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  1. I'm not opposed to this suggestion. Would be nice to get rid of all the stuff quicker that can't fit into an altar. +1
  2. From Cele to Epic(any cluster) there is a 20 to 30 second lag spike on both sides of the servers, both Cele and (any cluster) respectively. Lag will also create going from Epic to Celebration. Around same duration, effected area seems to be Local radius of the Epic portal. Multiple clients from different nodes will feel this effect, not just multiple clients on the same networks.
  3. Doing these two other things is still a fraction of the duration compared to 100 rifts. and I would guess a majority of the people in this thread including myself would choose to do 5k trolls anyday compared to 100 rifts. It all comes down to time sensitive content.
  4. I never thought i'd see one of our late-night discord rants posted on the forums... But yes, the other issue is that the starting times for most of the rifts. Being that they either start in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday or the middle of the night. But in reality, I'm unsure if there is anyway to orchestrate a particular time that will work for a majority of people. It's just getting a little old having to set alarm clocks for 2am.
  5. You can fill a Trough with mixed grass. However, you can not fill a trough from a bsb because the item name is "bunches of mixed grass" Can be repeated everytime you try to fill a trough from BSB.
  6. Same issue here, fell about 4 times in under 30 minutes. Majority while turning. Careful catching the winds!
  7. The camera will be level and not bouncing around.
  8. Purchasing any in game item with real life money is RMT.
  9. how much for the rare iron huge axe? 9s for syrl huge axe?
  10. Just a thought of something that should be added to them in the eventual future, more so for QoL reasons. What if wagoneers had an option to look at a "job board." A menu that will show a list of all the people selling/buying bulk materials connected to the same waystone system as you? -For larger amounts of bulk things buying or selling on the job board, you should be able to send increments to the location. example - . Job board has someone buying 10k rock shards for 10s. . You can send 1k rock shards to the location, the job board will update to say X amount in route. . Upon arrival, the Job board will update and pay the fractioned amount to the seller. (I.E 1s for 1k Rock shards) Also give them the option to mute them from speaking.
  11. WTB drake set

    Colour doesn't matter, PM me your offers! Edit: Prefer paypal
  12. PC Folke

    That's around the value i was thinking as well... 300e at max
  13. PC Folke

    in this markets current state, i think its HIGHLY unlikely an account will go for 800e. maybe 6 years ago, yes.
  14. Happy Belated 2020 Everyone! I might be late, but i come with a new timelapse video!
  15. I'm here with the hype train for the Epic relaunch. Will the Freedom to Epic skill transfer still apply? Is there a thought process about adding an the algorithm so a majority of those skills will transfer back to Freedom as well?
  16. When you plan a structure to a building, you can use the tile borders on the inside to create extra walls pre-finalization. When you finalize the plans to the structure, the additional interior walls will vanish. However, it thinks that there are still walls there. This is a photo of the empty tile border with the correct tool equipped. "Add to crafting window" will tell you there is already a wall there and will not allow you to use Crafting window. The only way to get the interior house plans that were made before finalization to appear is to either, - Wait until building is finalized before placing them. -relogging so the visual error can be reset.
  17. Thank you! i have a few others but i'm unsure of where i should be posting them... Maybe i will just use this thread as a dedicated one for posting these timelapse videos
  18. Welcome Elva & Ilky! had a blast with you building your house here in Stardew Island! Welcome and glad to have you on board!
  19. Celebration Map

    Thanks, Oluffus! You're the best!
  20. I replied to your Community map! Thanks for keeping it updated!