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  1. I just repaired a road down south that got messed up from a rift (or 2 or 3 ...). This was pre-highway damage.
  2. sold

    Thanks, fixed.
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    No Premium remaining.
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    Tweety Top 10 Skills Faith 70.51 Channeling 52.79 Prayer 46.42 Religion 43.04 Pickaxe 42.35 Mining 39.93 Meditating 37.89 Carpentry 31.17 Digging 30.95 Miscellaneous Items 30.91 Level 7 Path of Love 10 Hours Sleep Bonus Sylvesterr Top 10 Skills Faith 71.10 Channeling 53.32 Prayer 46.74 Religion 43.04 Pickaxe 42.14 Mining 39.76 Archery 38.56 Meditating 37.37 Digging 35.42 Stone Cutting 33.94 Level 7 Path of Love 10 Hours Sleep Bonus Bidding Start: 30€/$35 each Buyout: 65€/$75/75s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Gear / tools are negotiable, nothing spectacular though. Referals are used. Premium has expired. Sold via buyout
  5. I informed him of that in a PM.
  6. I am selling 2 nahjo priests. Jayna Top 10 Skills Faith 78.1 Channeling 50.9 Pickaxe 41.5 Mining 40.2 Archery 40.0 Meditating 39.3 Prayer 31.6 Religion 30.2 Stone Cutting 27.1 Masonry 25.6 Level 7 path of Love Zann Top 10 Skills Faith 78.1 Channeling 50.4 Meditating 40.8 Archery 40.0 Pickaxe 39.8 Mining 38.3 Prayer 32.0 Religion 31.2 Miscellaneous Items 23.7 Stone Cutting 23.4 Level 7 path of Love Each is being sold individually. Bids starts: 20s/20e Bid increment: 1s/1e Buyout: 60s/55e Snipe protection: 1 hour from last bid Neither has premium time or any gear. I can add some basic gear and maybe a rowboat if requested. Assuming it's still available, they both should have the free switch to another diety.
  7. The deed name is Steel Rose Mining Company. It's at approximately 44x 48y on community map, more SE but east from where I am.
  8. The deed is minimum size, 1s upkeep. It has 1 month upkeep left.
  9. Steel Rose Mining Company I am selling a small deed with utmost veins for gold, silver, copper, iron, and zinc. They all have at least 5000 ore left. There is also a VG tin. The deed is undeveloped. I had planned to build an underground facility, but I am too focused on my main deed. Starting price: 5s Buyout: 15s Bid Increment: 1s Reserve: none Snipe Protection: 10 minutes The deed is on the east coast of Crystal Lake, Independence Server.
  10. Congratulations Lundu. Please contact me in game as viktor or PM here to arrange details.