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  1. I am so incredibly excited for this update! The pet lover in me is absolutely over the moon! And I cant wait to get into breeding for more specific uses! I am curious, though, if there are any plans to make more animals tamable? I have a champion spider that I've been keeping as a pet, but she's gonna die eventually because I can't care for her. It would be so amazing if spiders could be recognized as pets. Snakes too!
  2. Ok, so I decided to go ahead and do some testing in case anyone else would like to know the answer to this question without having to work for it. All alphabetical letters are allowed. All numbers are allowed. Allowed symbols/punctuation: . , / : ; ‘ + - _ ( ) # ! Disallowed symbols/punctuation: “ < > [ ] { } \ | = * & ^ % $@` ~? I also found that, when copy/pasted as a single character, … is also not allowed. Also, spaces seem to count as characters. And there seem to be some combinations that don't work and I'm not entirely sure why... For example: ‘I want you, Oskar, to res-’ is not an allowed inscription, but I want you, Oskar, to res-’ without the first apostrophe is fine. I also tried 'Testing some stuff without copying-' and that worked just fine? I dunno. It's fiddly. I don't fully understand yet...
  3. I thought it would be fun to try to write a book in wurm. Just a cute little short story or something. I keep running into the issue of disallowed characters, though, and that's making things difficult. Even more difficult, it doesn't tell me which characters are disallowed. Is there a list of characters I can't use? It would sure make my attempts a lot easier if I knew all of the rules...
  4. I have no idea how much a slate statue of Libila is worth, but I am very interested in it if someone could help me out with a price check.
  5. I changed perms so you should be able to get in and do stuff.
  6. Do you have time to hop on now?
  7. lol Loe is such a good guy. I'm glad he was able to help you. I'm really sorry I wasn't able to hop on at all yesterday or earlier today. Hopefully we'll be on at the same time soon and I can transfer the deed to you.
  8. Sorry... I was awake longer than I should have been and ended up passing out just before you got on. I just woke up. ^^;; Well. My sleep schedule is officially messed up. lol Hopefully we can sync up today.
  9. Ok, will do. My name in game is the same as here, Hickory. I will message you when I get on tonight.
  10. Ok, so you're an hour ahead of me. I'm afraid I don't know when I'll be online tonight... But I will indeed consider this sold and yours. Whenever we are on at the same time I will transfer ownership and accept your payment. I'm patient, so even if it takes a while I'll make sure the transaction takes place. Thank you for buying!
  11. OP updated with more information.
  12. The other interested party has not gotten back to me. Are you still interested? OP has been updated with pics.
  13. It's called Twilight's Embrace. I currently have another person interested in the deed. If they decide to change their mind or if you can offer more silver, then I'll get back to you. Thank you for your interest. <3
  14. Hello! I am moving from my home and would like to sell if possible. The deed's name is Twilight's embrace. There is a large, furnished house on deed. A mine located just under the house. Room for deed expansion. A small orchard, farm next to the house. An area for animals. The deed comes with an invitation to the Aged Fat Alliance which has many active and friendly members as well as public mines (you can find pretty much anything you want in a ten minute cart ride) and docs that access the ocean. Easy access to the Linton highway. Deed is located in the J11 area of Xanadu. I would like about 10s for the home, but I am willing to haggle if you can't afford that. (There is way more that 10s worth of items being left on the deed but I'm not bothering to include that in the price.) The deed itself in minimal and upkeep is paid up for about 2 more months. It's only a few copper since it's a minimal deed. The land that you would have claim over is outside of the deed though. It's all fenced and the fences are in good repair. There is a functional supreme mailbox just outside the front gate. There are lots of neighbors close by, but not so close that you can't expand the deed even more if you wanted to. There are a couple guard towers near by. Easy access to tar, clay, sand, and anything else you might want. I am happy to answer any more questions you might have. I'm moving to a different location not too far away so I'll be in the area to show you around too if you would like. Pics http://imgur.com/a/12Zgf