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  1. Just to update with some Q&A's Whats the name of the account? I have been advised to retain the name due to this account possible going to Chaos and revealing skilldump, so I wont berevealing it. What path is it on? Insanity Have all the valrei charges been used on the account? Yes all valrei's listed have been used on the account. How much do you want for it? This is a PC/WTS thread, I'm asking you guys what it's worth or what you'd pay for it
  2. Time to sell. Looking for offers/PC on my account please. Has been to Chaos, but currently on Xanadu where I've been skilling up for a more permenant move to Chaos, collected some valreis I thought would help when I get there. Valrei charges on account are: Skills for account are: Would come with sail boat and basic gear, plate armour, sword & shield. Please let me know what you think. Thanks