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  1. Sniper protection extends the auction timer past the deadline based on the time of the last bid. It does not invalidate bids. For example, should you have bid 155e or more at the time of your post, the auction would have been extended by 2 hours. This would have continued until there are no bids for 2 consistent hours. The purpose of sniper protection is to give the current high bidder an opportunity to re-bid should someone come in during the last few minutes of the auction and outbid.
  2. The high bid at the time of your post was 150e. You bid 120e. You are/were bidding 30 Euros under the current bid because.. math. The auction has been closed.
  3. Closed. Winner @ 150e is Drused. Will contact you via PM.
  4. Closed. Winner @ 41 euro is Gavin. Will contact you via PM.
  5. Vlaminck I'll give you 15 minutes past the auction end to place a valid bid. Otherwise, since it seems Gaul/Hashi has bowed out, I will close the auction and award the character to Drused.
  6. Hi Drused, Thank you for the bid however it is outside the guidelines of the auction. The minimum increment is 5 euros and silver is not accepted. The next valid bid is 95 euro or more. I apologize but your bid will be invalidated. Current high bidder as of this post is Gaul with 90e.
  7. Hi, I will offer you a buyout of 100 eur for Eucledz.


    1. Faldor


      Hi, now that it is clear that the buyout is to low would you consider a buyout of 150 eur ?

      Can you reply to this within the 24 hours so i can accept other offers ?



    2. Faldor


      To be clear i withdrawl the buyout now because no response.

      Good luck with the auction.