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  1. I'm going to be reviewing our usage of WU data in the coming future. As it stand CURRENTLY no information gathered from examining WU code is allowed on the wiki, and edits with information gathered from them are subject to removal. Inaccurate data from WU edits has created edit wars in the past, as well as adding its own inaccurate information to the mix. Has anyone on let the Wurmpedia team know of these inaccuracies? I'd be happy to assign someone to help fix this. Players can still get editor accounts. No one's been chased away. We have non-staff editors editing constantly. Nothing is stopping you from getting your own editor account. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Wurmpedia:Users That's correct, we do not lock out people from getting editor accounts. People may lose editor account access if they are not following the guidelines for the wurmpedia, however. A great place to collaborate with other editors is our Wurmpedia discord.
  2. Hi! Welcome back! As Retro said, most collaboration is done via the discord link above, but I see you're already in there. Have fun editing!
  3. r21 on Xan, but I won't be online until later today! Eletha is the town name, we're on the map!
  4. Got what I needed from them, hatchet needed to be imped but it took a day to get what I needed. Perfectly reasonable! They also COD'd it to me when I was offline, excellent service.
  5. Yeah, I think what it means is the slope can be a max of 40, but I believe your height is counted as the slope you're at +1, since all characters are 1 slope tall. Correct me if I'm wrong, here!
  6. Absolutely terrible to hear. Tich was great.
  7. The wiki Matrix: Coming to stores near you. This sounds like a really cool idea!
  8. It originally needed to be cleaned up, and I think it was just a carry-over tag. We meant to check it out, make sure it's good enough. I'll go ahead and remove that!
  9. Yep, that fixed it. For reference for future people it's: Rightclick> Properties > Compatablity > Tick "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" Cheers retro!
  10. Having a problem where if I hold left click and look in any direction, the screen jerks quickly to the right. This happens on mouse look and free look. I don't have any other mice connected, or controllers. Thanks!