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  1. Noobville Reststop is looking for new guys to join the ranks! We are a fairly new town, set up for new guys to come and try the game in peace. We have a village plan using google docs with plenty of tasks to be completed. We are located at Xan E14 Just below the boat tunnel. Mainly looking for EU time zone players but all are welcome. Once you have found an affinity for a crafting area i will help you move on to a more knowledgeable village of that type. Contact Panzerlancer in game or reply to the ad See you in game!
  2. I can plus one this. Having same issue when trying to build a wood shingle roof. i get no error message tho. +1
  3. Happy Birthday Shrimpiie!! Have a good day from all the dudes at Noobville Reststop!
  4. Please add Noobville RestStop at E14 just a little under the red line. Thanks