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  1. You know when you read the reviews and they show those all those positive service this and that messages. Well CS, ya no comment but I can say that Pingperfect lives up to the reviews and man are they fast. Sent a ticket in today and in less then five min, it was more like 3 min, ticket was answered and server was up!
  2. Well we have left CS. Being a good customer we were always a month ahead in payment, but the service was terrible and well we canceled and found a place that gives the service they promote. WARNING, Citadel Servers DOES not refund. $50 USD sitting there. Wonder how many others have had this happen. Never have ever had a business not refund. I have been renting servers since 2004 for various games, this is the first server host to refund money. Looking for server host? You may want to think twice before using this company
  3. We solved our issue, we moved to another company. 12 hrs to answer a ticket then several to fix the issue was enough. We paid our bills on time and even had a few month paid in advance. Hope now is to get the credit and monies owed paid back.
  4. Service pppfffftt, good at taking money though, fast and speedy at that. Nothing but slooooooooooooooooow service with nothing but problems. We finally dropped them as it took over 12 hrs to answer a ticket then nearly 5 hrs to fix the problem. Lesson learned.
  5. Yep its the same here. Pingperfect is setting up a trial for us so we will see how it goes. So far the response time in communicating with them has been no more then 10 min wait. So crossing fingers their service is as good as people say lol.
  6. Yep the over promise and under deliver sickness. Looking at other server providers while I wait. Possible I may get setup and gaming before this gets fixed here at CS
  7. Batta pretty well the same issue, update and now it wont start. The server I have not any issues with, but the service, well can say very disappointed. We pay for this and yet there seems to be little respect for that.
  8. Sent ticket in 10hrs ago and still no response. I think they are going for a record here.
  9. No idea if the idea is out there or possible. Idea is to have a mod where GM can spawn mobs and set their loot as well as their hit points. Also would be nice to be able to set boundaries for the mobs to keep them roaming in an area without having to build fences. Also set gate restrictions where mobs cant pass through them.
  10. Ty will look into that. Cheers
  11. Not sure if this is the place to post. Is the Server.txt file ( I may be wrong in what it may be called) in the filemanager? if so where? Buddy has a server that I can use to host the game with a few friends. Want an easy way to edit settings like crop timers, skill gain rate multiplier etc. If I can find the files needed I can get it built. Thanks to anyone who replies, with some help lol Cheers
  12. Be nice to just be able to spawn NPCs that would give an area a less lonesome feeling. I think that as a settlement develops the chances of a villager will move in as long as they have a place to live. Once a villager is in you can assign them a task. Maybe make it so that if you want a farmer your farming needs to x amount skill level first. Requirements could also include mind logic to determine how many villagers you can assign tasks to. Be more interesting for sure. Cheers
  13. Been searching, maybe just not getting the combination of words right, but so far I have not found what Im looking for, in game that is.... Been setting up a server, brain hurts, and at the moment the players spawn with no inventory. Could use some help as to where I can find this in the db so I can fix this prob. Cheers.
  14. Well after some time I finally got it to work. Edit login db several times till it worked. Fun fun fun. Learning the painful hard way. Cheers and thanks again Explora for the reply.
  15. Home Server: Home Server Kingdom: 4 those are the options. It is a hosted server. I have tinkered with both settings and still nothing. Thank you for the reply.