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  1. If you haven't already, should throw all those screenshots in one spot and post it in Suggestions/Ideas @Arkonick
  2. comic relief

    "Another demigod has ascended to full God status? Woohoo!" Things you might hear said about Wurm: "Yeah I've heard of that game. That's the one where it takes 10 years to make a decent character and half the players are gods."
  3. +1 clever idea
  4. ^ I see what you did there.
  5. They're still around far as I know, just hard to find.
  6. Chain Shoulder Pad 25c C.O.D. to Matholameu if I win.
  7. +1 to a max distance on it.
  8. +1 for new strategy.
  9. Bumpity - I know you could join another kingdom, but why would you do that to yourself? Masochist...
  10. Shouldn't it be ANEX? Wouldn't NEXA be the North-East Xanadu Alliance?
  11. I think the reason was to prevent macro-abuse. Similar to why the inventory list never stays in teh same order. Not saying it's a good reason, just saying I think that is the reason.
  12. If they behave like doors, can't you just deny yourself permission to pass through? I used to have a door in my house I intentionally denied myself permission to pass through.
  13. comic relief

    "I think that timer is a bit too short."
  14. Not what I plus oned. lol
  15. His answer is mostly correct. However, if you plan on PVPing your taming skill will be important because Hell Horses are a major asset.