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  1. WTS 4k bricks at 2s/1000 and 5k dirt at 1s/1000. 1s delivery fee for orders under 10silver. Coastal deliveries only and I deliver via a corbita so please keep that in mind if travel routes include canals. I can do crate exchange or 5c per large crate. Pickup is always welcome! I live on Xanadu. PM me for details/coordinating deliveries. Please and Thank You, Sarru~
  2. Can't send it via mail box. PM me your location and a block of time you will next be on and i can sail it to you.
  3. Willing to Sell Rare Unfinished Open Fireplace for 3silver. Free Shipping or Pickup. I live on Xanadu. PM me here or in-game both names are Sarrum.
  4. Please Close Please and Thank You, Sarrum
  5. Selling referral for 6.5silvers. Please send a message in-game to Sarrum. Please and Thank You, Sarru~