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  1. Even for PvP it would only benefit infighting. It wouldn't work across factions since they're different kingdoms. At least that's what I'd assume. I also added the discussion from the previous thread I made about this in the OP
  2. I would love to give public access to some of the buildings on my deed, but I've learned that branded trolls are considered apart of the kingdom and can also walk in. This has turned this permission into a hazard. I'm unfamiliar with any advantages that it can bring, so I would like for them to not be included in Kingdom permissions. Edit: Some discussion about this already
  3. Alright confirmed it's Kingdom perms. Lame.
  4. Will be testing that when our Mag priest is free. I hope that's not the case cause then we can't give public access without also allowing trolls to walk in and murder people.
  5. I've been informed that we have tested an unbranded troll and it still went through the mine door. I'm trying to test different perms in combination with it being branded on a house door, but it's stubborn and won't go through.
  6. This is contradictory? Players can but can't? Mine doors are pre-locked, and the house door that it went through was also locked.
  7. We have not, but I'm pretty sure as for the mine door it's because perms don't effect those on the inside. Pretty sure players can leave a mine door if they don't have perms to it.
  8. We tested it and even if all the perms are removed it'll still walk through
  9. Champion female troll breaks her way out of her pen even though she has food It makes its way out of the mine through a mine door (We assume perms don't matter when exiting) It then makes its way through a locked door and kills a player Working theory backed by CA is that since the troll is branded it's considered a citizen. However, I don't understand why it'd break its way out its pen if that's the case. And if that is in fact what is happening here then I would like to suggest that branded animals are not considered citizens. I'm not sure what advantage that brings.
  10. I would like to see this instead be adding back the divining trait, and adding in a different speed trait. Yeah IDK why this is a draft trait since hitched animals don't take any gear damage? Makes way more sense as a speed trait.
  11. "gamedata" worked. I had been trying "Wurm Online" the "players" attempt just happened to be the one I sent you. Based on the installation instructions I thought it wanted the main game folder. Thanks for the help.
  12. What do you consider the correct folder? To my knowledge I'm selecting the correct folder, get the warning, and then it crashes.
  13. @AldurUnsure what to do but had to reinstall WA and anytime I select the Wurm directory Steam or non steam it complains that it might be the wrong folder and then when it boots it crashes with an ugly error.
  14. Second times a charm. No private bids this time. Starting bid: 50s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes