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  1. [removed Photobucket link] Here's an awkward floor selfie to let the five people that remember me know that I'm still alive
  2. Creating elaborate labyrinths filled with roadkill encased in wax.
  3. (Please Close)

    No thanks, Wurm fighting isn't all that fun to begin with and I don't want more of it. And I know the Valrei creatures were stronger back then than they are now, but the accidental introduction of the spirits on the PvE servers didn't exactly add any enjoyment to the game.
  4. I think this sounds like a really interesting idea, and definitely something that would be useful if for example one of your horses gets loose and decides to become a mountain goat!
  5. It's just incredibly funny because the entire premise of your claim is that "the other person" would upset his neighbours by "threatening to cut down trees" and you immediately assumed that this was the case and called them out for being childish. Then you went on a self-righteous rant because you were so sure that this had to be the case, and instead of re-examining your response after I questioned your assessment you continued on with the whole childishness argument (and I see that now you also added "selfish" to the mix) and you even went as far as to question my moral standing in all of this just because I didn't agree with you. Want to know how I know that it's not childish feet stomping as you insist of calling it because of your make-believe moral highground? Okay, here goes: For the entire argument to make sense the tree cutting actions have to upset someone or at the very least make someone uncomfortable, right? I know for a fact that the person's clearcutting won't upset anyone and that they're not stating it as a threat but as a fact and in order to display how the tree collision will be dealt with. And how do I know this, you wonder? (or would've wondered, if you hadn't been so sure of your own assessment) Well, thank you for asking: I am that person's neighbour, my friends are all that person's neighbour and none of us would be upset. Your so called "perception of the way things are" aren't always the truth and you shouldn't base entire arguments on them, which I'm hoping is the adult conclusion you're able to draw from all of this
  6. I was neither offended nor do I feel guilty about anything, I simply cannot stand it when people play morally superior in order to gain leverage in a discussion where it is not appropriate to do so. And rather than addess the person you had issues with directly you talked about them because you'd already made up your mind in that they're being childish rather than asking them about their intentions. You are not so morally superior that you get to decide what the intention behind other people's posts are, nor do you get to decide what is and what isn't a thoughtless response based on your own preferences.
  7. In case you were referring to me and others like me: It's neither a threat nor are we being childish - In order for us to be able to enjoy the game we'd need to rid ourselves of the forest. And if you feel offended by us removing trees surrounding our own deeds I think you're the one inflicting your "displeasure" upon others by trying to make us out to be villains just because you feel that rifts have already decimated the amount of available trees. It's not necessary for every debate to have a villain which you can slag with ridiculous accusations in order to make your own opinion heard - Sometimes there are opinions that stand in contrast to each other that can be put forth without calling others names. For immersion people can walk around the trees on their own, and yet we're all being forced to endure tree collison while people like you try to make us out to be childish for voicing our concerns regarding having to deforest in order to deal with the problem.
  8. A big one-time effort is much more time-efficient than a constant small effort. It's better to spend some weeks doing something grotesquely boring (like clear-cutting) than to spend time doing bouts of something grotesquely boring and annoying every time you log in (faceplant trees). That's my opinion at least.
  9. We spent several weeks removing all the chestnut trees around our deed on Xanadu because it was in the northern parts and they were a real safety hazard: Then they stopped being a safety hazard and their nuts became an integral part of cooking for those that for some reason happen to like it. But now they're back to being death traps. I don't understand the point of introducing new tree kinds when we won't be able to enjoy them. If people want immersion they can simply walk around the trees, since it's for their own enjoyment and not actually something that we need. Not looking forward to getting stuck in a cart behind trees, but hey: "The collision was always meant to return" brings such comfort. Or not. I'm glad the damage indicator colours can be turned off though: It's a great improvement and very much appreciated that options like that are introduced along with the new features nowadays.
  10. I must say: I didn't expect the Spanish inquisition
  11. Pretty sure I've seen all these images on Sunday market t-shirts: Your lawyer will be a very busy man.
  12. When the CM told you to start a thread on the forums my guess is that it meant you should make a thread aimed at the deed holder, to ask for its assistance in sorting the situation out. You're essentially squatting on someone else's land and that person might not even be aware of your presence there. The game didn't change - The settings for the perimeter you're in changed, so you need to figure out whose land you're living on and contact that person. There are tons of alternatives for why the settings were changed for the perimeter you're living on. This issue you're having is not one with the game but with an individual, and you can't blame the CM you spoke with. They already went beyond what's included in their responsibilities by trying to help you figure the situation out. Edit: I understand where your frustration comes from since there have been instances in the past where random settings have been turned on and off, but as far as I recall there hasn't been any changes to the deed-perimeter relationship in at least a year that could've caused this.
  13. It seems you did not understand what I wrote, and I know that English isn't your first language so I understand if you had trouble understanding the full content of my message. I can assure you that I was not calling you names, other than stalker of course since that is what you were when planting signs and throwing garbage in her home. I do not care about how many people went through the same "censored words" with her, it still does not excuse your behaviour or make it any less wrong. You did ask what to do in order to avoid a similar situation in the future so I have no understanding for the fact that you're lashing out at me for answering your question: When I wrote that adults use their words that is not what I meant. If the solution to your problem isn't what you wished for it to be you can't insult people, talk trash about them with others or plant signs until it becomes the right solution.
  14. You don't like being called a stalker, based on your response earlier in the thread, but stalking is exactly what you were doing. Your stalking was so extensive that it even involved an instance where you deliberately caused a situation which she would have to contact you in order to resolve. In your own words: It doesn't look at all like you made this post to try to clarify what you did, if looks like you're trying to manipulate her into answering your messages by making her feel like she owes you an explanation. You can't just go and plant signs in people's homes whenever they anger you so stop trying to excuse your behaviour or make it seem less harmful than it was - Forcing people to have to talk to you IS part of the stalker profile, it's not just about messaging/calling excessively or following someone. Stalking is the whole package of forcing a person that has no interest in communicating with you to acknowledge you and forcing them to interact with you. Your attempt to make her interact with you even caused you to ask a GM to contact her on your behalf which, if I'm being perfectly honest and blunt, is quite sickening. Trying to use her behaviour in order to excuse your own, even though hers in no way led up to what you did but was rather a side-effect of your inability to deal with your emotions, is a classic textbook stalker move. But outright griefing and stalking is the mature way to handle conflict, you mean? What'll your next step be if this thread isn't manipulative enough and doesn't make her feel bad enough to actually type out a reply for you? Will you find out where she lives and plant cacti in her garden and run your dog back and forth until it takes a dump in her driveway? Is it worth making her feel unsafe while she's just trying to enjoy some online gaming just because your ego was bruised when she wouldn't respond to you? I've no interest in your drama and even if she stopped talking to you because she's secretly a vampire hedgehog farming fireflies by night and eating uncooked chicken nuggets by day it's still not anything that concerns the rest of the Wurm community. Since you are however washing your dirty linen in public (i.e. discussing private matters in public) I do want to underline the importance of the fact that you stalked her and acted way out of line, since you did ask for help in avoiding scenarios like this in the future. Adults solve their problems with words and if the other person does not want to talk you then you have to respect that (there are of course exceptions but not a single one of them involves planting signs, dumping trash and outing her behaviour publicly).
  15. I heard that one time the green dragon met Vynora on a plane, and he told her she was pretty
  16. Fair enough, I just had a problem with it on the basis that it looked like a sweeping generalization argument in response to something I hadn't said. Wasn't meant to poke fun at your typing at all and I'm sorry if it came across as that.
  17. The "safety part" had nothing to do with the tree collision, it was in reference to walls being compared to tree collisions in an absurd argumentation technique. The walls are what bring safety, the tree collision staying out of the game was a QoL request in my post. And ease up on the whole "some folks" mentality when you're off arguing about the wrong thing. Edit: Not intended as an abrasive comment by the way, but the whole comparing apples to oranges thing is getting a bit ridiculous even without anyone getting the two confused.
  18. You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but belittling us by making an absurd comparison to another game function that has to do with safety and personal space to make our quest for Quality of Life in the game seem like small potatoes is taking it a bit too far. To me tree collision is a big deal, especially now with all the new tree kinds that are huge and bulky. It was bad enough before with olive trees and it's even worse now with more tree kinds and increased usage of carts and wagons. If you feel so strongly about tree collision for immersion you can walk around the trees consciously while you play while we walk through them, that way we both get what we want with no need for arguing about it.
  19. The removal of tree collision was one of the best additions to the game, would be sad to see it going in the wrong direction again.
  20. I was under the impression that the guy who made that logotype retracted their right to use it, hence why they had to create a new logotype some years back.
  21. I was referring to the shitshow that the AoC caused later on, on Independence, when people started treating them like deeds because of the paranoia. Should've referred to it as "Area of Control Era" in my post really. Edit: I actually quoted Spellcast's response to my post in this post, but the forums are malfunctioning and skipped that part. It also takes around 2 minutes to post something and to post edits so please ignore typos I've left in, I simply don't have time for them.
  22. This was back when gaining fight skill was super piss hard so gaining even 50 fs was a real accomplishment - Especially on the PvE servers since it was a much less skill efficient way to fight creatures than fighting other players. So when he announced that PvP players would be allowed to come over and raid us we were understandably pretty upset, especially since a decent amount of players had given up entirely on fs after the "nerf incident" when a select group of cheating players on Wild resulted in a game wide percentage of fs removed for everyone. I had 5 or something fs before the nerf so that didn't matter much for me anyway, but hearing that PvP players would be allowed onto Jenn-Kellon Home really wasn't my cup of tea. The time of the JKH PvP was honestly one of the most devastating events in the game, because we lost the sense of community that we had prior to that. Everyone fortified their deeds and as soon as someone entered local you'd start PMing everyone you knew to find out whether they belonged or if they were a spy looking for a weakness. In a way I think the paranoia from that time is what caused the awful Area of Control to come into existence, and that was some really vile garbage. In the end there weren't many incidents during JKH's time of PvP, but the fear was still there since not everyone respected that we wanted to play PvE in peace.