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  1. ill take the 2h sword, how much would you want for it?
  2. Interested in the large maul, PM me a price
  3. love the idea, keeps the feel of the game and any thing that adds on to houses is great by me. +1
  4. Closed

    Offer to sell the account closes in about an hour
  5. well really i only need the 450, and i wont be able to pick them up unless something changes soon, which it may.
  6. looking to buy roughly 450 logs, QL 40 or higher is prefered but exceptions can be made, type prefered is cedarwood but if you have other types i dont really mind. They need to be delivered to a coastal area at coordinates 3x 26y on deiverance. Price is up for discussion
  7. Closed

    Seems unlikely that i will get another account for this one, any silver offers are also accepted.
  8. Closed

    aha well largely im alone on the northern end of the island, i think of about the 20(?) or so people on the entire server most of em are on the southern end, but like i said id really like to move over to an account on freedom and go prem.
  9. Closed

    well thats certainly what i figured, but as i said i am really more interested in making a trade for a character with already established skills then i am interested in their money. EDIT::i forgot to add the attachment of the picture of my small chest with all my coins and valuables on it, this is the primary reason i do not want to change this character over to another server.
  10. Closed

    well i was under the impression that i would loose the S i already had, not only that i dont really want to leave GV with this character, id rather swap it for an account with a decent foodhold on the freedom server or for some money to give me a starting advantage for my personal character that is already on freedom.
  11. Closed

    selling a low skill account on golden valley, i would prefer to make a trade of some sort for an account on freedom or other servers, though silver etc will be accepted, PM offers accepted. this is my first time selling anything on the forums so if i missed anything Let me know.