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  1. Hi Ohana. I was wondering what your Bloodmoon Island deed was like? How many villagers do you have? Is it well developed (like most of Pristine) or under construction? Do you have much farmland?

  2. Thanks, I am sure I will find a nice niche somewhere. Actually I have been active in the game for nearly three years and bounced around between Pristine & Xan.
  3. ItI know you are on Pristine, but if you don't have luck there and want to give Xanadu a try we have room It's ok Ani, I appreciate your offer and if I don't find an active, stable village on Pristine I will certainly consider your place. I have seen pics that you have posted and you and your villagers have done a remarkable job. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your offer! Although the Amish offer was tempting I think I would like to stay on Pristine (Go Tuga!, hehe). I am currently a village member of Isla del Vanyel (in your alliance I believe) and have a couple weeks left to make a decision. My in-game name is Cormall and my skills are public on Niarja. So if I understand correctly you have two deeds widely separated? How many villagers do you have on each deed and is there much difference between the two with development and amenities?

  5. Three year player seeking new home with an active village on Pristine that needs a master farmer - preferably a coastal location since all my stuff is loaded aboard my Corbita. I am active every day on Wurm and enjoy working on village projects. I am located in the eastern time zone of the U.S.