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  1. Sorry about the wait, the items have now been sent! Thank you very much
  2. RIP willow clone

    God ###### damnit your thread title gave me a heart attack
  3. "###### you, I got mine"
  4. Haha one step forward and two steps back: - Give priests the opportunity to be more involved in gameplay so that it's not hell on Earth for people who are priests as main - Create a Journal entry with great benefits that will only benefit priests that pay premium to pray all day long
  5. It took me something like 2 hours to get the "Large fish" requirement for the Journal, and I only caught 2 fishes during that time and I went through multiple floats and lines because everything kept breaking constantly due to my appalling fishing skill. Would've taken me even longer if I hadn't known someone with all the equipment needed and several different rods for me to try out until one worked in the spot we were at. The priests in our village don't provide us with fish anymore now that the new system is in place, because it takes too long to gather up all the materials (many of which won't fit in a bulk bin) and they really just wanted something useful to do while waiting on favor. Maybe fishing wasn't an "intricate" feature, but it was relaxing for the people who liked it and you always ended up with fish to cook with (which you don't always do now, and you might have to grab a ship as opposed to standing on a pier or at the shore). One of the people in the village has 99 fishing but can't actually catch fish anymore because she doesn't have time to run around looking for all the parts needed for the rod to work, nor does she have the skill needed to create the various rod kinds and everything needed for them. Could she do other things in the game? Sure she can, it's just a shame that one of her regular activities is no longer available to her because it's too time-consuming and intricate to the point where it becomes a chore. But I guess we're not allowed to criticize the system as a whole, and have it taken seriously, because of the tragedy that struck the team. All critique (constructive or otherwise) seems to be taken as a slight to Tich's memory, even though it's just aimed at the fishing itself. The new fishing system is absolute garbage, and it'll become one of those niche activities that we'll eventually be forced to interact more with in the future just to make it seem like a valid addition to the game.
  6. While the wurm assistant is a useful tool I don't think people should be required to use a separate program to compensate for the lack of interactivity with the ingame interface. A creature specific "reveal creatures" option would be a useful workaround for the fact that the ingame interface is rather rough around the edges.
  7. Lol the recent obsession with prefacing all suggestions with "I know the veterans will shoot me down" as if it's something people do by force of habit rather than because the suggestions is bad. -1 (because I actually think the suggestions is bad) Edit: I won't spam up the thread with pointless nonsense, but posting "-1 with no actual reason given" isn't an obsession: It's a valid way of responding to a suggestion where there isn't much to say that hasn't already been said. Tpikol had already summarized why it is a bad idea, and not every suggestion needs to be debunked in detail since the intended audience will understand the reasoning without further explanation.
  8. Seem to be working now, thank you!
  9. No, I used a settings profile with Legacy and it does nothing.
  10. Same here, it crashes right after the verification process and the world is about to start loading.
  11. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  12. People who have 100 faith priests don't often do sermons, so they always just log in to find out that the global spell has been cast already. Which is whatever, but when it comes to the Journal it's ridiculous to try to include a feature that has proved itself again and again to not actually bring people together but rather divide them. And it's not like the entire game is filled with buttmunchers, but all it takes is one persistent buttmuncher to ruin the idea of cooperation for everyone. So people should be reliant on a highly volatile feature where one person can ruin it all, in order to complete a goal in a Journal that for the most part is filled with personal tasks that give people something to do when they're bored? I don't buy it: It seems more like just trying to push a feature that hasn't been used for years on some servers, just to make it seem valid. If you truly want to encourage interactions between players (which should btw be a choice, not a mandatory playing style) you could instead start with getting rid of disease.
  13. So.. mend

    A ql3 item generally takes damage pretty quickly, so I'm sure a couple of turns with mend will sort it out even with how the spell works now: I haven't tested it yet though so that's just a guess.
  14. We have a bunch of items on our deed that were made with village permissions so that everyone should be able to use them, but when the new permissions system was rolled in we lost all access to most of them and the players who created them haven't played in years. Some of the carts we can't even drag, and the ships we'd have to call a GM to get moved if we wanted them in a better spot. It didn't use to be a problem because ships used to decay away (I've personally lost 2 ships to decay despite regular reparations), but ships on deeds don't seem to decay anymore - Which is obviously great for other reasons, but not so much when you've lost access to them. I obviously wouldn't want players to suffer abuse, but at the same time I don't want to pay upkeep for items that no one can use.
  15. You're both doing an impressive amount of work, thank you!
  16. There is so much empty space in the game (with the exception of Deliverance, of course), so it'd be way harsh to allow people to destroy buildings just because a deed has fallen. The houses decay naturally over time, and to speed it up you can place a perimeter over them. If you're not willing to place a deed in order to speed it up it's debatable why you should even be allowed to bash the houses, because why would one non-deeding person deserve the spot better than another non-deeding person? It just becomes a tangled web of nonsensical arguments back and forth. I understand where you're coming from with the suggestion, but it makes no real sense to allow for it. I know that a lot of people grief others by placing houses in various spots, but then again: Lots of people place houses in various spots for valid purposes that have nothing to do with griefing. I think that the ability to instantly know who owns every house that you come across would bring more problems than it would solve, because then people would have a name to be annoyed with. If perhaps two people play during wildly different hours of the day and week and never come across each other in-game but run into each other's houses in places where they think that they "deserve" to get access to the land they might imagine far worse reasons for the house being there than what the truth is. And I also don't imagine someone enjoying getting PMs requesting them to "please remove your house". It might help people locate the names of a griefer or two if they were able to see the house owner on examination, but mostly I think it'd cause unnecessary disputes between two people who probably just have slightly differing views on what is "proper house placement". Even if you figure out the name of a griefer it won't help with anything since GMs won't interfere to resolve arguments regarding deeded vs. non-deeded land. The obvious downside to having the owner displayed on the house is that people who feel entitled to land that they want will see it as a personal affront that the house is there, and start beef with the house owner (even though the one who built the house was there first). I personally think that this downside is way bigger than any upside that it could possibly bring, and it reminds me of when people started living on Golden Valley and scared away all real newbies by claiming ownership of all the trees and mines on the server.
  17. What is going on?

    Pretty sure this thread can be closed now that Mordraug has posted the only acceptable reaction!
  18. So.. mend

    It's unfortunate that the consequence to this change is that it'll be harder to lower tools in quality, but I can't even pretend like I'm not excited about being able to mend down my pelts and whetstones before they reach 20 damage!
  19. ^ The first of these two quoted sections is a ridiculous and quite frankly manipulative way of going into making a suggestion with. The second section is implying that people are elitist for not agreeing with their own opinion (and this isn't a wild accusation or paranoia on my part, it's a recurrent theme in the suggestions made and supported by this person). As far as the actual suggestion goes: -1 This suggestion isn't something that removes tedium or brings Quality of Life: It's a suggestion that allows for the action queue to play the game for you. I know that the argument for stacking of other actions might pop up, but that's just over-simplifying the game to suit the argument. There is a major difference between queuing up smithing actions and queuing up walking, since the prospecting skill consists of part walking and part prospecting. By removing the walking as something the person would actively participate in you'd effectively remove part of the skill, and for a proper comparison to for example blacksmithing it'd be: Stack 3 actions on the same tool, but stack a 'choose' action in between the three actions to avoid having to change tools yourself. So you stack 3 actions with a whetstone but even if the second and third improvement action requires lump and hammer you just keep going, because the 'choose' actions do the work for you. Imply whatever you want about "vocal oldtimers", I for one am not so intimidated by your opinions that I'll support suggestions that take something away from the game. I'm neither against removing tedium (I was for example one of the people requesting being able to transfer from bulk-to-bulk and to be able to bin hot lumps), nor am I against QoL changes (I hope that one day the garbage QL lumps that are still spawned from some item creations will be removed, since they create the need for extra clicks and a risk of accidental combining). This suggestion isn't about either of those factors though, this is about removing some of the effort involved in a skill that you have chosen to grind.
  20. -1 I'm not trying to sound insensitive, because a memorial place is obviously something that means a lot to people, but this isn't something I want to pay for. But more importantly: I don't think this is something that we collectively as players should pay for. Neither is it something that should put a permanent (and quite frankly depressing) strain on the servers with its presence. This is an idea that sounds beautiful in theory, but in practice it'd be a depressing place that brings about a constant reminder of sadness, and that wouldn't bring any actual enjoyment to the game.
  21. The big problem this game has with account purchases isn't "the economy" (since that's created by the players themselves and would turn to a flaming pile of dog excrement regardless), but that people who buy their skills don't understand the work that's gone into raising them. People that don't understand the time consumption for various tasks and achievements are more likely to suggest new features that ultimately make the game tedious, and sometimes horrible tedium suggestions slither their way into the game. So if enough player started buying accounts that were already skilled then more and more of those types of suggestions that only make sense to people that haven't played for any real amount of time would start getting support in the suggestions forum. The end result of that would be that older players would become alienated, new players with regular non-skilled accounts would become deterred and the type of people who want to buy their skills would eventually move on to another game anyway.
  22. Please no, my various wives would find out about each other this way