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  1. Cool survey, I took it as well.
  2. I'm actually writing a research paper for my college capstone course on a similar topic. This thread actually helps me with my homework Thanks, ppl
  3. Hello, I use bluefang as a server host and they said this needs the stats.xml file to be publically hosted on a web-server, which it is not right now, so the clock won't work for my server. Is this correct in order to get the info? or not ? Any suggestions on how to tell them how to get the information for me? Thank you.
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    Screenshot Event: Living in Exile Our November event is a screenshot contest! Theme These screenshots should feature Exiled Map scenery and/or player built scenery with players doing tasks and/or accomplishments to follow the theme: Living in Exile Dates Begins: Monday, Nov 13th Ends: Sunday, Nov 19th Screenshot submissions will be closed after 10PM (EST) on Sunday. Come join the fun and submit quality screenshots to earn a max amount of 1 silver! Screenshot Submissions Quality Screenshots Monoxide of Mol Rehan [18:31:23] <Monoxide> He just died all the time Silent training for the ultimate showdown Sion of Mol Rehan Clean Horsie :D Guinea Pigs Team Work Screaming PyromanDan of Jenn Kellon Beginnings All Moons Frodrig of Jenn Kellon MR Raiding MR Silver Mining Taming Fun Cannibal Cow Gotian of Jenn Kellon Saint Magranon My Little Hell Stairway to Heaven All rewards have been handed out. Thank you all that participated!
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    [_Halloween Weekend Highlights_] Congratz to everyone that has gone through the event Here are some highlights: Enter At Your Own Risk Don't Forget Your Cotton You Bums Band of Mono's Merry Men
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    オバケ~~(m´ρ`)m [_Halloween Event_] ┏(-Д-┏)~ Dates & Times October 27, 28, & 29th No sign up, no commitment, just Fun and Prizes if ppl are up for it Give Ma' The Deets Cave run for treasure Get all the official info on our steam group page!
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    Gearing Up for Spooky-Halloween Double XP weekend started last night Next week the Halloween Event will be revealed! Make sure to participate in the vote to decide what the prizes will be!
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    Winter Time in Exiled
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    Double XP Weekend Dates & Time Starts: October 20 ~5:00PM EST Ends October 22 ~11:59PM EST Double skill gain for all actions!
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    New PvE Starter Town "Sanctuary"
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    Hunting Event, Congratz to: First place winner: Frank Second place winner: Sion Upcoming Server Event Double XP weekend Dates & details will be released soon
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    The server turned PvPvE Here is our past PvP Wurm Forum Post
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    Exiled [PvPvE] 1x 1x | Custom Map | Starter Towns | Discord Server Chat Server Specific Settings 1x skill gains 1x action timer Crop Cycle = ~ 24 hours Breeding Cycle = 8 - 11 RL days One Character Per Player (No Alts) Characteristics Skills Set at 20.00 Fighting Skill Set at 10.0 All Other Skills at 1.0 Priest Restrictions ON Epic Settings OFF Traders OFF Personal Merchant Contracts ON Kingdom Titles ON Upkeep / Deeding Cost ON Player Made Kingdoms (PMK) OFF Custom Map 8km x 8km (2048x2048 tiles) Glimmersteel & Adamantine Veins Available (rare) Iron Vein % Increased Clay % Increased 10k Animal Count (50% Aggro) **For complete server information please refer to the Exiled Steam Group PvP Kingdom Starter Towns Mol Rehan (MR), Jenn Kellon (JK), and Horde of the Summoned (HoTs) have starting spawn towns. PvE Freedom Isles Island A dedicated section of the map was converted to PvE Server-Wide Communication & GM Assistance Join the server discord text chat to learn about game events and player involvement. Discord Text Channel - GM Assistance & Community Chat Steam Page Group - Come check us out on steam! Custom Map - Generated & customized by server owners
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    Mid-week check-in counts are looking good for the hunting event. Coin prizes will be given out for first, second, and third place winners. We plan on holding special events like these to help stimulate the economy and offer fun solo or community game-play. Come join the fun!
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    Washed Ashore - Merchants in Town Merchants came to Exiled and have set up shop in the kingdom towns. Rumor has it they bear unique items from other lands--uncraftable by normal means.