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  1. Deed design

    Should put this in want to buy or classifieds and offer someone a little bit of coin or something.
  2. About the Gambling rule

    ... just one more reason to search for a better game. I'll give Wurm one thing, I haven't been able to find a better sandbox.
  3. About the Gambling rule

    TLDR: This entire game (other than F2P) requires payment and is RNG based. This entire game is gambling.
  4. Freedom skills to epic

    Don't know why my post needed to be deleted, but let me restate, 1000 times no. As much as I used to think Epic should be able to port to Freedom, I've finally come to the conclusion that all these posts are pointless. The Wurm team would rather let 5 people continue playing on a dead cluster than do something to pull the PVP community together. And it's really not just their fault, it's ours, we ##### and moan about PVP being so quiet and unpopulated then any possibility of a wipe or merging the PVP community is shut down because everyone thinks, they should come to my server because mine is better. Both Epic and Chaos suck in terms of playerbase. Sure, Chaos is doing better right now, but it's still a ridiculously tiny pop for an MMO. There's just no winning, PVP is what it is, do your best to enjoy the servers while ya can. 0 day will come sooner or later.
  5. SOLD

  6. The Screenshots Thread

    If you haven't already, should throw all those screenshots in one spot and post it in Suggestions/Ideas @Arkonick
  7. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    "Another demigod has ascended to full God status? Woohoo!" Things you might hear said about Wurm: "Yeah I've heard of that game. That's the one where it takes 10 years to make a decent character and half the players are gods."
  8. Auto Smelting

    +1 clever idea
  9. Last Post Wins

    ^ I see what you did there.
  10. Remove unique server wide spawn alerts

    They're still around far as I know, just hard to find.
  11. Please Close

    Chain Shoulder Pad 25c C.O.D. to Matholameu if I win.
  12. Improvements to Locate Soul and Nolo

    +1 to a max distance on it.
  13. Outdoor stairs \ Stairway pathways

    +1 for new strategy.
  14. Bumpity - I know you could join another kingdom, but why would you do that to yourself? Masochist...
  15. NEXA - The Alliance of North-East Xanadu

    Shouldn't it be ANEX? Wouldn't NEXA be the North-East Xanadu Alliance?