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  1. Ah the chaos of change. I have to hold back alot of personal kneejerk reactions to all this and remember how I have considered it all before from a professional gaming point (I had to carve out me heart From the looks of it looks like the devs have decided already that steam is going to be a success. A little more forewarning would have been nice. One of the reasons I chose to play wurm (which was touched on in the original post) is to get something back for all my years of gaming.. neither side of the fence on it atm just the truth
  2. As the title suggests. Our Family cat just passed on so I thought I should celebrate it's life. It lived a full an intresting life. My ingame name is "Seraphrattle".. I haven't played every day for a while so there might be a delay in my response
  3. Hopefully this inspires the Devs to keep working on improving this area. As some said, awards translate to players. Wurm is a great game with great potential. I'd just like to see that potential unveiled layer by layer.
  4. "T" "O" "R" "B" "Y" "N" That's how you spell another successful transaction between I & Torbyn my friend (The irony of my grammar is never lost on me )
  5. I was grinding on this hence the Aosp which I'm not charging for. It's a 71ql Iron Sickle A kind of small hand-held scythe with a crescent-moon formed blade. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [102] Aura of Shared Pain has been cast on it, so it may damage creatures when they hit this armour. [80] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [99] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Seraph.att.e'. I'm asking for 4s ono pm here or my ingame name (Seraphrattle)
  6. My main can imp WS to 70ql & my Vyn alt priest just reached 70 Channeling (like 90ish faith) Can I add them to the helper list also? This would be my first impalong as a helper and I don't know how much help I'd be
  7. i didn't know how to delete this post so i edited it
  8. Scientists say Humans are 93% predictable There is a bit of shared connection going on I think. A bit of angst feeding back in itself but overall I think people have real issues contributing that are still feeding back in on itself. I try to press on through it. I'm not unaffected by it but I tend to come out of it better than I went in. I'd like to give this the length of post that it deserves but I'll let others do what they will with it. I think alot of the players realise Wurm isn't a game you just simply walk away from , as many of us filtered in from other games - we've tried the best & we've prolly tried the rest & we still came to the same conclusion I recently considered leaving which is part of how I connected to this post but what I related to is we really really really like Wurm. I hope players stay around to at least see how it goes - For me the decison to stay depended on the outbreak of WW3 which has been prophecised that we are either suppose to be going through now or soon .. You've been through Wurmageddon & this isn't an end of the world question..? lol -- I admire the Vets of the game alike Archiles [The Matrix:] 'Why won't you die.!?' "Because I apply an age reduction rune..*facepalm" I stayed & then we got news of the arrivial of a planter box farming system
  9. My guess is it's the outside intrest in the game Streamers, advertising, etc.. it all does contributes to it
  10. I haven't really thought this through alike many of suggestions. How about a friendship system where you give friends items they can use for things like bonuses or whatever. Or maybe just use the items we already have and have a way to use them up maybe like sacrificing. It might stimulate reverse trade where you pay for someone to use your stuff,, but not not limited to just that. It could have meters like skills that build up with use. It's not a very thought out ugesstion and I'd hope there is better versions to what I'm thinking about. Still like it up or the replies for systems that you like as the devs aren't keen on following up just +1's
  11. My rent is going up so I have to make some life adjustments. While I would say Wurm is last on my horror slasher list I feel it might be time for me to meditate in rl again so I'm seeing if there is any intrest in my Seraphrattle acc I think the acc is well worth over the approx 5G I'd like for it. As I said I'm seeing if there is any intrest, as I've grown very fond of Wurm Online and I don't think there is the intrest in my acc (I stopped playing to sell it a long time ago) I'm hesitant to break everything up coz if I was to sell I'd rather sell it all coz I dunno if I could bear being left with bits and pieces The deed is @ Q25 on Xanadu and is the capital of an alliance. The Official deed name is 'Grand Esteron' but on the community map it is still 'The Silk Road Silk Wurm' and has 65s or 134 days upkeep at posting (it's a large deed but there is alot of room left to resize it) I've done a bit to the deed so it's very teraformed Ondeed is; : 2 large magic chests : MR wagon : Crow Wagon (full set of crow banners & 1 crow tent) : +1G worth of marble & slate etc ready to build (I was going to build x3 10 story 8x8 before the announcement of a building update) : There are various rares from +3 years of playing including x1 Rare 99ql 100 imbue Runed Enchanted Pickaxe x1 Blank Supreme Stell Sickle & about a half dozen Rare Steel Sickles 2 of which have BT and are on the character. A Fantastic Dragon Fang Statue. : There are various Statues & Statue fragments. Drake, Eagle & Scorpion Hota complete Statues : Still various veins viable including an untouched Utmost Iron & nearly untouched Utmost Gold Vein (maybe 1k taken from it) : x5 crate racks of wood stone marble steel & charcol : a room full of bsb's of dirt : x13(i think) noisy beehives : various crates of stuff and plenty more empty crates The acc has; : x1 black drake armour set : x1 rare summer hat : x1 Trader contract : about x5 Merchant Contracts : x1 sculpting wand Path of Love The acc has permium until Dec 12th The Character:
  12. can you mail me all your cocoa beans to Seraphrattle plz