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  1. Wait... Whom am I gonna help reach LMS goal now? Best of luck for your studies mate!
  2. Same thing. Everything I managed to build before is undone and no sleep bonus as promised either.
  3. Thanks for the bricks and slave labour mate! Your contribution is still to this day much appreciated!
  4. The most rewarding thing for me in chaos is the team work and camraderie. You just dont get that in freedom. Another thing is the fact that if you dont get gear lost in pvp replaced by your group youre not playing with the right bunch of people. Hence team work.
  5. Ill try to get some time to come over and help with PAS and CAS if needed.
  6. Pink with neon brown skid marks
  7. PC hots crown

    How about a challenge for the crown?
  8. WTS compass

    Cod me the first one please padre! Muchos gracias senor!
  9. Wurm Depot

    I appreciate the delivery! Everuthing went smoothly and on time. I made an order of 4,5k bricks and mortar with crates and delivery. I can very much recommend these dudes!