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  1. Someone told me to turn on cross kingdom PMs. How do I do that?
  2. My app got accepted. For anyone who can meet me at the Shroud or some place I can get to safely from there, when would it be convenient for you to meet and convert me?
  3. From my experience, in Chaos walking into other kingdoms gets you killed by guards. This is very frustrating for newbies that want to find people to help them change kingdoms if their original kingdom has very few players. Currently, one needs to send an application on a kingdom forum to join. However, many newbies don't even go on the Wurm online forums so they won't ever know how to change unless they get lucky and meet someone in neutral territory to talk with. Kingdoms should be able to control whether their guards will kill intruders. Also, perhaps intruders should be able to do a surrender signal for the guards to take the intruders to jail to await judgement.