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  1. I'de be interested in a 45kg barrel of the purple on the far right of your advertisement if that is available.
  2. Thanks to all who helped make this happen!! @Thorven @Bobbijean @Miraje @Buddha @Egdod And of course @Delone our gracious host! https://imgur.com/a/T1HOmC9
  3. Looking to cast Ritual of the Sun here at Rangers Outpost on Xanadu at 2 AM GMT 2/16/2020 (two hours from now) Please PM "Raheed" in-game for a summon!
  4. 1s for the bracelet, COD Zhala if accepted
  5. While I would support the removal of RMT the maintain a unified environment I can also understand the reluctance to do this. In the event that you do end up with two sets of servers my only request would be able to transfer characters into the Steam environment, since it would seem inevitable to me that this is where the future is going to be.
  6. Short sword bracelet 75 ql / 0 dmg 60c Bracelet of inspiration 75 ql / 0 dmg 60c Fist Bracelet 50 ql / 0 dmg 60c Fist Bracelet 75 ql / 0 dmg 75c´╗┐ Please COD to Raheed
  7. 75ql bracelet of inspiration´╗┐, seryll 80c´╗┐ Please COD to Zhala
  8. small anvil, iron 34ql COC82 - 60c Please COD to Zhala - Thank You!
  9. Hello please COD to Zhala Crystal Rune - Tin - Fo - 5 % increased rarity chance, 5% less damage taken, tin 62,13ql - 59c 64,95ql - 61c´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ Crystal Rune - Steel - Vynora - 10% less damage taken, steel 25,24ql - 22c 32,96ql - 29c 37,91ql - 34c Thank You!!
  10. rare shovel, iron 20ql - 3s50c Please COD to Zhala - ty!