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  1. Tim's Tannery, Vrock Landing, Xanadu

    Toolbelt 9-slot 1s Please cod to xxxpoisonxxx
  2. Deliverance Community Map [Discontinued]

    Hi, awesome job Yaga and Jackjones. Yea the part of the highway from Shark Lake heading towards the void is slightly misplaced as posted by Muse.
  3. WTA 7.5k Grapes (6k 100ql)

    Starting bid : 1s Incre´╗┐ments: 1s Reserve : 20s Buyout: 50s Sniper protection : 1 hour
  4. [CLOSED]

  5. Decay rate on Deed!?

    I did a little experiment on deed (deed has in excess of 3 months upkeep) as i noticed that small barrels placed inside a rack kept taking decay but if i dropped a barrel on the ground, even after a month there was no decay. To confirm this i did a test, 2 barrels of approximately the same ql and named Decay test. After almost 2 months, the small barrel i dropped on the ground has zero decay and the one in the rack had almost 4 decay. Also did a test with a small crate situated off deed, filled it with meat and after 2 full months the meat has'nt taken any damage, if this is the norm then why do we need FSB's Something seems fishy about the decay rates on deed
  6. COD to me please lurker in the woods, silver, 30 ql, 87 LITW, 80 c
  7. Completing Deli's highway network

    Zigzag area encircled in red has been rectified

    Hi please send me the following : trowel, iron 9ql COC86 - 70c trowel, iron 70ql BOTD66 - 40c metal brush, iron 19ql COC85 - 70c metal brush, iron 70ql BOTD68 - 40c same name in game
  9. Kurson's Pizzeria (closed)

    hiya cod me 6 random pizza's please ign same
  10. WTS High Vyn / Nahjo Enchants (updated)

    Please cod me Shovel, iron QL_90 WoA_91 + CoC_94 2,7s ty
  11. Unstable client testing and feedback - Last chance!

    Using the unstable client the flames of my marble brasiers that are undeground, are visable above ground. Not sure if there is a setting to prevent this
  12. Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 21,01ql 28c Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 23,03ql 31c Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 25,16ql 35c COD to xxxpoisonxxx please
  13. hiya please CoD QL 90 Fruit Press, Oak w83 c72 (170c) (lotsa grapes to get through)
  14. unstable client fps hiccups

    Experiencing the same problem with the unstable client, default client runs happy on high settings but unstable client even on lower settings utilises a WHOLE lot more cpu % and is virtually unplayable with freezes every 6-8 seconds