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  1. My rent is going up so I have to make some life adjustments. While I would say Wurm is last on my horror slasher list I feel it might be time for me to meditate in rl again so I'm seeing if there is any intrest in my Seraphrattle acc I think the acc is well worth over the approx 5G I'd like for it. As I said I'm seeing if there is any intrest, as I've grown very fond of Wurm Online and I don't think there is the intrest in my acc (I stopped playing to sell it a long time ago) I'm hesitant to break everything up coz if I was to sell I'd rather sell it all coz I dunno if I could bear being left with bits and pieces The deed is @ Q25 on Xanadu and is the capital of an alliance. The Official deed name is 'Grand Esteron' but on the community map it is still 'The Silk Road Silk Wurm' and has 65s or 134 days upkeep at posting (it's a large deed but there is alot of room left to resize it) I've done a bit to the deed so it's very teraformed Ondeed is; : 2 large magic chests : MR wagon : Crow Wagon (full set of crow banners & 1 crow tent) : +1G worth of marble & slate etc ready to build (I was going to build x3 10 story 8x8 before the announcement of a building update) : There are various rares from +3 years of playing including x1 Rare 99ql 100 imbue Runed Enchanted Pickaxe x1 Blank Supreme Stell Sickle & about a half dozen Rare Steel Sickles 2 of which have BT and are on the character. A Fantastic Dragon Fang Statue. : There are various Statues & Statue fragments. Drake, Eagle & Scorpion Hota complete Statues : Still various veins viable including an untouched Utmost Iron & nearly untouched Utmost Gold Vein (maybe 1k taken from it) : x5 crate racks of wood stone marble steel & charcol : a room full of bsb's of dirt : x13(i think) noisy beehives : various crates of stuff and plenty more empty crates The acc has; : x1 black drake armour set : x1 rare summer hat : x1 Trader contract : about x5 Merchant Contracts : x1 sculpting wand Path of Love The acc has permium until Dec 12th The Character:
  2. can you mail me all your cocoa beans to Seraphrattle plz
  3. I can't find the post but it was about combat controls etc. Soz I can't find the post it wasn't where I thought it was
  4. Wtb WS Ring

    As the title suggests. WTB Atrisan WS Ring.
  5. wtb skins

    I'm looking for a set of skins & an extra sickle skin. I haven't seen any prices. I'm at Q25 Xanadu 'Grand Esteron' deed (still 'The Silk Rod Silk Wurm' on the community map.) My TZ is East Australia so that might be an issue as I play in the afternoon and evening
  6. Favourite: Working with wood Least Favourite: Chopping Wood. When I say there's never enough of it there's always an entire forest on the side of the deed
  7. I feel I need to balance out my overall comments because I feel I've gone a bit rough on people recently. The quality of life updates on the list a dev mentioned humble me coz with them and the building update (whenever that happens) it makes me feel like you have listened to me and considered each suggestion I have made. You sound like you are all still hard at work, so for someone like to feel like I have contributed to the game in a significant way I feel a bit overwhelmed. The controls are exactly the type of thinking I was thinking about when I first mentioned "quality of life improvements" I think WO is may be a "Diamond in the rough" that still has alot of hidden room for cut & polish *insert picture here of my Cave Of Wonders WOW face I don't get much time to be nice on the forums so when we & I push plz know it's because you are doing your job well that we feel we can *Extra kudos mention to the community, same goes for you..!
  8. But is that looking more at consoles than MMO's coz sub's for most MMO's are like $20/mth..?
  9. I read the figure in a magazine. It didn't say over what sort of timeline particularly but when you consider subscriptions it gives you an idea of the avg point of retaining players..ofc you'll get players either side of that
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    The devs have to decide is WO different from WU..? The avg spend on a game was $1.5k. How am I going to get my $1.5k worth over $20..? !!What is going to make me stay beyond that..?!! I luv WO..! ..But I think it takes a certain kind of person to stick with WO over all the offerings.. The team is competing with itself, modders and the real competion now so they have to start bringing their A+ game. What I'm seeing is WO wants to step up a class in the competion..then it has to be serious about what it brings. I don't think there is anything particularly "wrong" with WO..I once got pretty at the end of my length with WO once and went browsing as to what is on offer & Wo still stands just above the rest. It's prolly for that reason alone I have always wished WO brought more to the table..more crafting..more building (I heard there is a building update soon-ish)..more of this & more of that. Statues are nice but an example of what I hope wurm isn't about: extreme endless grinding (why gods are 40ish frags and other statues 90ish frags and not the other way around idk)(you're likely to only spend so much of that $1.5k on statues) I really hope you get more players like Macoofer who really exercise the purpose of being sandbox like he is doing with his village. It inspired me to rethink my village. I have to admit if I loose RMT it's going to have to be super balanced coz I like spending RL coin on this's just not so easy to part me with a buttload of it at once coz ik how much my builsings are going to cost me in mats & labour
  11. The devs have to decide is WO different from WU..? The avg spend on a game was $1.5k. How am I going to get my $1.5k worth over $20..?
  12. At 14:51:52 I crossed from Release to Xanadu and that begun my day of problems. (I had just bought a rare summer hat (coz 'too much info is better than too little info')) When I crossed I did not cross West Release to East Xanadu like I thought I should have but I crossed to N/W Xanadu. I sailed a while thinking I was on course. I was attacked by a Ven Sea Serpent around when I realised I was lost but Bloodscythe on his alts ('Oniichan') came to my rescue. I had sailed basically all the way across the North side of Xanadu. When the 2 of us crossed servers again from Xanadu to Pristine 17:29:12 (coz he was escorting me home) we encountered the same problem of not being crossed to where we should have. Bloodscythe prolly knows more about the particulars because he knows the coastline and landmarks unlike me. At first when I crossed I had my ingame map open as the server crossing caught me off gaurd but I didn't have it open when we encounteredthe same problem the second time. This event really rattled my nerves. If it wasn't for someone like Bloodscythe I might not have made it back to my deed alive and may have lost my ship and all my items I was carrying simply because I had no idea where I was. (time is australian eastern standard time)
  13. Fists of fury handwraps for unarmed combat
  14. hmmm I googled cotton quickly and most of the basic uses are already in game. I did think about including I don't do much if any shipbuilding. Maybe I jumped the gun a little..maybe not. It's an item I'm considering getting into more so it's somewhere in the back of my mind is prolly why I've posted this.
  15. I think it would be more stimulating to make more reasons to use up things like cotton and wool. I'm getting stores of stuff like this.