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  1. Yep, that fixed it. For reference for future people it's: Rightclick> Properties > Compatablity > Tick "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" Cheers retro!
  2. Having a problem where if I hold left click and look in any direction, the screen jerks quickly to the right. This happens on mouse look and free look. I don't have any other mice connected, or controllers. Thanks!
  3. I have personally fired the editor responsible for the decision to redirect this page!please don't fire me you can't fire me I quit /s Thank you for the report, that one slipped through the cracks. The template needs to be adjusted a bit, but it should be fixed shortly!
  4. When embarked on a large cart, I cannot disembark by clicking a tile, then clicking disembark. I receive "[16:19:04] That is too high." in the event tab. I can disembark inside of caves by clicking the cart and hitting disembark, however.
  5. Fairly sure that's the one I downloaded. Dell has a bad habit of supporting enterprise cards for only a 2-3 years then ignoring them completely past that. That's the exact driver I have installed.
  6. My CPU is a desktop version, and doesn't have an IntelHD graphics card built in. Main reason I love this laptop, CPU is so beefy.
  7. The new driver (8.7) gives me a crashlog instead of outright crashing my entire computer with a "Driver stopped responding" error. I had to force windows via group policies to stop auto updating the card to 8.9 (the problematic driver). Honestly I was thinking the same thing, at LEAST 3.3 should be more than enough, especially with compatibility settings, unless those aren't working in the current unstable build? For dev reference Stable client does the same "Driver has stopped responding" error. This has occurred recently as well.
  8. Newest driver does support more 4.0 features, but the compatibility features (which I've always praised wurm for) should be able to help me narrow down the functions that it's being fussy about.
  9. Will answer your question first before rambling on: Current driver is from Dell directly, Date is 7/24/2010, which is the newest driver dell provides. Microsoft drivers seem to break things, just applied a group policy to keep a working, known driver. A week or so ago I had no issue with unstable, or stable. That being said, the ATI firepro does support up to OpenGL 3.3, which is good enough for most things.
  10. Hi, getting a crash on unstable. The gets to the load screen then when finished crashes. Here's the crash log:
  11. Hi so sorry for your inconvenience! Some of our highly-trained boat engineers are on their way with hand drills to amend this problem. This functional boat should have never left the production line!
  12. armour

    +1 to a great merchant!
  13. Similar things happened to me! I got saved from the prison that is newspring by a helpful person in Freedom.
  14. Yet another successful christening of one of my high quality small sailing boats!