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  1. Well its a bit too late for us now.
  2. I remember when everyone whinned because bl had a lot of people and got us to split in half, idk why jks not doing that now that theyre the zerg. It's harder to complain against a zerg when you are apart of one.
  3. Yeah make sure to come at some early af time when nobody's on to defend
  4. Why do you always have to post something negative on every posts. Makes us wonder who's really crying idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Jenn Kellon Mol Rehan Libilan Theocratic Respublica Anders Lordbobsaget Annoyer Anyone Mootred Badget Chloedancer Xype Bogart Mizova Plexx Codeine Zleazy Dance Zaramoth Doax Nappy Hakameda Rokk Frog Jalordon Zentil Fuel Valo Kainef Trihard Khouri Tinkerbell Xanroed Tvarinna Lasin Unknown Kingdom Alexisjr Anothertry Arkanus Barnes Dylan Manyser Pataliebre Rampage Remeliss pls if u got more info hit us up.
  6. I'm curious as to when the pvp changes are actually gonna happen, it seems as if the devs keep putting other new things above fixing the actual game. Since they're not for the upcoming dev plans then i wonder, they keep getting pushed away and im afraid when they finally decide to look into it, it will be too late.
  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha im done
  8. Happy 300 replies deso v4 thread! You accomplished what the deso 3 thread did but in only 10 days instead of 3 months! Wooo
  9. JK running around our deed, we log in a few people and they flee back to their carebear deed.
  10. You dont need to post the same server three times :/