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  1. WTB Dragon HOTA please PM me here on forums with color and price. Please and Thank You!
  2. Please close I have been helped
  3. As it says I want to buy potions to remove tar tiles. I need 6 tar tiles removed atm and clay and more tar in the future. CoD to Sarrum. Thank You.
  4. please close, found shards
  5. Looking to buy roughly 2k slate shards or if anyone has a slate vein they need popped I can come pop it for you for the shards or if anyone knows of a public vein. Please and thank you. The best way to get ahold of me is here on the forums.
  6. As the title says I'm looking for a Lady of the Lake HOTA statue that is purple color. I'll come pick it up. PM me here on the forums for "fastest" reply or in game at the same name if you can catch me. Please and Thank You, Launce
  7. I may need more but looking for the following currently, all must be 50ql+. Wooden Silver Rune of Magranon: 4 Stone Silver Rune of Magranon : 4 Wooden Zinc Rune of Magranon: 4 Stone Zinc Rune of Magranon: 4 PM me here or in-game at the same name. Please and Thank You!
  8. I am stupid please close, a friend linked me to this NFI auctions after I came back to the game. I only just realized now that there is NFI and SFI. I apologize, I am dumb.
  9. Rare Clay Bowl QL: 18.63 *Quality may increase* Start Bid: 50 copper Increments: 1 copper Sniper Protection: 30mins No Private Bids of Buyouts
  10. Last charge is pending the removal from the mailbox.
  11. Selling 3 2 1 charges of Slime of Uttacha for 80s a charge. Spell granted: True Strike (Next hit is 100% Crit) Resistance: Slash 15% (Decreases slash damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Crush 10% (Increases crush damage taken by 10%) Please and Thank You All 3 charges sold. Please Close.
  12. Very fast at responding and nice. I will be buying again in the near future +1