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  1. WTA Rare Backpack

  2. Assigning Double Click..

    Quick suggestion. Being able to change the double click from "Examine" to a different action. Personally, I would love "Open" for a container, but just being able to choose what you like.
  3. Player-Made Hotkey Files

    Top of the mornin'. I had to reinstall Windows thanks to an unknown corruption, which means I had to reinstall Wurm. Which means I lost my hotkey file. Was wondering if anyone wouldn't mind sharing their own files they have made to enhance their gameplay. Also, I think this would help with new people coming in and not understanding how hotkeys work. Thanks!!
  4. Please Delete

    First off, I don't recall "Blowing You Off" Champange. Secondly, HuhWhat, I apologize that sometimes real life gets in the way of Wurm. I've made many many many purchases from across servers without problems. And for you two to get on here and put me on blast is extremely irritating and immature. If you have a problem, come to me about it. Don't throw my name into the gutter on a public forum.
  5. WTB Wagon (Any QL)

    Character died in an unknown area with my wagon full of crates. Wagon needs to be delivered to Linton, will meet at lodestone. Paying extra for crates included...
  6. Tim's Tannery, Vrock Landing, Xanadu

    I'd like to purchase a 90ql rare toolbelt please!
  7. No Launcher File?

    Hello all. I finally came back after a long hiatus. I went to launch the client, but realized I don't have any type of launcher file on my pc. I did a fresh install, and still did not have any type of file to launch the client from. I have to go to the Wurm website, and click play and run that file. I recently downloaded the game for a family member on their computer, and their files came with a file to launch from. Just wondering how I go about fixing this. Thanks!
  8. Requiem of Wurm PVE 4k

    A very friendly server with great mods/admins who are always willing to help you out with any needs you may have. If you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a very social community, this is the server for you!