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  1. Celebration Map

    Stardew Island X9 Y10 Previous Deed is no longer there. Thank you
  2. Newly founded deed on Cele server. (E10) looking for a few players to come join me! I have a lot of extra space where you can place a house, and have a personal area. The deed is still being worked on so there are a lot of group projects open and would also love your input on designs. The deeds active times are 00:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC (7pm - 7am EST). Prefer night time players! If you are interested or have any other questions, feel free to PM me on the forums or message me in game at Kichi Thank you for your time reading this post and I hope I hear from you
  3. Been making some time lapses recently and just want to show them to the community! Unsure where to exactly post, but I hope you enjoy!
  4. I've actually been thinking of doing that with my deed but instead of doing all in one go (which would take very long because of lack of villagers...) to break it up in to other smaller videos. Going to have a lot more time lapses coming but i'm unsure of where the best place is to share them..
  5. Hey Nocturnes! Thank you first off! The music i used in the video is listed in the info on the video to give the creators credit.
  6. Thank you, Jibberish! Going to make more of them soon, really enjoy the time-lapse videos. Just going to do smaller projects. ?
  7. Hello, Made this with a friend the other night... A little long but looks cool to watch it all come together.
  8. Vyn priest can not continue on a wooden floor. Happens always. But can work on the walls of the building. Unless a floor to a building does not count as part of the structure but paving? But vyn was the only priest that allowed paving pre-patch. Correct me if i am over looking something here...
  10. When a Unfinished polearms Rack is on the ground you can not add it to the crafting window to continue. You can not drag item location from the ground too the crafting window. You can add the Unfinished Polearms Rack to the crafting window when it is ONLY in your inventory. However, [22:47:17] You may only use that item while it is on the ground. Returning it to ground removes from crafting window. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When unfinished Crate is on the ground, you get "Add to crafting window" option. When the unfinished Crate is in your inventory, it can be added to the Crafting window and also Continue. is this... not working correctly?
  11. I have an tool that i would like casting on, can travel to you. Would like COC 90+. will pay extra if traveling to me. message me in game - Kichi
  12. If the calculation that was made a "best guess" could this not just be a template and altered to co-exist with the new system? as long as (Freedomskill) < (EpicSkill) it could run the formula to compensate for the curve and system? therefore you would not have skill loss VIA freedomskill compared to epic cluster? it would be a best hope to have people actually still staying on epic, knowing that their skills can carry over, even at a reduced rate. In this situation something feels better than nothing, and i feel since this "Pandora's Box" has been opened it should have been considered from the beginning. Even if it is not implemented right a way, it would be nice to know that you are watching all aspects of what the community thinks. I play on Freedom, but i can obviously see an outcry for this to be added and i agree with them.
  13. I get this feeling, lately it seems like my deed i've been living on has gone inactive so i've been sitting by myself for a few weeks now... So now it feels like this sometimes... lol --
  14. +1 In a way I feel if this was added the tops of mountains would possibly be on a different harvesting cycle. Or at least "should".
  15. Horse Found

    Found at the crossing boarder Center North Deli. (A-16) [17:24:28] You start leading the venerable fat Mountainpot. [17:25:10] It is being taken care of by Mavv. Offline when i messsaged Mavv, if you see them let them know i'll be holding their horse for them! The horse will be kept safe at D-18 Deli. Folkint deed Thanks! ~
  16. This is the best way ^^. Post back when it is done!
  17. Looking to buy 20s. Still have some? EDIT: or more
  18. joined them about a week ago, very great group of people. Helpful and fun! New player friendly!