group on NFI will host public slayings if this were to change. That means that at least 50% of private slayings would be made public. A HUGE step up from where we are now. Refer to my previous post that addressed this already. Except that people now have bloods??????? The 8 year whatever problem? Pretty sure it's already down the road. IDK why making this change would be pushing it any further. We can still have discussions for the next 8 years about how to make hide/scale public, but at least we'll have blood. I totally disagree. Drake/Scale is cool endgame equipment that is BARELY better than it's counterparts, but it doesn't contribute to any part of the game. Unless you're on PvP being able to handle yourself in combat is pretty god damn simple. Blood on the other hand plays a role in SO MANY skills. I don't doubt that after the 5th public dragon slaying there'd be less people showing up cause the market would have a stable supply of blood. That's the reason Humanoids are starting to be small. Cause we've had so many. The only reason the slaying team prefers to hurt themselves over providing more blood is because there's so much money in Drake/Scale (which is made public would never be the case), and probs cause it's a massive flex to have it. Yes, those that spend several hours a day looking for uniques decide that they want to get the rewards from that effort. I wish we lived in an awesome selfless world where someone could spend 20+ hours a week to find a dragon and then get 1 blood and 0.01kg scale out of it because they chose to make it public. Instead of the 1 blood and 0.40kg of scale that they could've gotten from a private slaying which would easily cover the cost of their work. As I mentioned before your simple solution is demanding those that put in the work to give it away. That's just not an easy solution. I'm sorry. What is lost? Nothing. What is gained? More blood in the game.
  6. And yet you seek a band-aid as a temporary solution until you find the better fix. Not literally a band-aid, but you work with what you have as you progress your way to a solution. That is literally what this suggestion allows. If you're saying the fix should be that private slayers give up their greediness and host public slayings then that is not at all simple. Hindering any party involved is going to be problematic, however this suggestion doesn't hinder it only benefits everyone in the game. I think it's pretty reasonable for slayers to want more blood just as any person would. Correct this change has nothing to do with the "content" which I assume means allowing for players to participate more in the dragon system. This change is to allow EVERYONE to receive more blood. I'm baffled that you see this as a negative. The most well known private slaying group saying that it would host public slayings for people to get blood at as long as they can keep the scale/hide that they already have to begin with should be a massive plus. Because as it is now the system encourages this behavior. You will NEVER see a change in behavior unless the system itself changes. So why not have a positive change that doesn't hinder that behavior? I'm GENUINELY confused how this is coming off as a guise. This literally is for the betterment of the public. You and everyone else would get blood. If you chose to not sell that to the slaying team then they don't benefit from the change in the slightest besides their own alts. If you do choose to sell it to the slaying team then that doesn't make them anymore greedy. This suggestion is asking the dev team to add something to the game that shouldn't hinder any parties involved and benefit all players. What is lost? Nothing. What is gained? More blood in the game.
  7. Sounds like we agree here then? I said you don't get the adventure already and you already have to reschedule. If you don't choose to then that's fine you're just missing out on even more dragons where if this change happened there'd be more opportunities to make public slayings. We ALL agree that dragons need changing and that it's a ridiculous monopoly system right now. However, it's been like at least like what ~8 years I'm guessing, and we've seen no change and no one actually allowing change. Reworking the system would be an awesome future, but we can take positive steps while we work towards that rework. Especially a simple one like this that addresses a large factor of those private slayings. Again, I haven't heard any reasons why we shouldn't be getting more blood in the system. And while I love all the ideas floating around in this forum were here to discuss the OPs idea. If you're going to change the topic to your idea please make a new post about it. As you said, FEW private humanoids. I'd rather have a FEW private dragons than all of them. These aren't wild claims. I have Bleu's word that if this system was implemented the way the forum says that he'd be hosting public slayings. That's a majority of the slayings on NFI already, and I can't imagine everyone else is heartless enough to not host at least some public slayings.
  8. I appreciate you took the time to make a meme for this thread. That's true and hilarious >.< However, they'd still be getting way more blood than they currently do and only the private slayers would get the hate which they already do and said they'd do public slayings if this change happened. There will always be something to complain about in this game.
  9. I think you misunderstood what I meant. There would be more blood because more players would show up and get the blood. The slayers would get more blood by buying it off those players just like anybody else cause now there'd by t times the blood in the market. This isn't a change to just benefit slayers. It benefits eveyone. Could you please explain how this is the case? I see it as a cry to help the issue and allow for people to suffer less in this system that needs changing. Would I rather be in this awful system of private slayings and have no blood flowing through the market or would I rather suffer in this awful system of private slayings but at least now have blood flowing through the market? You already don't get the adventure. You already reschedule your time around current public slayings. This change would just provide more public slayings for more blood arguably allowing you to not stress as much with rescheduling.
  10. Sounds like you should be in favor of this change then as it would allow everyone to collect bloods from dragon/drake slayings without upsetting those that host private slayings. Also, I believe this topic gets brought up over and over again because everyone keeps shooting down ideas that improve the game state because it's not the perfect solution that addresses every single problem people have. We need to think one step at a time. Positive direction is still positive. I believe Ekcin is also correct that uniques don't spawn on deeds. They may roam onto them tho.
  11. I can't look at SFI cause I have no experience there. Are you 100% sure those are private slayings or just low pop? Cause they just look like low pop to me. Depending on the change you may not need to look at both. Unless you can provide a reason why this would be a problem for SFI and not NFI. I also don't think it HAS to benefit both servers. Just that it doesn't hinder either. The problem mainly has to do with NFI specifically because of its high population, and low server amount (which means less uniques). Again, even if I give you the motion that all of those are private slayings that has no bearing on whether or not the change is good. If the situation doesn't change then it doesn't change, but at least there's an option and an effort was made. I know for a fact that on NFI there will certainly be a positive change, and I don't see why you wouldn't see at least a slight increase on SFI. Not everyone is trying to choke the market ESPECIALLY for blood. It is within the interest of slayers to allow for more blood in the market so that they themselves can use that blood too. The money comes from the hide/scales, and that isn't being effected. For example, at the slaying I just did I have probably 1g+ worth of scale and 5s worth of blood.
  12. Even if I give you the motion that Humanoids are being slayed privately, how does that mean this idea would worsen that current situation? Giving people the choice to host their dragon/drake slayings public with no loss should mean we'd see at least a slight increase in public slayings. Keep in mind too that most of the money that comes from private slayings comes from the hide/scale. Also, unless I missed some it looks to me like the past 4 months of Humanoids on NFI have been public. That first one might have been private, but Troll King is pretty common and less and less people show up to them. Also also, neat to look at the public dragon/drake slayings over the past 4 months. Of which there were no drakes.
  13. Do you consider more dragon blood in the market not a good reason? Cause that's the whole point of the post.
  14. The issue it addresses is that due to private slayings dragon blood is scarce. This would allow for that blood to be as free as any humanoid's. None of the reasons you listed are reasons why this change would be BAD. They are just problems that also need addressing. An actual reason for example would be to suggest that this change would make blood more scarce or that somehow it could be abused. Again you're demanding an entire system be reworked and anything less should be discarded. We should be taking the steps that we can to improve the system and something like this would be so much easier than what you're wanting. I have no idea how spaghetti the code base is for this game, but to add a deed permission and tie the hide/scale drops to it does sound like something that could be finished in 8hrs. Most of the work being art changes. Would you rather, have the system stay the same OR have more dragon blood in the market? No one has provided any good reason as to why the system should stay the same and we shouldn't have more blood.
  15. I'm not sure where I've advocated for complicated solutions over simple ones, but I do think players should speak their mind about a solution regardless of how long it takes to implement. Can someone please explain to me why this is a bad solution? All I see is people complaining that this doesn't change hide/scale. Which wasn't the goal of this proposed change to begin with, so why are we talking about it? Is this proposed idea that should take a single day of dev time better or worse than the current system? The answer to me is clearly yes. More blood = better system. I don't understand how this is being labelled as a band-aid solution. It's literally just a solution. A step towards fixing the problem as a whole. Can we please stop shitting on every idea because it doesn't solve every problem in one swoop and just focus on taking small steps to move towards that perfect solution.