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  1. The Truth about WU servers This is something that I have been watching for nearly a year now. And it is starting to spread like a disease. There are a few servers out there which are blatantly faking their player count to get more players joining. The new server Zenath is a great example for this. I watched this server since the beginning a few days ago. At the start they faked their player count by around 50% so they had around 30 players showing in the WU Launcher when they in reality only have had 20. BUT now they can't get enough attention and pulled it up to 100%. Here is the proof: Wurm Launcher (showing faked player count): http://i.imgur.com/3f7x9Zz.png Wurm-unlimited.com (showing real player count): http://i.imgur.com/ykxFnNd.jpg source query: http://i.imgur.com/ctfeDO4.png In the source query you can cleary see that the "real" player count is at 27 and the Bot count (which should be at 0 if it would be a legit server) is at 51.... More and more servers are starting to do this... Now I don't expect this post to be open for a very long time neither will the WU devs do anything against this but i hope maybe one of Wurm Devs will think for a second and see that such servers will ruin this game. But I guess in the end every server will be faking its own player count and all will have 254/255 players....