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  1. Hello I have a 4 Supreme Horse Shoes, Iron (Blank) 90+ql. Starting Bid: 40 silver Increment: 1 silver Sniper Protection: 2 hours Delivery: I will send via mailbox with COD No Buyout *I always PM before sending anything via mailbox/delivery so please look for my message :). *If you do no see a message from me after winning an auction then please send me one since sometimes it seems forums can be finicky and it might have gotten "lost". *I wait 7 days for a response to my PM for mailbox/delivery coordination... If you do not contact me I will put the item back up for auction :). *If you change your bid without a PM/explanation in thread... any further bids you place will be considered invalid and not count. *If bids are being changed I will more than likely add time to the auction - with a posted explanation as to why I am extending. Have a happy auction! Launsel~
  2. oh nic, i will try it.
  3. It is definitely bugging out when you select "As many as you can carry". Did it again pulling clay out of a crate into my inventory to make mortar. I selected "As many as I can carry" and now when I try and move the crate from the rack to my wagon it says [20:26:36] That item is already busy even after the action as been completed. Even when there is nothing in the crate any longer it still says the item is already busy and will not allow you to remove the crate from the crate rack.
  4. I was moving dirt from 1 crate in my wagon to another crate in my crate rack. Once the transfer of dirt was complete I can not move the crate from the rack into my wagon. [18:23:45] That item is already busy The action is complete. No other items was being moved into the crate. Seems once you move something into a crate it gets bugged out even after the action is over. I had this happen earlier with a crate in my wagon, I was able to fix it by unloading the crate and reloading it in the wagon. But you can not unload a crate from a crate rack. It is just stuck in the rack with no way to remove it.
  5. XD guess I should have been more specific. I was tunneling their, the next day the ghost door showed up. I was confused thinking someone had doored my mine but it didnt look right. After a few mins of being confused by the lack of animation and the door not being properly fitted to the tunnel (didn't know about the ghost door problem at the time). [18:01:30] You see a hole. [18:01:33] You see a hole. [18:01:35] You leave the "Prydwen Q24-X02S ". [18:01:39] You see a hole. [18:01:41] You see a hole. [18:01:42] You feel the presence of Nahjo. [18:01:42] You enter the cave. [18:01:45] You feel the presence of Magranon. [18:01:45] You leave the cave. [18:01:54] You board on the "Prydwen Q24-X02S " as the captain. [18:02:00] You feel the presence of Nahjo. [18:02:00] You enter the cave. I ended up grabbing a stone mine door and placing it on to see if the door was really there or not. Once it did the double door I went to the forums to report the bug and found this thread XD. It started as the ghost door til I made it a double door
  6. Another Ghost door. Xanadu M26. Closest Deed is Avalon on the southern most island of L/M26. Red is the deed and blue is the ghost door.
  7. *scratches head* I don't think it is the game's intention that 1 person can do everything, this includes having 15 premium alts to cast all the things. I think the idea was for people to specialize and group together/socialize to fill the holes ie things they can't do. Personally I would like to see priests with the same spell beable to link... only because I think it is odd Nahjo knows LT but he can't link with his Fo brother who also knows the spell to cast it. I guess they have a different type of mana that doesn't allow it? I think WL to WL or BL to BL would just make it a bit to easy imo but then again I do not mind it staying how it is since I know about 10 different people that play this game as their "main game" with at least 1 priest alt I can set a date and time to link (Fo, Nahjo, Vyn). If you want to be a hermit and cast everything then that is your choice and you need to pay dolla dolla bills to have that luxury. I rather them not make WO more of a single player game.
  8. can put down my smith Velentr for blacksmithing, weaponsmithing, and shieldsmithing.
  9. For DD we can not give any titles out. We also waited for the 7 day reset. I sent Spy a message on forums. He said they premiumed another account for a total of 16 and titles were back. DD has more land and more premium than WU and our titles still are not allowed to be assigned.
  10. please close, I am bending the knee.
  11. Dreadnaught Dynasty is a newly reformed Player Made Kingdom (PMK) based on the Horde of the Summoned (HoTS) Template. We are looking to recruit individuals to join our dedicated base of active players in the rebuilding and continued growth of our kingdom. *Don’t have any PVP experience? That’s fine! Even someone with no PVP experience can help immensely in other areas that are vital to keeping a kingdom running smoothly ‘behind the scenes’. A fighter is only as strong as their support system. As the old saying goes “It takes a village” and this is also true for a Chaos PMK… It DOES take a Kingdom. Farmers, builders, and priests are just as important to the growth and stability of our kingdom as fighters. *Who are we looking for? We are looking for people that want to be an active part of our growing kingdom, that are premium players, and have a basic knowledge and understanding of Wurm Online. If you are interested in becoming apart of our Kingdom, you can contact our current leader and king; Launcelot in-game or through the forums.
  12. item sent, please close
  13. item sent, please close