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  1. Zenath - The Beginning [PvP & PvE]

    Sorry you feel this way, Ghoul. Though I don't think you actually interacted with any administrators or staff, from what my logs are showing. Anywho, enjoy!
  2. Zenath - The Beginning [PvP & PvE]

    Sure! Just hit me up on discord, will eventually have a area for stuff we are looking for on the forums.
  3. Zenath - The Beginning [PvP & PvE]

    Definitely one of the primary forces behind starting the server.
  4. Zenath - The Beginning [PvP & PvE]

    Yes! The PVP map will be design specifically for HOTA in mind AND we will be adding our own special twist on HOTA to give it a bit more push for participation. Specifics are not decided, but they are looking good so far. Missions will also be enabled. We hope to modify them as well.