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  1. Hi! Welcome back! As Retro said, most collaboration is done via the discord link above, but I see you're already in there. Have fun editing!
  2. r21 on Xan, but I won't be online until later today! Eletha is the town name, we're on the map!
  3. Got what I needed from them, hatchet needed to be imped but it took a day to get what I needed. Perfectly reasonable! They also COD'd it to me when I was offline, excellent service.
  4. Yeah, I think what it means is the slope can be a max of 40, but I believe your height is counted as the slope you're at +1, since all characters are 1 slope tall. Correct me if I'm wrong, here!
  5. Absolutely terrible to hear. Tich was great.
  6. The wiki Matrix: Coming to stores near you. This sounds like a really cool idea!
  7. It originally needed to be cleaned up, and I think it was just a carry-over tag. We meant to check it out, make sure it's good enough. I'll go ahead and remove that!
  8. Yep, that fixed it. For reference for future people it's: Rightclick> Properties > Compatablity > Tick "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" Cheers retro!
  9. Having a problem where if I hold left click and look in any direction, the screen jerks quickly to the right. This happens on mouse look and free look. I don't have any other mice connected, or controllers. Thanks!
  10. I have personally fired the editor responsible for the decision to redirect this page!please don't fire me you can't fire me I quit /s Thank you for the report, that one slipped through the cracks. The template needs to be adjusted a bit, but it should be fixed shortly!