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  1. QoL PoK

    You could also nest it inside a menu Meditation > Get Info
  2. Precisely what happened comrade. He stepped down, zipped himself in a duffel bag that can only be closed from the outside and threw himself into the sea.
  3. Finally tried out the new fishing system and have a suggestion. An option to "release" fish from your inventory. Functionally similar to discard, but only works on fishing catchables near water (if you care enough to actually code the near water part, I could probably live without it).
  4. Nice to see the old traditions are still being observed.
  5. I had a half-baked idea watching these videos, it might have scratched that itch Bob has. The "Shipwrecked" optional new player tutorial: You are the survivor of a shipwreck. You wash up on a tiny little untouched island. Using the much improved tutorial system we have already our new player is guided through the usual wurm stuff, but also, opening a tunnel, building a forge, building a small 2x2 wooden shack, building an oven, making a well, learning to cook something vaguely nutritious etc. Finally you guide them through building a rowboat, after which the tutorial ends when they sail from the island back to "civilisation" - the freedom servers.
  6. I feel a bit vindicated in my criticism of the new player experience, that overeager dumping of new players in heavily built areas, compared to the (imperfect) experience of server-wide poverty and desperation on the old Golden Valley server. Opening virgin servers all the time, while an obvious solution, brings problems down the line with the mid-late game population being separated from each other a degree too far. We should try and think of an alternative. In the intro to one of his subsequent videos he says "I expected to head out into the wilderness ... what I found was the medieval version of London...". What's sad is he is prime Wurm material, a builder at heart. I hope he overcomes his disillusion and sticks it out.
  7. It's the same when the table is empty, no matter what orientation I try.
  8. Unfortunate timing. Early on a Saturday, might be down for a few hours while people wake up.
  9. WO Steam Discussion

    I think adding Wurm Online to steam could be a good move, as long as it was handled carefully and there are no seriously damaging issues that arise regarding player-player RMT (not that I like player-player RMT much - but it is a fact of life in wurm at the moment). I'm not sure a new server is going to bring in new players. New servers only get a certain breed of old players excited. If I were in charge, first I'd play up the niche appeal of Wurm, bluntly state that it's NOT for everyone. Are YOU a Wurmian? Maybe gently tease players for their insanity. Rather than a generic "this game is awesome, sandbox, mmo blah blah blah" tagline. Many modern gamers will hate Wurm no matter what you do and this approach might manage expectations and prevent review bombing by disappointed steam players. Good reviews are absolutely key for exposure on Steam. Secondly, I'd bring back Golden Valley in some form. I know a lot of work has been done on the new player experience and much of it is excellent, but nothing has ever quite compared to that Golden Valley experience. Being dumped on the main servers asap and being surrounded by glorious castles, bridges and boats can be quite demoralising for new players. On GV you were surrounded by other incompetent noobs running back to the bartender every day, building sad little shacks and desperately seeking cows. It was certainly unique and in my opinion a better introduction to the game. Thirdly I'd probably add half price silver weekends to Wurm once every couple of months or so. Steam is pretty good at getting the message out through its news feeds. I think that would probably be sufficient to grow player numbers a bit.
  10. [Enchant Power] % Chance on hit to immediately cause the target to explode and shower body parts over a 100 mile radius. Edit: Joking aside , perhaps just equalising RT with the other damage enchants would be a bit boring. What about a slow/snare effect chance on hit, while leaving the damage bonus where it is?
  11. How about flushing all pmk custom graphics down the plumbing.
  12. Those old slate slabs... concrete and shingles. Rolf must have been feeling particularly evil that day.
  13. In some form? I don't hate the slate slab texture, but I do like the old texture better. Perhaps it could return as slate brick floors - 10x brick & 10x mortar, analogous to stone brick floors. Edit: Having thought about it, I prefer the new slate brick texture that appears on road tiles. If we could have that as a house floor that would be sweet. It looks ever so slightly darker than the ones I remember.