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  1. Xanadu Community Map

    I am the mayor. The Xanadu deed near Esteron formerly 'The Silk Road Silk Wurm' has had a name change to 'Grand Esteron'
  2. PC Seraphrattle

    Im not a fan of making rash decisions without careful consideration so to say I can be reasoned with I might stick around. I still think this game has inredible flaws which are holding it back from achieving it's potential
  3. PC Seraphrattle

    that's what i thought. a couple years of play & my character is still worthless
  4. PC Seraphrattle

    I'm unsure if I want to keep playing so I'm looking for a PC on my main
  5. The Zen Den - Coc Skiller Shop *SALE*

    cod to seraphrattle plz Iron Hammer 98 Coc Quality 14.90 - 1s 20c
  6. Do you have +75 WS?

    [18:56:56] <Seraphrattle> [18:56:00] You have just received the title 'Weaponsmith'! .. what do you hope to achieve with the Weaponsmith title? World Peace
  7. Do you have +75 WS?

    wow 40 players have voted & it is 50-50. i wasn't expecting that
  8. Do you have +75 WS?

    I'm grinding Weapon Smithing so I have alot of time on my hands to consider aspects of it. The #1 being will I stop once I can make 80ql weapons
  9. I'm looking for a builder to build a triple building (3 buildings joined by bridges). I know I need 94 Carp to plan the building & it's about 10 stories of slate & marble so about 83 masonry. I have plenty of labourers but no-one to plan the buildings. I imagine paying different people will be per wall. It's a technical build & the bridges mean the buildings will mean the buildings need to be built with ladder openings before all the bridges can be put in. I can share a deedplanner file in my Discord Channel as my I.E. is broken & won't link the pastebin. I also have a Dropbox Link for the file. I have the mats but I need to purchase more wood etc for stuff which has to be put in & removed (I have some but I suspect not enough) I should be able to source the extra mats quickly & easily myself I'm at Q25 'The Silk Road Silk Wurm' on Xanadu. I'm estimating the building cost to be anywhere near 60s going by a previous building I paid to be built. Images of the Building/s
  10. Niarja

    I don't know where to look for help on this. I'm trying to update my character skilldumps and it keeps giving me a 'ERROR CODE 500' and says there was an internal error and asks me what i was doing and there is an unloaded little box. Help plz
  11. How do you convey how hardcore Wurm is?

    I've heard that before. I nearly tried Rust till I heard how hard it is to survive
  12. How do you convey how hardcore Wurm is?

    WU throws up a challenge even to normal players and by normal players I come down a notch or so on what we consider normal coz even that gets pretty hardcore
  13. I want to promote Wurm Online in my website but I feel I need to convey just how "HARDCORE" Wurm Online is so I'm looking for suggestions I can use. To me Wurm Online is like some Grandmaster on some remoten mountain somewhere removed from the beaten path you have to make your own roads in. When you're in your middle ages and you've beaten 'bout every game out there and you discover there is a secret award you can get by going on some outlandish adventure like the cartoon 'The Regular Show' You can go normal mode by playing Wurm Unlimited and that can be quite enjoyable but only the hardcore go !!HARDCORE!! wurm Online is very close to rl can buy a 15 euro hammer has an x8 time modifier so buy the time you've played 16 years you're about upto equal speed. I can see the resemblance to raising a child playing Wurm Online So how would you go about conveying how "HARDCORE" Wurm Online is?
  14. Fishing Club/Competitons

    I'm curious if there would be any interest in drumming up sponsorship for fishing tournaments or anything of that variety. I don't fish myself but I might be interested in giving back to wurm through sponsorship. Note: this isn't limited to only fishing
  15. Love in Wurm

    +1 Ayers Yeah I was thinking there isn't much I could expect that I can't already emulate ingame with self motivation I could show my Alliance members & Villagers a little mo' Love & there's always fur kids