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  1. Hello, i seem to have a lawn or mossy graphic on my cave floors. Two people who are in my alliance, but not members of my deed also were able to see it. I relogged, but it was still there. Out of curiosity, i mined another tile, and it spread to that one too. The floor still reads "cave floor", and it doesn't seem to prevent me from doing anything. Just thought you should know Thanks for your time, --Ali Also i should mention that those tiles had just had Strongwall casted on them to fix a surprise drop shaft.
  2. Great name, and good work! Keep on grinding, you madman!
  3. After a few hours of watching this continuously happen, it has stopped thankfully. And thanks for the response Oblivion, appreciate it. Quite the buildup, it's a relief to have an explaination.
  4. Hello strange and wonderful wurmians \o/. I'm having an issue with what seems to be an incredible rate of decay on unfired clay items. I'm currently filling a request for 300 pottery planters. I'm working on the second batch of 100, imping from the kiln, as it's such a handy place to do that from before firing. I started this second batch 2 days ago, imping them up as time permits everyday until they reach the desired ql. Before the update, there was no damage on them at all when logging in. After the update, I logged in to see a number of the planters had taken between 16 to 22 damage in under 24 hours. Okie Dokie, lets rep that, and proceed. In the past few hours, while in the course of imping, I've had several more planters, ones that i wasn't actively imping in that moment, take about 2.64 ish damage at random intervals. I did not have this problem on the first batch at all. For the sake of curiosity, I checked my upkeep. 116 days remain, so I know it's not that. Any thoughts? Thankee for your time and patience, Ali
  5. Hello:) My alliance member Chiqqa discovered that when she used the waystone to find a route to Sloping Sands, (Release) sent the desired location, and all signs read "unknown". She asked if it did the same for me, so i tested it outside my own deed (also Release) on a functional waystone. It had the same results. I prattled off the problem in GL Freedom, and asked for anyone else to possibly test it, and Zuma was kind enough to do so. Worked for Zuma just fine, however, Zuma is on Celebration. Anyone heard of this yet by chance? Thankee for your time and patience, and have a lovely day
  6. Now, run, Enki, run!
  7. To reply, Release for me as well. And now that i'm home from work and the client updated again, all is in fine working order. thanks again!
  8. Hello to all. Tried logging in after the patch update 3/14 and had two crashes while making the attempt. Rebooted my computer, just in case, and had two more. This is the most recent. Preparing to enable console logging. Now logging to C:\Users\USERNAME\wurm\console.Alikin.log Time is Thu Mar 14 07:09:30 CDT 2019 Running client version 4.0.79 client build# 5e84a5adece896aaba527dfc2f3d50c3a6310fef client build time 2019-03-14 12:11 Each time it happened it was while the client was trying to boot into the game. Thanks for your time and have a great day \o/
  9. May I buy the 96ql wildcat pelt and the 72ql spindle please?
  10. Whoa, not sure where the mind melt came from icbash, but I really don't think he was referring to you personally. There has been quite a bit of talk about the whole subject matter since the release. He simply made something to make it easier on himself and decided to share with any and all that might wish to partake. While I, personally have no desire to nail the affinities down, (since my current cooking skill makes them pretty useless, lol) I see the benefit. Good Job Flubb \o/
  11. Was sailing on the Exodus server, moored to be my bearings, and opened my map for a visual. When i tapped my map button, the game switched to cheerful green and white screen with the message Congrats! You found a bug!...please post below content on forums. So, here you go. Login successful Executing C:\Users\USERNAME\wurm\configs\autorun.txt Starting update of login splash image... Resized terrain FBOs to 1024 Finished loading new login splash image! Now using reflection FBO (1024) Initializing font texture for SansSerif (12). Texture Size: 128 Initializing font texture for SansSerif (11, bold). Texture Size: 128 Initializing font texture for SansSerif (24, bold). Texture Size: 256 Writing to C:\Users\USERNAME\wurm\players\Alikin\logs\_Skills.2017-04.txt Writing to C:\Users\USERNAME\wurm\players\Alikin\logs\_Combat.2017-04.txt Initializing font texture for SansSerif (15, bold). Texture Size: 256 Disabling Nagles Execution aborted at connection 1, iteration 488612 Run time 2h 41m, local time Wed Apr 12 07:09:17 CDT 2017 Destroying game window ====== FAILED ASSERT ====== com.wurmonline.client.iHOS3zg1KL: Unable to load texture data from graphics.jar:gui/testMaps/Exodus_01.png at com.wurmonline.client.iHOS3zg1KL.mMV5oPkCW(SourceFile:71) at class.noYGFrs2Bp.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:457) at class.noYGFrs2Bp.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:1163) at class.noYGFrs2Bp.XwhlvVTrl(SourceFile:106) at class.mkAPbvHaa.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:65) at class.xZrBWJKW0.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:263) at class.J2GJiaZTwi.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:353) at class.ksqxt8aspk.XwhlvVTrl(SourceFile:170) at class.S3AOnQEmvr.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:990) at com.wurmonline.client.BILF1iey6X.fgtPPuD8uC(SourceFile:7534) at at Source) Caused by: javax.imageio.IIOException: Error reading PNG image data at com.sun.imageio.plugins.png.PNGImageReader.readImage(Unknown Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at class.noYGFrs2Bp.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:451) ... 10 more Caused by: javax.imageio.IIOException: Unknown row filter type (= 254)! at com.sun.imageio.plugins.png.PNGImageReader.decodePass(Unknown Source) at com.sun.imageio.plugins.png.PNGImageReader.decodeImage(Unknown Source) ... 15 more Sorry about making your eyes cross....Ali
  12. Good delivery service, very happy with the exchange.
  13. Hoping to bring a Fo priestess to join the festivities. Twyla can help out with the casts and linkups i hope