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  1. Yeah it sucks, but you Kochinac you have 1 tile shaks all over deli and now you complain
  2. Well, you don't get any ql imp bonus if you fail to imp.
  3. Seems more tricky repairing now with some items like mine doors, chain jackets and stuff like that. Have you tried copper vynora rune? Feels to me it working way better for imping stuff
  4. Supply and demand, sure. But seeing the same people try to be relevant in devaluing prices on everything, not so much.
  5. Or, in a buyer case, whoever is interested in buy one it would mean they have potentialy pay 200+ after the next month, so 150 would be good deal for them as well, now.
  6. I like how this wtb thread with a phantom buyer turned into price check one, with predicted set of price experts responding.
  7. If there's more changes on religion and meditation coming it too would be fair to allow additional free transfers for both. The crew behind the scenes familiar with the forthcoming any changes and will probably make more wise transfer choices ahead of time, in comparation of those left in blind. Even more wise marks spending.
  8. I am in another country for a last few months. Going back home around end of February. What are the chances of my accounts being locked?
  9. Way to piss people off and make them waste months on something planned. Such a great timing
  10. Witnessed same thing happened quite a few times recently. It's kind of "common sense" now. Sadly, you probably won't get anything other then a "blame on you", from the support tiket. I don't know you but, I guess, i am feeling the same as you, disappointed. Hope the things will change on better when you come back play again. Good luck