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  1. I would choose to have longer timers with 100% success rate for everything if I could. Failing a 50% chance 10 times in a row really isn't fun ;s It is especially bad with meditation though where you only get a few attempts a day.
  2. Even disregarding the 'selling' aspect, the ability to mark certain tiles on a deed and alter permissions for them separately from the rest of the deed would be great. Like allowing villagers to dig on a clay tile but not on the rest of the deed etc.
  3. This is a cool twist on it. +1
  4. I'd wager that is the same for most people. I have heard of a few very profitable merchants though.
  5. I feel like it is hard to say what the impact would be without trying it...Wurm is very different from almost every other game. A large part of trading isn't really 'community interaction', it's just 'how much? when? where? ok.' But then you get things like classified/merchant ads that provide something much more than any other game provides in the way of trading. Players can build up a reputation and get return buyers/sellers by providing a great service etc...It would be a huge loss to Wurm to lose that part of our trading. There are a lot of different options for 'improved trading'. Whether it's the option to mail bulk goods for a small fee or list bulk goods on a merchant. Then there is the WoW/Ebay style auctionhouse that can be a central place on each server, placed like a merchant/trader at each deed or just an interface you can open anywhere. Even faster boats and easier filling/emptying of containers can fall into 'improved trading' as a quality of life update. Then you have to consider the benefits and negatives each system would bring. A WoW style Auction House would benefit buyers greatly. Faster purchase times and delivery, easier to find what they want and cheaper pricing due to increased competition. They would lose some interaction with sellers though. As for the sellers, it would undoubtedly increase sale volume and ease of sale. On the flip side however, prices would certainly fall, as that would become the only differentiation between products listed as buyers don't care about distance from seller or seller reputation etc. Every item would be available in one place. (unless you split it per server) That isn't even mentioning the amount of Dev time it would take to create such a system. It would also make merchants just a system for zero-decay storage, unless the AH worked through speaking to a merchant. Some days I wish we had an Auction House in-game...other days I'm glad we don't. I think 99% of players can agree that a merchant/mail ledger would be a good step forward though, especially as it doesn't have any negatives as far as I can tell.
  6. I don't think most people would make it past the f2p restrictions very far in their 1 week trial anyway. Wurm's unlimited free trial is already better than almost every other game I've played. No restrictions other than skill levels as far as I can tell. Very nice gesture Wurmhole, I hope it brings some fresh faces into the world of premium
  7. I agree. Off-deed decay should be greatly increased after 30/60 days not logged in. I think that currently happens but not by enough. Even with deeds, I've seen people add 20s+ to a 1s upkeep deed and then never play again... blocking that whole area for potentially years. Fair enough they paid for it, but it takes some extreme circumstances to not log in for 6's a tricky topic.
  8. Wouldn't the current timer-system defeat the point of most VR actions? Unless of course you have very short dig timers etc, you'll be finished 'digging irl' then just have to sit and watch the timer. If the devs were feeling particularly cruel, you could always make it so you had to keep digging irl or your timer would stop before the action completes.
  9. Sell everything when you quit, only to come back for the nth time.
  10. How much, if any work is required looking after pottery planters? Do you have to tend/water them or is it simply plant and pick?
  11. I've experienced this 'bug' for years...always while digging. Digging in a small area seems to trigger it, especially if you are on 1 corner for a long time. Don't even try to dig and drop for skillgain...the lack of movement results in 0 skillgain fairly quickly.