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  1. I planned on doing this already Wargasm but when my wife went back to work. I was planning to use this time to finish the boat...My brain don't work where I can just say stop what you were doing just cause and do something else for a while and come back. I have a traumatic brain injury and aspergers and I have a full neuropsyche evaluation proving I'm just weird but I don't want to run into this in the future is the reason for the forum post. I will start another boat in the future and I will work as long and as hard as I can to get it done. What I would like is for my own fatigue to be the factor causing me to take breaks?
  2. So basically choose a different game?
  3. I am still waiting in game for my fatigue to go away and I cannot even light a campfire to heat up my meat. So in another way I am being punished in that when I can do things again my nutrition will be lower...All so you can stop some macros. Why not enabling yourself to detect when macros are being used like time stamps rather than just punish all people who have chosen this as their game of choice? Yes I admit I took on a heavy load with this corbita, but I also now have to explain why all the animals are diseased as I'm the village animal handler. I've been very busy in my 17 days here in wurm online and I love the game but this needs to be looked at, as I would like to build boats and help my village become a better place...
  4. Regardless of what you think an unhealthy amount is, some players play that much and limiting their capabilities will naturally drive them away.
  5. I tried to build a corbita and now I have less than 300 pieces to add to the boat but because the way your game works, I can no longer work on the boat until I wait 3 hours. I have used no macros to build the boat, nor to do anything else in game even though I own a razer naga. Why am I not allowed to work on my boat any longer? I promised that I would have the boat done as soon as possible and now I am a liar due to the fatigue system which I have just discovered today. At first it lasted for about 5 minutes then you feel rested showed up and I went back to work. But now I can do nothing in game and for the next 8 hours I would normally be in the game doing things like finishing the boat I had planned to have finished tonight, I instead have to wait 3 hours per 1 hour of game time if I've read correctly. In this way you are limiting my capability as a villager and as a person who pays to play the game. My ambition should not be limited by your perspective on what a person with out macros should be capable of achieving in a single day and I want to keep playing this game but cannot justify to my wife why there will be certain days I cannot play because I really wanted to finish something to be able to take her credit card off the account...It seems very fishy and I would really like it looked at as I would like to play longer and continue being a ship maker but if I have to wait 3 hours per 1 hour of boat making I will find a different game I'm afraid. And yes. I sleep 8 hours per night. I just choose to play video games with my time and want to play this one in 2 hours I can do that again.
  6. Our first meeting! My first boat ride! Current state minus today's work Last one cause Rainbow!
  7. Around L22 a bit south east 6147, -4114 "Aranea" is a new deed. Thank you xD Deed Owner is "Erevorn"