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  1. I had a small deed up there a long time ago, then someone came after me and made some more stuctures and a road. The road went up the South-South west part of the mountain. If I recall correctly, the lower parts has some tunnels, while the highest part had terraformed a road up. Download the isometric mapp to get a better view, but you can see some of it here:
  2. That's it, my alt is going path of power. I've been wanting scaffolding to raise rock higher than 40 with concrete for a long time, but this way I can get those cliff edges up Thank you!
  3. (1) Found while surface mining (2) Rare 26 QL (3) Go to map hint 1, got a new hint to where I found the chest. No guardians, about 1500 tiles travelling. (4) Easy when I realised the water color map was in the same area as the circle on the ingame map (5)
  4. Increase my deed to cover the full local, so I can really be a angry and bitter hermit
  5. You can also make timelapse videos with a secondary character, using the console command "/timelapse". This works really well with Wurm, due to the many slow actions and terraforming. Examples:
  6. It's not made specifically for the contest (it's all done by me, so we're talking years), and it's not finished, but it's definitely in the defence category. Combat and defence Theme:
  7. "Yes Sir, the new road is coming along nicely!"