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  1. "Allow permissions on allied deeds" or whatever, in purple, at the bottom.
  2. Charm Spell

    what does charm timer have to do with anything shouldn't effect anything at all, just wear armor and a shield it's a horse not a dragon folks
  3. re-read the post Example: Me, Unknownorganism and Zaz go to a panda deed Unknownorganism and Zaz die on the way back to the boat I get to the boat, sail out of their local before they can get to their boat, and karma home as soon as I leave their local before they can pursue me. ( i actually sailed home yesterday, but I figure I'll give a legitimate example )
  4. why is this still in the game lol really you should only be able to karma home within your own kingdom's influence IMO, but even putting like a 10 minute timer from when your enemy leaves your local before you can karma / recall home would be beneficial. It's not very hard to dip out of local and karma home with everything on you if you're deep in enemy lands and realize you're in a shitty situation and just poof away from it before your enemy even has a chance to pursue. karmaporting is an awful mechanic in general and should have been removed from the PvP servers. At least this will help discourage people from relying on poofing away from their enemies when things get hairy and they're able to leave local for 10 seconds.
  5. Local is currently 80 tiles I strongly believe that it would be beneficial for PvP to limit this down to 40 or even 50 tiles to reduce the heads up that your enemy gets when you pop local. Right now as it stands, you have to be pretty far off deed to not be able to react quick enough to get back to deed, but lowering local distance gives opportunity for more situational awareness ( hearing people cutting trees / digging / mining before you pop local, for example ) or even spotting out your enemy before he's even aware you know what he's up to. Giving your enemy less than a mile's heads up that you're in the vicinity. You know, the kind of thing that would provide more PvP on a PvP server instead of "run away!"
  6. Charm Spell

    -1 charm is a great spell, and nobody should lose gear from a HH anyways so there's no need to brand. if you want the benefits of charm on another character, maybe you should priest him up Fo or Paaweelr? or just grind taming
  7. +1 also make them spawn more frequently on chaos at that rate aaaaaand remove that stupid metagame bs so you can't check exactly who just completed the rift.
  8. Was having a bit of trouble on top of my longhouse the other day shooting at players, kept giving me an error would only let me shoot at them when they were like, 20 tiles away despite an elevation difference and no walls blocking. Think something has been changed recently involving it.
  9. jesus dude do you really gotta be so salty in a suggestion thread way to bring kvk into this classic MR
  10. TFW your champion gets curbstomped by an avatar of fo Join our adventures today!