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  1. I already posted about which one to buy Witcher 3 or Just cause 3 and got good reply and again i came to confusion about another 2 games now dont know which one to buy so here are 2 games 1 . Battlefield 1 2 . Watch dog 2 .. ..... and i know these games are totally different genre but both of them looks good as i got huge vacation i got money for 1 game and i will buy another game after the vacation when i got salary but anyway i want good game to enjoy in my vacation so pls help me lol ..... As for battlefiel 1 i already played the game since Bad company 2 to battlefield 4 and for watch dog2 its look similar to gta 5 but never played watch dog before . so which one should i buy first and which one later or never buy (not worth)?
  2. i play on console yes not much good only i hear kingdom come delivernce releasing but dont know when it will come out but what you going to wait for?
  3. cool wurm developer himself here ( sorry for taking about some other games but i still cant stop playing wurm but its only on pc wish it was on ps4 maybe wurm 2 will come?) and yes witcher 3 best game but would be better if it has something like wurm where we can build buidlings do our own things instead of just missions but i cant risk buying just cause 3 so many negative reviews i would rather buy withcer 3
  4. but i already got gta 5 bought it on 2013 but its bit boring too. scripted side activites and plus it focus more on multiplayer than single player
  5. ok then i will look on withcer 3 but wish it good some sandbox stuff too other than story but thanks for your reply both of you Klaa and Sharkys
  6. so i plan to buy any one of these games for ps4 but cant buy 2 together. they say witcher 3 is best game 100 hours of content lots fun but the witcher 3 is more story based game but i prefer more like open world sandbox fun and just cause 3 is a sandbox games which allows us to do all the things but problem with just cause is lots of people saying its get repetative and boring as its fun for few hours only and then gets boring but i also want a game which gives more hours of fun not just few hours fun and so if anyone played these games which one should i get ?
  7. but the pvp now is not that good it got cool gore effects but its funny the gore effect needs works we can split enemy bodies into 2 by just punching with bare hands unrealistic
  8. this game looks good but its early access so some bugs and the theme with gore is nice , what you guys think ? anyone going to play on ps4 ?