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  1. I would not consider myself as being a vet, as i have only been playing for a few years but i do agree that plunging new players into a fully developed world bristling with massive mansions, castles and highway systems can be a little overwhelming. Personally i have always helped new players and have never sought any admiration for my accomplishments or earned silver off them. I am sure that there might be the one or two unscrupulous older player looking to take advantage, but i would like to think that the majority would be welcoming of new players. The point raised by Tek is valid, the new servers have been pushed, even in a pinned topic under the steam discussions. PSA all new steam players The game will start you on the tutorial island, Golden Valley, from there it will give you many portals to choose from. You will want to join HARMONY(PVE) and DEFIANCE (if you want PVP) where all the new players will be. Leave it up to the new players where they want to play. Playing on Deliverance i know of a few area's that have NEVER had a deed on them, they could join the server and not see or interact with a soul if that was their wish, at least it could alleviate some of the overcrowding on the new servers. We are all playing the same game, not old servers / new servers.
  2. maybe you had climbing on
  3. New Tunnel : Shark Lake Tunnel Walkway and boat access (all) 1442,1521 Entrance (east) 1442,1544 1380,1554 1380,1585 1008,1585 Entrance (West)
  4. On the 19 May 2018 a tunnel of considerable undertaking was started, which was eventually completed on the 26 November 2018. It was a long and grueling 6 months, for the persons involved in the project to connect the ocean in the east at Serendipity Bridge to Shake Lake. The tunnel comprises a single walkway and double boat tiles enabling all forms of boats to access Shark Lake as well as an additional entrance / exit to the steppe area. Our thanks goes out to the following persons for their assistance in the construction process and the removal / mining out of the 57 veins that were encountered. Angelklaine (for the removal of the last few veins) Brentox Delightfuldee Dystern Epryss / Helmbow Kochinac Led (planning of west bridge) Mrcoolman Neko Odynn (for the use of Valfreyja) Relson Skyfalls Sputnix Velvetsun Yaga for prospecting the pesky veins (hope i have not forgotten anyone) Stats for those interested : Main tunnel is 505 tiles in length Material Used 2000+ tiles excavated- reinforced and cladded / paved 2k+ slabs 4k+ logs 6k+ shafts 4k+ ribbons 10k+ mortar 10k+ sandstone/slate bricks East Entrance / Exit Tunnel Interior Tunnel Interior - Steppe Entrance / Exit West Entrance / Exit
  5. Looking to hire the services of new/old players in need of a little extra silver clearing a few veins or anyone able to cast erupt.
  6. Hi, awesome job Yaga and Jackjones. Yea the part of the highway from Shark Lake heading towards the void is slightly misplaced as posted by Muse.
  7. Starting bid : 1s Increments: 1s Reserve : 20s Buyout: 50s Sniper protection : 1 hour
  8. I did a little experiment on deed (deed has in excess of 3 months upkeep) as i noticed that small barrels placed inside a rack kept taking decay but if i dropped a barrel on the ground, even after a month there was no decay. To confirm this i did a test, 2 barrels of approximately the same ql and named Decay test. After almost 2 months, the small barrel i dropped on the ground has zero decay and the one in the rack had almost 4 decay. Also did a test with a small crate situated off deed, filled it with meat and after 2 full months the meat has'nt taken any damage, if this is the norm then why do we need FSB's Something seems fishy about the decay rates on deed
  9. Zigzag area encircled in red has been rectified