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  1. Please don't take away all PVE content from the home servers, like Uniques and/or Rift. There's people like me (women mostly I guess) that do like pvp on occasions, but since I'm more of a casual player, I can't commit 100% of my time to it. Being a casual player should not be a crime, we pay as much premium as everyone else. Leave us something to do. I agree with Postes as well.
  2. Ryuuzaki, I'm sorry to report that you failed the BL initiation test. Please join one of the other kingdoms, they are in desperate need of more players. Al joked aside, Elevation is a bad place to start on epic. If you go to one of the home servers, people will be more patient and helpfull.
  3. I think this topic can be closed now.
  4. @Enki You saved someone, knowing you would not get out of it unharmed and in my eyes that makes you a hero. You are and will always remain my hero and I will never forget that you saved Wurm for me. That doesn't mean I don't understand the Wurm Team. They were told to stick by the rules and not be a hero, a rather ungreatfull and difficult task. Please don't think I(we) look at you as the bad guys. You all have my deepest respect and I apologize for getting you into this position. I hope you know that this was not my intent; It's not always easy to assess the effect of ones actions, especially when so much emotions are involved. I want to toast on the Wurm team and the Wurm community and to an exciting New Year.
  5. I just had a visitor, counting the barrels of wine, I love his outfit and his magic : [15:35:20] You have received 1000 karma for 'Create 5000 liters of wine'. I'm a bit lost for words now, so I'll just say, The End !
  6. Thank you all so so much to support me by posting here. Especially since many of you don't even know me. I felt that my basic english wasn't adequate to properly defend my case, but you all stood up and did that for me, way better than I could have. And thank you Wurm for reaching out and not giving up on me and like Spolmit put it so splendidly to rule by the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law. I'd be happy to let Enki into my deed Myst on Affliction (not that he needs my permission to do that) to let him do the equation thing. The barrels are in a building named "Brewery". He may even take a few sips, just to make sure there aren't any sour grapes in it, before he uses his QL stamp. As for the offers to give grapes and maple sap, thank you very much, but I don't think that would have worked out. The mere thought of having to put another grape into that press already gave me an anxiety attack. I also have zero skill in wine making on freedom, and since skills don't go that way, it would have been another painfull proces. Waiting for Enki now and I will post here if things proceed. Thanks again
  7. Just in case this hasn't been clear before: I did put in a ticket. I told them all the wine was still there. But he told me nothing can be done. I would imagine they could search the logs to see if I made all the 113 barrels myself, and that they could fix it manually. But nope. They may have fixed it for multiple players, but they haven't fixed it for me. Should I just make another 14 barrels? I considered it. But grape season is very close to the deadline. Not enough time to harvest, prepare and make it ferment. Unless your a 24/7 player maybe. And even then it would still be a gamble. And there's no guaratee that it would work this time. I didn't wait until the last minute just to prevent this. I got the last grapes from some friends to finish this in time, all for nothing. So should I spend even more time to complete the last 2 goals, just to fail again at the finishline? I think it's been enough. I just wish I could get back all that time wasted ...
  8. Dear Wurmians, Let me tell you a love story gone bad. When I just started playing Wurm, it was love at first sight and I continued to play for 2,5 years with lots of love and devotion. I trusted Wurm completely, I may not have always agreed with everything he did, but as in every good relationship, we always could find enough mutual ground to stay together. But today, Wurm has cheated on me. Let me explain: For months I have been working on completing this one personal goal: make 5000 liters of wine. Mind, I'm more of a casual player, I have some sort of RL and a full time job. But nevertheless, I have spend a lot of my valuable free time in completing this achievement. It was not something I enjoyed doing, but I was looking forward for the reward at the end. And finally, more than a month before the deadline, I was finished with the 113 barrels it took, still leaving me plenty of time for the 2 last achievements to complete. I was chuffed, I still loved Wurm and the future looked bright. But after all the barrels turned into wine, I still didn't get the achievement. My first thought was, that this was all just a big misunderstanding, that it was just a bug or something. After all, I still have all 5040 liters of wine stored in my deed. I thought that if I could only talk to Wurm, he would say it was just all a big mistake and that he would fix it. I had so much trust in Wurm. But after talking to a friend of Wurm (who had experienced the same thing), all my hope was chattered to ever completing this achievement. The reason it failed? I must have left the server while a certain amount of the barrels turned into wine, so they didn't count. I did make all of them, like he asked, but some of them just didn't count. (Wurm had never told me about this rule.) And so, Wurm has broken my heart, and with all the trust gone I don't know if we can stay together any longer. I'm already disbanding the first one of my 4 large deeds because, Wurm, if your going to cheat on me, you can no longer have my money. The end? I have no idea, I still hope Wurm will contact me and some of the broken trust can be restored. Happy New Year Wurmians. Alegria
  9. I have an update on this; I tried the trick Jaz suggested, and it didn't work. I cannot pick up the corpse. My alt, who hasn't left the deed in ages, can't do anything either. However I'm not sure she has all permissions. It seems like the same bug as RavenLure, but I wasn't 100% sure, because she's member of a deed, and permissions can screw things up badly. In my case, I own the deed, so it can't be a permission issue. When I right-click the body: [16:30:10] You see the corpse of venerable pearlwild.[16:30:10] It still shows a brand from village Koyaanisqatsi. And that's all interaction I can do atm.
  10. I want to report a possible bug concerning corpse permissions. I spend some time on epic, and returned to Freedom yesterday to tend to my animals. When I got up this morning, I noticed one of my horses had died. The animal was on my deed, it was branded and I did have ride/lead permissions on that animal pior to it's death. I should have permissions to butcher, move, and bury the corpse, but the only option I got was to examine it. I suspect it has something to do with not being on the server when it died.
  11. I was startled by Enki, he gave me a fright! I thought I was busted, but it turned out allright. 3 dead krabkrab's, and to my delight, a pizza delivered (it tasted sublime!) I'm up for more challenges, any time! Thank you for the fun moment! Alegria
  12. Same as the persons above. It's comforting to know I'm not alone and it will be fixed eventually