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  1. Niarja

    I don't know where to look for help on this. I'm trying to update my character skilldumps and it keeps giving me a 'ERROR CODE 500' and says there was an internal error and asks me what i was doing and there is an unloaded little box. Help plz
  2. How do you convey how hardcore Wurm is?

    I've heard that before. I nearly tried Rust till I heard how hard it is to survive
  3. How do you convey how hardcore Wurm is?

    WU throws up a challenge even to normal players and by normal players I come down a notch or so on what we consider normal coz even that gets pretty hardcore
  4. I want to promote Wurm Online in my website but I feel I need to convey just how "HARDCORE" Wurm Online is so I'm looking for suggestions I can use. To me Wurm Online is like some Grandmaster on some remoten mountain somewhere removed from the beaten path you have to make your own roads in. When you're in your middle ages and you've beaten 'bout every game out there and you discover there is a secret award you can get by going on some outlandish adventure like the cartoon 'The Regular Show' You can go normal mode by playing Wurm Unlimited and that can be quite enjoyable but only the hardcore go !!HARDCORE!! wurm Online is very close to rl can buy a 15 euro hammer has an x8 time modifier so buy the time you've played 16 years you're about upto equal speed. I can see the resemblance to raising a child playing Wurm Online So how would you go about conveying how "HARDCORE" Wurm Online is?
  5. Fishing Club/Competitons

    I'm curious if there would be any interest in drumming up sponsorship for fishing tournaments or anything of that variety. I don't fish myself but I might be interested in giving back to wurm through sponsorship. Note: this isn't limited to only fishing
  6. Love in Wurm

    +1 Ayers Yeah I was thinking there isn't much I could expect that I can't already emulate ingame with self motivation I could show my Alliance members & Villagers a little mo' Love & there's always fur kids
  7. Love in Wurm

    i luv wurm!! nothing could tear me away from it!! lol i don't see why wurm can't do with a little love
  8. Love in Wurm

    a child system might be asking for tto much but yeah a marriage system would be awesome!!
  9. Love in Wurm

    a faithful stat & penalties for cheating & multiple companions maybe also? depending on your companion stats & whats available your companion aggro's on you for finding out about your "other family" on another server? i luv the whole idea of a trophy wife
  10. Love in Wurm

    Like the majority of my suggestions I've only just thought of it. It gets lonely sometimes in Wurm so what about a Companion System. I'm not expecting anything from this suggestion as it looks like alot of work. There could be a Love type skillset. Maybe certain items could have values that increase love by interacting the creation of date sites and travel comes into play. You could have a trinket box etc for items you give to your companion. I heard there is still code for making babies in the Wurm code so what about children? They could have better stats etc for the higher your companion skills are. You could have to marry them off..dowry etc.. You could have to teach them, so there could be a whole set of skillsets there and you could send them to player made boarding more player buildings & travel.. It would bring back meaning to so much of Wurm
  11. i was just pondering and i got a better response than i bargained for so here is the convo i don't have a solid idea on it as it was more just a passing thought but it might be interesting to get more discussion on it [19:16:18] <Seraphrattle> do you think wurm will ever have a research feature? [19:17:00] <Crezena> what does a research feature do in yur vision? [19:18:04] <Seraphrattle> sumn' .. i dunno maybe hire sum1 to research sumn' .. maybe give me 1 more unit of food when i harvest [19:19:40] <Crezena> maybe something where you can complete a research (possibly noting it in a handbook) for each item in the game, weight req, skill, volume etc and earn skilll ticks in the main skill for that item [19:20:26] <Crezena> then you get an in game source of quality informaiton, anther use of books, a reason to find or build each item, and skill rewards [19:20:35] <Seraphrattle> that's a better suggestion than mine [19:21:06] <Kalen> Only if priests get to research spells. </grump> [19:21:48] <Crezena> maybe you can research enchanted items to get bless vessel courier aiso cc etc [19:22:02] <Crezena> aosp* [19:22:21] <Kalen> I just want an alternate way to raise Channeling. [19:22:36] <Kalen> I don't think one is *needed*, I just want one. [19:22:47] <Crezena> i cant see it giving more than like 1 point of skill divided by the number of items or somethign so as to not be OP [19:22:51] <Midgaar> my alternate way to raise channelling is to just make everything out of seryll so i don't have to [19:22:56] <Midgaar> boom, problem solved [19:23:55] <Crezena> I absolutely will never bother to make a forums suggesiton btw so if anyone thinks thats a good way to do a research please feel free to take it and run with it
  12. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    i started WA today and a few features aren't there nvm it was just because i had no speakers or headphones plugged in
  13. can i get 10k corn plz delivery is to 'the silk road silk wurm' @ Q25 Xanadu my ingame name is 'Seraphrattle'
  14. Wagons overview

    there's a macedon(might be wrong name) wagon. it has a black or brown background with yellow stripes. i haven't seen many but i have seen 1. it's a disbanded kingdom