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  1. Ok, you can have colossus, but in exchange Libila followers get to raid freedom every time there is a full moon.
  2. /etc/hosts for linux users. The file has the same format.
  3. Dr Lecter is our best recruiter.
  4. As title. Nothing else to add really.
  5. It's now week 1 of fires, and I've seen no hint of harvestable blueberries, not even an almost ripe message. Is it working properly?
  6. Combat priests I guess
  7. Detects arrows on the ground in a 100 tile radius lol
  8. Hawk sound maybe? That could be mistaken for a scream.
  9. It's the nature of the animation that bugs me, I don't mind a visible difference between occupied and unoccupied, but these bees, when they aren't making honey and wax seem to be conducting experiments in bending spacetime. Perhaps beds should have a paranormal animation so we know when they are occupied too.
  10. I was wondering if maybe beehives could not do the cutesy wobbly thing to show they are occupied, I mean it's made of wood right? not jelly. I think the smoky effect alone would be enough, or maybe you could have a few things recognisable as actual bees flying around. ...Ah not important I guess.
  11. 1c coin to operate?
  12. This looks fixed now as of 4.00-c56478 & java 131. Can tag & close unless others still have it.
  13. It looks too long now compared to the bowl.
  14. "HotS Emperor declares explosive unicorn program a resounding success, JK animal welfare groups inundate developers with complaints"