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  1. When seals was introduced, there was some hint to spawning mechanics. "You need water, stone and 3 yellow spots to the right of the red present for a seal to spawn" or something like that. I've seen other hints up thru the years. So yes, a desert makes it easy to find the animals, but living in the middle of an olive/birsh forest, I can tell you there is a lot more happening Just a few months ago I found 3 champion trolls in the same local. So you want better variety of mobs, make more variety in biomes.
  2. To all the guys leaving; Can I has you worthless stuff?
  3. I love you Devs!! Terraforming just became so much more beautiful.
  4. Deed goes from 1k to 0 height. And yeah, it's a bit grey But it's far from done. And with regards to "stupid amount of dirt", it's been removed and reused, some of it here:
  5. My little rock Finally got around to climb out on the look out point
  6. So you want more money invested into the game and advertising, but when Rolf brings boys with more money, it's a sad day?
  7. So, Rolf have 8 out of 10 slices of an old 1 kg pizza. The pizza is under threath of going bad, and Rolf doesn't have the materials to fix the pizza alone. Another company have several big pizzas with lots and lots of slices. So he gives the 8 slices to the big company, and get 0,8 kg of their slices in return. So he still have an interest in the old pizza not going bad and the new company really think they can fix the old pizza, or they wouldn't trade their slices with Rolf. If the old pizza actually goes bad, Rolf will still lose, but not everything he's worked for in so many years. And all of us, living on the old pizza, now have new overlords that have a fresh interest in stopping the pizza going bad. So, good job Rolf, sounds like the smart thing for you to do. Just make sure to squize some pizza sause from the new guys.
  8. If you dig all 4 corners down to rock, the paving disappear. If you just dig 1 - 3 corners down, the paving remains. And that's the root of the problem I want the Devs to fix And before answering, I actually logged on test it in game yet another time.
  9. Please let me pave rock. Either with mortar as in caves, or even concrete to prep the rock if you are afraid of it being spammed. I want to make 1 tile wide paved roads around my castle, I haven't surfacemined this entire mountain to hide all the sides behind dirt and pavings. It's also a stupid mechanic that I need to go around mining 1 down, drop one dirt even on those places I have 2 wide trails.
  10. When Xanadu where young and my computer sucked vs. now.
  11. The 10 year challenge has gone viral IRL. Lets do the 1 year challenge in here. Screenshots or mapdumps, show what's happened in your wurmlife the last year! Mine is just digging :P
  12. How I used this feature: Climbed one of the flat top mountains on Xana with one char. Deeded, then invited another char that never used the free teleport, loaded that char with clay and pendulum, so I could find water, make a well and a forge If transmutation liqiud had been ingame then I would probably have settled up there
  13. Xanadu down?

    I'm guessing the millions of fragments got too much for the hamsters