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  1. Hi Aldur. Not sure if you're aware of this but here's some reading that will affect WA. and possibly this
  2. You're not looking hard enough. I know one spot where there's likely a dozen wild ones.
  3. Hi, yes we do have a shipyard but we're not doing Knarrs yet. I did one for the wife months ago and I was almost ready to quit. Now, I'm staring at a caravel dreading what's to come. I do have cogs, corbita's, & sailboats. Just haven't worked up the courage yet to tackle another big boat. Thanks for asking tho.
  4. Thanks! But don't bother. Just sac them. I keep a supply of unused locks
  5. I have enable event visuals unchecked. Why am I seeing these? Not everyone is amused by rooting through their fields with a microscope.
  6. The bigger problem is that tamed creatures don't stay that way. If you're thinking of Ark or Atlas, yea, their tamed creatures are much better designed.
  7. Ok, I'm not quite sure what to make of this but Cliff, who I posted above, just gave birth to... Vanessa, a nice lil 4 speed with Fight Fiercely as a neutral trait.
  8. Open for business! Phase 1 of Dunsel's Wharf has been completed. The first group of 18 stalls & 6 pens are now housing horses. The wharf has been fully dredged and the vendor has the keys. Current state: Planned:
  9. Updated. /n in the price column is now replaced with <br>. Prices are now green (this may or may not stay) If the sold tag is set in WA, the price in the output table will now be a red SOLD!
  10. Return writs for boats, wagons & carts - sellable on merchants. This does not need to be complicated. Right click boat, create writ. Possession transfers ownership. Ownership transferred, writ removed. Geldings (stallions and mares) - 2.5% speed bonus but not breedable (not in the mood flag always set). Gelded < mature removes strong-willed. Gelded > mature chance to add strong willed. Mayor - Rename guard towers.