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  1. Hi Wurmians! Welcome to our Alliance shop for all your caffeine & alcoholic beverages! We offer beer, wine, cider, gin, whiskey, moonshine and mead. Established in the year 1105 LIMITED OFFER from Radulfus: Some alcohols I have on stock are low ql, I sell them for half price! Caffeine info · Caffeine will give you an increased skillgain while using sleep bonus, the higher the power of the drink the more sleep bonus you will use. · A 1g sip of caffeine drink everyday in the first 10min after first login per server day, you will get 10min extra sleep bonus. · When using caffeine and sleepbonus it will reduce your fatigue (chat command: /fatigue) · Caffeine helps you to sober up on alcohol Alcohol info · It increases item creation difficulty, benefits the skillgain · It refills stamina during heavy duty work like swimming, climbing, digging and mining · It increases cooking difficulty · It increases combat rating bonus · You can earn the title “Drunkard” at a certain point of alcohol intoxication As this is an alliance shop and operated by two players, we can offer you a full range of finished grade caffeine and alcoholic drinks. You can PM Robboeny or Radulfus in game or just reply to this topic. All drinks will be send by COD. Targeted affinity alcoholic drinks If you want a targeted affinity beverage, pls send Radulfus a PM and he will send you a meal to taste and he will figure out which drink he can offer to get your affinity. Note 1: You'll need to have "Fix Cooking Affinities" turned on in your profile. This is very important. I can tell you how to do this if you don't already know. Note 2: Keep in mind that we just started this business so at this point we can’t offer all affinities yet, its work in progress at the moment! Note 3: It is also possible that we don’t have your requested affinity drink in stock and it can take up to a week to produce it depending on the type of drink. Drinks we offer Caffeine drinks 50-63ql (Radulfus) 75ql (Robboeny) Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price per barrel (45kg) Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price per barrel (45kg) White tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Yellow tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Green tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Oolong tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Black tea 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Black coffee 20c 1s n/a 30c 1.5s n/a Café au lait (on request) 20c 1s n/a 35c 1.6s n/a Kahvesi 25c 1.2s n/a 35c 1.6s n/a alcoholic drinks Radulfus 50-63ql Robboeny 75+ql Price/ small barrel (45kg) Price/ small barrel (45kg) Ale 80c Beer 80c Bitter 80c Brown Ale 80c Cerber’s Triple Hops 80c Jackel Special Brew* 1.8s Necrolis gingerbeer 80c Pale Ale 80c Pilsner 80c Porter 80c Root beer 80c Stout 80c Gin 80c Apple gin 80c Blueberry gin 80c Cherry gin 80c Lemon gin 80c Lingonberry gin 80c Orange gin 80c Raspberry gin 80c Strawberry gin 80c Moonshine 80c Vodka 1s Whiskey 1s Red wine 1s White wine 1s Rice wine 1s Cider 80c 1s Mead 80c 1s *If you provide the necessary riftwood you have a 1s discount!
  2. -1 I agree its more convient to make kahvesi in a forge or oven, but making kahvesi in a campfire is certainly more oldschool and makes it more exclusive kind of coffee. But making the campfire last longer by imping it like a forge or oven and/or a make it a more permanent item would be nice yes! Or make a campfire not disappear after its burned up but let it snuff and decay over time at a rate of the food-decay.
  3. Thx Ajala for sharing! Now I can use my tea leaves for different tea's other then green tea Its funny tho, that if you put the green tea leaves in a roasting dish in an oven, you still get the message: "You think this may well work when cooked. Current difficulty:40." But nothing happens, but as soon as you put it in a campfire, it turns to white tea leaves...
  4. Auction has ended and the winner is Aleck! Aleck pls give me your IGN so I can send it to ya.
  5. I love making those drinks in this game, its makes the game so much more interesting and fun It just takes a bit of effort to find out how it works...
  6. 6 months, wauw respect! I can only imagine it took a lot wine barrels... I don't have access to that speadsheet, but I'll figure it out I think.
  7. Starting bid: 3 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: 20s Sniper Protection: No Private Bids: not accepted [13:42:51] A clay jar that could be hardened by fire. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The clay jar needs water. Its unfired so it can be imped to the max if you want and it can also be used to make a rare compass with it if you have the right skill!
  8. Hi Ajala, I'm at 35 beverage skill and trying to make all the alcoholic drinks. Sofar I got beers, gins, moonshine, whiskey, vodka, mead and cider. I did examen a few finished drinks I got: A wine barrel with 29ql beer fermented on cedar & chestnut: "A cheap, mass-produced affair, lacking serious palette, flavour or depth; a perfect example of canoe fornication. This has a very low nutrition value. Created on Wrath day, week 2 of the starfall of the Saw, 1105." A wine barrel with 29ql stout fermented on oak: "Malt flavors work to create strong chocolate notes, but without overpowering the taste and aroma of the hops. This has a very low nutrition value. Created on day of the Wurm, week 2 of the starfall of the Saw, 1105." A wine barrel with 29ql porter fermented on maple & linden: "Dark in color, but lacking in burnt malt taste. There is a malty sweetness that is present, and can be complemented by chocolate flavors. This has a very low nutrition value. Created on Wrath day, week 2 of the starfall of the Saw, 1105." A wine barrel with 29ql bitter fermented on pine: "Named for the bitter flavor that the hops present. They have fruity flavors and lower alcohol content. This has a very low nutrition value. Created on day of the Wurm, week 2 of the starfall of the Saw, 1105." A barrel with 16ql distilled lemon gin: "Clear but coloured by lemon with a hint of botanicals and maternal ruin. This has a very low nutrition value. Created on Wrath day, week 3 of the Raven's starfall, 1104."
  9. Wauw I love your spreadsheet already! Nice work I must say! I didn't even think about arch-woodscraps haha, but now I do I'm working on the wort with hops thing and as soon as I can afford a rare still I'm gonna try to buy one, as this must also have effect on the endresult I imagine. But I made a spreadsheet myself with most of the alcoholic drinks and the affinities I tasted and figured out a way to calculate it for some friends around me, but still missing the data for hops I'm afread. There must be a way to get all affinities with alcoholic drinks, looking forward to some more research on this! Does aging affect anything in this matter or is it just a fancy touch to the taste of the beverage? Still have to try that part...
  10. This is an interesting topic, as I'm also trying to figure out the alcohol beverage making, but missing some data... Anyone of you knows the number/ID corresponding with hops? So I can calculate recipes of wort to beer and finally affinities. I managed to get something working with gin as the affinity difference between unfermented gin and the distilled gin is 89 as the woodscrap type doesn't matter for the end affinity. oven 40 + cauldron 75 + water 6 + wheat 25 + sugar 47 + strawberry 98 = 291 which eventually gives me the affinity number 16 but after tasting it gave me paving (92) and my player offset is 125, so =mod((291+125);138)+1 = 16 (which is gardening) so add 89 you'll get paving. Sofar I got this working for 5 gin varieties, but I still have to find the number corresponding with hops and woodscrap-types. Currently I'm running a test with one type of wort but ferment with 7 types of woodscap which creats 7 types of beer: cedar woodscrap would create beer fir woodscrap would create bitter pine woodscrap would also create bitter maple woodscrap would create porter linder woodscrap would also create porter chestnut woodscrap would create stout oak woodscrap would also create stout
  11. Hi Rocklobster, can I get that supreme rake blade? You can send it with cod to Radulfus pls
  12. Ow I love the smelll of freshly brewed coffee in the morning I do hope this comes with a kinds of new skill like roasting coffe beans or specialty coffees like light, medium en dark roast and so on :) I'm a tea person, but I can imagine folks from the UK would to have their cuppa tea with milk in the morning Anway looking forward to this beverage-skill extension!
  13. Dear costumers, our stock has bin updated. Come and have a look for some nice statue frags or a nice piece of wood to finish off a fancy looking wagon or ship!