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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    we also have to remember, if 10,000 of that 300,000+ WU owners decide to try out the steam release for the online server(s) but don't sub because it's "free to play" and the server lags or disconnects a lot. The games steam rating will drop real fast and be very hard to recover as over time there will always be players that join and down vote because it was to hard for them to understand or stick with. So unless the steams server is going to be far stronger then any of the servers live now. Seeing as one server can not handle 300 players on at a time, WO is not ready for steam.
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    PRETTY much a good chance, unless Rolf was able work out being able to hold full rights to Wurm but the sponsor gets xx% for so many years with contract renewal options. But I am sure the rights were sold out right when the sponsor worked out the agreement. Steam most likely is the last attempt to keep wurm alive, as rolf said "Wurm unlimited sales dwindled". In the link you can see somewhere between 200k-500k copies of wurm unlimited was sold worldwide, I think steam takes a 25-30% cut of the selling price which you can see on the price tab what the game is selling for on the allowed market regions. No clue what cut the owning company is taking or putting back into wurm but even with 35% left for Rolf to use on top of what wurm online is making would have been enough for major overhauls on the game with how small the dev team has been.
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    I'm surprised wurm hasn't been revamped engine wise yet... talk of changing the combat system over 5years ago and it is still the same today. Wasn't there a Unity project going at some point to convert the game over to a new client/system? Sure opening a new unconnected server brings in some new cash flow but that's only a temp fix for today's problem. Most of the players left Wurm due to how stale it gets after 5months of playing. Combats a chore, epic next to died due to lack of upgrading existing systems. Sure adding a few things is nice but never updating current systems doesn't keep new or returning players for very long after the first "Fresh add on check" most content add ons bring. The game is 13 years old with very little rework on its systems. It's time to upgrade the game instead of adding fluff every few months. Old MMO's that are great are dying off because they never update the system/engine but keep on adding small almost pointless things when it comes to the real problem of why the player base is decreasing with little to no regain. The combat system doesn't have to be a top of the line action system but something that is more then just standing in range of a target would do wonders. Look at games like Diablo, Albion, and Runescape. Their combat system isn't that grand but it is far better than what wurm has to offer. The default first person system of Unity or any other engine would be far greater then what wurm has now. Just like Mortal online, Minecraft, and Morrowind Elder scrolls 3 are rather basic first person systems but attracts players. The burst of income from WU and having a sponsor should have been more then enough to cover the man power needed to change the games engine. Yes Unity is C++ or JavaScript depending on the client you use both support C# which is a very easy to learn for Java coders. also seeing as Wurm has a small dev team from the start it wouldn't have been a huge deal to replace programmers and shift jobs of the replaced member(s) to a different part of the games development. From what can be seen from the player side, there has been such a misuse of income that I personally am surprised Wurm is still online. I loved playing the game when I first joined back in 2007 to 2016 and I am still to this day comparing other openworld sandbox games to yours. However the game play is so stale and outdated opening a new server won't fix long term cash flow for you guys like upgrading and polishing the game would have if you would of figured that out years ago when most of the player base was asking you guys too.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I love what wurm was before the demi god/ player god system was patched in. I keep hoping to find something close to those days and always check back to see what's changed. But all I keep seeing is "We can't do this or that" when you could, however it would take a good chunk of manpower and time. When I see that a number of the recent patches since I left in 2017/ early 2018 is causing dated players to leave, those that have spent large amounts of time playing weekly for years. I think instead of adding new things that somehow ends up breaking other parts of the game for a point of time and start revamping the games structure, fix those loose ends, rebalance, or bug fix for a while before trying to push out that next chapter of the game or quality of life that affects a number of random things it wasn't meant too.
  5. However there are ways to work around that by breaking down the map into linked nodes but one world like a lot of other single world MMO's have done to support similar system stress. So instead of the server being loaded in one chunk by one processor, you can have the map in sizeable chunks that can be ran and offlined when no one is within X range of that node/server chunk. Allowing smarter and less server stress with a larger player base on one map. There are open world games that have over 300k mobs for players to kill, 20-100k players on one server at a time. That could be killings said mobs, other players, taking part in some more of guild/race versus guild/race warfare, gathering, and crafting all at the same time on one map. Sure they are not watching 67million tiles, most of which are never changed or goes weeks to months before being changed again. Nodes or open world slicing has been a popular thing in MMO's and solo player games since around 2012.
  6. Honestly, an MMO that's almost 13 years old unable to support 1k players on the same server is pretty sad.
  7. I've spent a lot of time on Xanadu and was there when it released, instead of spending the resources hosting so many other servers put it all into one server for a change. FINALLY strengthen the database and server end functions to handle it like they've said they'll do time and time again.
  8. Why not just make one mega server/map that has PvE starter islands and the rest PvP? That way players are able to enjoy both play styles on the same skill set, it's done on WU servers so I know WO devs are able to do it, no more BS like they gave us 6 years ago about how it can't be done. Get the 500-800 players on one map instead of 12
  9. Thank you for letting me know, I added the images links at the end, mine letting me know if those work for you?
  10. Thanks, I've noticed myself. Although I'm not leaving wurm just moving to another location.
  11. Selling my deed 57 x 22 at H12 Xanadu asking for 25s Has 6s in coffer Water front connected to outer waters [23:27:12] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [98] Clay on deed Mountain right behind it that has iron and silver 6 oak trees on deed a number more along the outside 8 bsb's // 2 fsb's // 2 forges // 6 ovens // 25+ street lamps on deed Close hunting grounds Deeds been in place since server's opening day Comment below or PM Shuouma ingame if interested Links to the images above just incase they are not working for you
  12. So what project will the staff be working on then? Is it another sandbox style game?
  13. Maybe you should lock up your things. Its your own fault someone was able to come by and take what they want. There's locks and house settings for a reason, use part of the game to protect yourself just like players will use part of the game to pick up items.
  14. Sale complete, can close thread
  15. Are you on Xanadu? other wise CoD a 20 and 10 silver coin to Shuouma and once I see it in the mail I will send payment to your paypal.
  16. bump Still looking, comment here if you're selling
  17. Looking to buy 20Silver coins 1E per silver, might buy up to 30silver. Ingame name Shuouma on Xanadu
  18. -1 the only reason ppl are selling powder at 2s is because you get one for free each time you sub your account from the servers shop(pay euro's for account time)
  19. -1 I think there should be space between deeds, instead of right out removing the 5 free tiles why not just allow a person to have a 0perimeter instead but coding a limit to only allow 2 deeds to be "linked" side by side so players can not make a chain of deeds across an area.
  20. +1 seeing as most of the "pvp" that happends is when theres low player count on the server. Why make it easy for the chicken combat to continue. Make them have to pay attention to the area instead of watch the server stats.