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  1. rope tool, oakenwood 24ql COC71 - 45c Cod to mousepad please
  2. Carving Knife, Iron 37.86 c88 .90 Cod to mousepad please
  3. grooming brush, oakenwoood 49ql COC72 - 50c Cod to mousepad please
  4. 91.19 QL AosP 74 1.15 Silver Cod to mousepad please
  5. beautiful meditation rug, cotton 29ql COC77 - 60c mallet, oakenwood 30ql COC71 - 45c Cod to mousepad please
  6. Stone Chisel, Iron 91.25 coc81 woa82 1.10 Cod to mousepad please
  7. Yea, I knew there was a lot to making them, did a pc and one person told me 10s/100, but that was after I made the post.
  8. WTS slate shards 1s/k or slate slabs 4s/100. Post or message me here for orders.
  9. mallet, oakenwood 37ql COC78 - 60c mountain lion pelt 100ql dmg7,82 WOA71 COC72 - 90c COD to mousepad please
  10. Pickaxe, Iron 94.97 coc77 woa77 1.20 COD to mousepad, thanks for the last items Pickaxe, Iron 93.46 coc71 woa83 1.30 this one too
  11. Rake, Iron 95.67 coc88 woa85 1.50 Hammer, Iron 89.15 coc79 woa76 .80 COD to mousepad please.
  12. WTS rare small anvil 15ql, 3s. PM mousepad ingame.