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  1. Thanks... Just seems like iron plate is going to be more common as you can easily get higher ql lumps instead of the process of making steel. Not sure I like that but I do like the fact I can now have 95ql plate at a moments notice.
  2. so your saying that steel plate tops off at 65%? So then the only difference is in the damage to the armor itself as steel will take less?
  3. Does the base armor reduction rate of 63% for iron plate mean that once you create a piece you have that amount of damage reduction? Little confused at how it is worded on the patch notes, as a 70ql piece of steel plate offers around the same protection according to the wiki. Just looking for clarification. Thanks
  4. Buying seryll. Looking for lower ql atm. Less than 75ql.
  5. Ill take you LT Longsword. COD Meatbeater thanks
  6. Looking for LT swords. They dont have to be super casts....70 to 90 cast. Let me know.. Meatbeater in game