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  1. There is reason why a host is cheap. You always get what you pay for!
  2. Hello, Im a huge Wurm fan and always promote the game in any way i can! I created a Wurm hosting comparison site and gather as much hosts as i could find around. So is easier to review the hosts at a single page. The most important info are gathered together like: Server location Slot Capacity (some hosts use that) The actual cost of a single slot Minimum order (including taxes, if any and/or additional fees!) RAM Limits (for most of the hosts) Coupons that some hosts offer (usualy "") Admin panel and the availability of ddos protection Currently the cheapest host that is listed, offer their service at $6.75 for 1GB Ram. If you are a hosting provider and you wish to get your services listed please leave a reply here or leave me a PM and i will do it asap. For more info visit - The Hosting Comparison Site
  3. You parked pretty good, yours is the one at the RIGHT, correct?