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  1. Extended Chat Mod Requested

    Huh. So it would be needlessly complicated to set up this one? That sucks D: Thanks for taking a look at it, regardless!
  2. Extended Chat Mod Requested

    I'd still love to have an addon for this, if at all possible!
  3. Extended Chat Mod Requested

    Hey! My husband and I are wondering if there's a way to increase the amount of text you can enter in on one go, in the text box. As it stands currently, it is very limited (Maybe enough for one vaguely descriptive sentence) and the breaks can cause for some chat confusion. Additionally, me and my S.O. are avid role-players and would enjoy having the ability to use Wurm as a font for creative writing. Is there any way to manage a script that can extend the chat by any large amount? Or does an option exist already? I have been searching for it thoroughly but have come up with no results, thus far.